Pam G.

Before you read Pam’s bio here’s a few of her favorite things: Birthday: June 3rd. First Job: Cashier at McDonalds. Favorite Movie: The Color Purple and I’m Gonna Get You Sucka. Favorite Music Groups: Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Isley Brothers. Favorite Food or Meal: Fruit in the form of Apple pie, Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding Favorite TV Show: Trauma – Life In The E.R. Hobbies: Walking and Gardening. Your Hero Is: My Auny JP who raised me. Who would you invite to your “ultimate” dinner party: Nelson Mandela, Patti Labelle, Eddie Murphy. Pam G is a National Radio Personality with over 14 years in the media industry. She first became enamored with radio as a child, after family members told Pam she had the gift of gab. To put it exactly, they said ‘She could talk anyone’s ear off’. Since taking her family’s advice, Pam has served in various capacities from News Anchor and Public Service Director to Audio Producer and Voiceover Talent. When she isn’t on the air at the radio station, Pam is busy behind the scenes. As the co-founder of Gibson Communications Inc., her company services clients including The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Doug Banks Morning Show and American Urban Radio Networks. In her spare time, Pam likes to spend time with her husband and children, go Salsa dancing and work out.
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