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ESPNThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 12:02pm

It's a sports equinox and there have only been 17 of these days in history.

Jesse Castro Dodgers Clinch. LA beats LA in basketball. Kings undefeated. Rams in 1st. LA Sports are on top
Justin Francis Except no MLS game on today so this is some great click bait ESPN. The fact that you don't mention the MLS is the reason US Men's soccer has no pressure to get to a World Cup. Because everyone will forget about the US national team until the World Cup....when people ask where is the US?
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact that Colin Kaepernick is a BETTER QB than cheating, OVERRATEd Tom Brady! Actually, Brady should be the one blackballed and banned for life for being a cheater and only a system QB!!! Only REAL NFL fans (non racists) know this
Kirstien Demuth This is happening during a Trump presidency. Tired of winning yet?
John Creek The 4 major sports in one day...has anyone ever attempted attending at least a little of each one in the same day? If all 4 teams are in the same city. Now that would be awesome!
Zachary James Sam, we have to go to Grubs. One day your kids will ask you where you were on this day. Don’t say the library. Cc: Russell; Derly
Luke Ledbetter This is why espn shouldn’t be allowed to cover golf majors like the Masters. You only care about golf when it’s something that most of everyone pays attention to
Ray Fett Watching the Dodgers game and paying attention to the NHL games tonight as well. IDC at all about the NBA and not interested in the Thursday night game
Steven Mendoza And college football, which is a lot more fun to watch when compared to the nfl now with the sissifying of the league , thanks Snowflakes
Laura Hohm not that most people care about soccer in the us, but the women's national team also has a match tonight. at least they win.
Julio Gutiérrez I don't care about NBA or NHL. Even though today's NFL game is interesting, there's nothing like the MLB playoffs.
Michael G Flory There's 4 major sports? NFL,MLB,NBA,and...WNBA?
Daniel Martin Only 17 seen ever, >this might be the only day this year we have one of these days. Ya don't say, smfh
Jp Lange How bout this. Chicago Cubs are playing...the blackhawks, bulls and fire?!? It's a sports day in Chicago Baby!!!
Siaka M Cassell Umm there is going to be all 4 sports playing tonight thanks to my cubs pulling though last night! #gocubsgo #itaintoveryet
Stephanie Zuckerman Brandon Enyeart uhh there was one last year and no one cared about the sounders in the playoffs
Victorious Malachite USWNT plays tonight as well. MEGA-equinox?
Matt Radack Reminds me of this, but substituting World Cup for NFL. Who would've thought that 23 years later, OJ would be the one with the brighter future than US Soccer.
Chad Governale is the NFL even a major sport these days ? 😂😂
Jason Ramirez Yeah imagine being a Dodgers, Raiders and Lakers fan? How am I going to pull this off SMH
Justin Deas My household will be watching The Cubs.#GoCubsGo
Deb Temple Sorry ATL United I guess you don't matter. I will be cheering for you.
Troy Ortiz No, during the World Series you'll have more at least 1 day of this happening
David Chavez October is always a great month for sports
Jarod Lee But I thought you didn’t consider NHL to be a major sport ESPN?
ESPNThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 10:25am

The love story between Waffle House and college football is the definition of relationship goals.

Link to story in comments ⬇️

ESPN Why college football and Waffle House go hand-in-hand:
Michael Oakley Waffle House is Nasty AF. Only drunk people who can barely make out a yellow building like that nasty mess. I always like to go to the local 24 hour breakfast dinner. They are 10 times better. That's why I stay sober so I don't eat Waffle House.
Benjamin Hazan When defense is playing "waffle House" the offense's receivers are "scattered, smothered, and covered."
Daryl Blount Ty Hoeft.....this article should read : Why hillbilly college football fans love Waffle House . Anyone who went to school past 8th grade would never go to a Waffle House again after trying it once !
Marcus Conte I love going to Waffle House for their waffles and I didn't even know they have College Fight Songs on their Jukebox until the I've been to one
Greg Howell I got banned from the one in Jefferson Ohio because I played the waffle House song on the juke box true story told me I could never go back in there
Paul Wright The Waffle House is that after the club spot
John Meadows I'm on that all star breakfast at the waffle house
Jakob Howchick Waffle House is that place you know would probably fail some health codes but you eat there anyways
Garrett Chapman Waffle House is pretty good, but it ain't better than Huddle House
Ike Hayes what happens in waffle house stays there
Willard Squire I would kill to have a Waffle House near me
Michael Xavier Vermette That and it's so cheap, the NCAA won't investigate you for being able to afford it..
Aaron T Coon If there is syrup in your veins then the only thing you've got is diabeetus
Carol Parker Miss going to a Waffle House after a late night of drinking!
Jon Herbert What about the true love between Waffle House and Tiger Woods
Dylan Gronlund I’d rather eat a giant bowl of nails and rat poison than Waffle House
Ben Nichols Waffle house is way overrated. Not really that good at all.
Chelsea Skanks Michelle McMurray now I know why you love Waffle House so much. Lol they should've interviewed you for this.
Andrew Jewell Derek Cooper Caleb Rollins Devin Robinson i don’t get the relation but guess who doesn’t like Waffle House ✋️
Jay Kemper Simmons Probably bc there is a significant positive relationship btwn cfb and drunk southerners
Sammy Ray Foxworth ESPN post brought to you by Waffle House!
Brian Dinger I don't care what anyone says it's the best drunk food around
Eddie Pettry College football has never met Tudors biscuit world.
Amy Rogers Angela breakfast of champions 🤣
ESPNThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 10:09am

Lin landed awkwardly on a drive to the basket on Wednesday night.

Dylan Hughes Hayward gets a season ending injury and everyone is up in arms and sending prayers. Lin gets a season ending injury and everyone is just making fun of him. Hypocrites.
Alvaro Rosales U can see the sadness in his eyes as he starts to realize his season is over
Erik Woods Train like you fight people. Game 1 and people are taking their first real drive to the basket. The offseason ain't no offseason people, stay in shape
Joe Baxter All these players landing awkwardly and getting it the way the shoes are being designed or something? What gives
Logan Gruber His patella tendon wanted to be a dreadlock too
Fidel Cuevas Manzano The cursed of the dreads. Pray for Lin he’s a good guy
Mark Rehrig Poor guy!! Class act on and off the court!
John T. Le And just 24 hours earlier Lin was wishing Hayward well on his injuries. That’s messed up.
Nick Knudsen Career probably over. Patellar tendon is probably the worst knee injury
Christopher Sennello Not like the Nets had a chance. Do they even have a draft pick next year?
Haroon Harris I hope he can come back in the second half of the season.
Yo Burgos That’s what he gets for trying to be black.
Rodney Turner Top 3 favorite player sad to hear this:/
Matt Wright I wonder if the whole league will tweet about him. #prayersforlin
Patrick Flowers I’ve pulled the same tendon before. I hate every step while it’s healing.
David D Hart He's out for the year every season isn't he? What else is new
Lee Roy I bet KM is enjoying this.
Jasen C Mallahan Did the Simpsons predict this?
Stephen Thomas Matthew Churnovic everyone getting hurt.. Seaaon barley started.
Chris Kottmann Don't want to see that happen to anyone.
Charles Davis Didn't even know this dude still played
Andrew Salmon Now china has no more desire to watch nba
Ryan Galuska Santino Amador your boys off to a good start
Brianne Weaser Brandon Carr They dropping like flies this year
Lewan Mcbee Wayne Green Tye Alford tag your boy no Lin no playoffs guy. Lol
ESPNThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 9:01am

One game down.

Joseph Michael He looked very good. He just needs to learn to go for the dunk sometimes instead of 2 foot shots that he keeps missing and he’ll be a phenom
Dustin Wright I do see a lot of LeBron in his game. His vision of the game and even the small things like to understand where to be at what time. He's going to be a really good player if he can stay healthy.
Homar De La Torre And yet he cant r u in the NBA and not know how to shoot? Isnt that how we all start out as kids? Shooting with both hands
Reggie L. Harris Ben Sim covers alot of ground out there... His I.Q. is off the chart like he can even play in the dark
Konstantinos Stergiopoulos This kid is the new LeBron except he's 6'10'' I don't know what the hell's going on with Markelle. That kid has no confidence in his shot, looks like hes sleeping out there, only a few good moves near rim... should be starting, hes the no. 1 pick!... And shoot free throws like a regular human being and not a TREX
Antoine Swinton
Matt Melendez You, embid and Faultz can play all the 2k you want in a few months when all 3 of you are hurt
Aaron Kyser It’s was like 2k because there was no defense.
Cameron Volesky He ain't talking bout 2k18....that one is trash
Jesse Francis Most teams feel like they're playing 2K when they go up against the 76ers
Kelly Castleberry It felt like you were on a couch with a controller in your hand?
Justin Buchanan He was actually hitting shots, so it wasn't like 2k lol
Craig Teed Who would ever play on the 76ers on 2k though 😂
Coleman Chestnut Too much video games in his life 🤔😆😂
Denis Gazdic Wheres lonzo now. Whys noeone talking bout him oh yea cuz the regular season started
Nick Wilson Paid endorsement. This is the reason for the VC rape of 2K18.
Alex Barnes One day Simmons vs Greek Freak. Can't wait.
Tahkeim Williams Oh really? Well you need to boost them sliders for user free throws
Mike MrCasual Diedrich And he took a fat L like they will 60 more times this yr
Adam Young I thought Ben Simmons didnt play 2k? Just Call of Duty.
Conor Murphy Connor Quigley we might be able to make it to the NBA!
Kyle William Vang He should have his jump shot on L. Aldridge on quick release, maybe he would have score 30. Lol
Alex Ward it's like watching a young lebron. dude's gonna win ROTY
Adam Blackburn Max Patyk-Finkel he must play 2k how I play fifa...
Evan Puckett He is going to be great.
ESPNThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 7:19am

Not done yet. #PhotoOfTheNight

Christian Ponce De León Man I really want the Cubs to win the series. My boss is a diehard Cubs fan. So most likely he will go out to celebrate with his friends and be out of work for like 3 days. That would be awesome.
Tyrone Smith So if all the Cubs fans are supposedly "bandwagon" why do the Bulls and Bears have huge fan bases too?
Matt Caropolo Good..let Kershaw pitch 1 more game so he can be a Lil more wore out for my Yankees lol.Yankees Dodgers world series!
Antoine Swinton Yankees fan who's happy the team's going to the World Series, but I'm praying to Harry Caray and his Budweisers that the Cubbies make a comeback. One game at a time
Patrick Gill Brian Velasquez I hope for your sake that the Dodgers don’t choke because you will never hear the end of it from me. Lol! Actually, I have been pleasantly surprised by how well they are playing. You may be right. It may be their year.
Raymond Bacani Cubs changed the team too much from last year. Theo ruined the team chemistry. They were stronger last year but then again the Dodgers improved their team this year! Dodgers should take one of the next three. Not worried. Go Blue!
Mike Mone You mean to tell me. He can't get a hit. He can't even make a line up. And now you come out and hit a man who non of your all stars can. And 2 homeruns if that. #CheckThatMan
Jarbas Carvalho Nascimento if you can improve the performance in the bat we will have chances that it will preserve our pitches of the other side it does not have genius and nothing above the average is possible everything can happen...
Michael Garcia Lets be honest... other than Baez and 2 back to back bad pitches by Wood, the series would be over. Cubs really didn't dominate game 4 other than Arrieta. We'll see how the rest of the series shapes up.
Anthony Ambriz Ok cubs fans tonight is the night you cry because Chicago dies lol LA LA land is closing shop baby cubs are done Dodgers win 4 to 1 good night now
Thomas Maddock I really wanted to see the Cubs against the Yankees but have a hard time believing the Cubs are gonna win three straight.
Joel Oliva Cubiies r tight, Russell is dope, Baez dope, n they r jus gonna get better, pitching is good, n Bryant is good, n Rizzo is a beast king of Chicago. N everyone else is good too
Chris Senner If the dodgers would have won after the phantom foul ball there'd be a few less umpires in the MLB and some crying families
Mike Gosselin The dodgers had their weakest line-up out there yesterday. Kershaw on the mound, let’s go
Thomas Luhman There done haha. They just prolonged the Cub fans Anxiety another day
Leonel Sanchez Dodgers will finish them off no way they're beating them three straight times.
Joel Jay Lozano Curtain calls for his only 2 hits in the both series he's 2-26
Kyle Muss Not this one? I thought this was the better pic lol
Jason Wilson A more suitable caption would be "dying gasp".
Mike Brooks Go cubs looking forward to your next championship 2124 year of our lord.
Hector Rodriguez I thought it was over, but it's not Cubs will make a Comeback like the 04 Red Sox's did.
Clay London The cubs are done for sure. Theres always last year
Kyle D. Thompson All they did was avoid a sweep, now Dodgers fans can watch their team clinch at home 😀
Steve Metosh Just prolonging the inevitable.
Johnny Mendez The entire line up need to crank those bats for now on.. LETS GO CUBS ⚾️👍🏼
ESPNWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 11:23pm

The Chicago Cubs live to dance another day.

Colvin Kennedy Aho Don't understand how puig and the dodgers can be criticized for their "antics" and just a general lack of class, but the cubs can finger wag while down 6-1, dance in their pen, knock LA fans' passion, and have their fans flip off granderson and/or the umpire, and not have a single word mentioned. Some double standard.
Marc Mosley Less pressure on Kershaw with a 3-1 lead than last year when the dodgers were down 3-2. I expect to see a dominant 6-7 innings from him tomorrow but we shall see
Adnan Ali One game at a time. Win tomorrow night and have the Dodgers thinking on the long flight back to LA.
Dave Murray Coming back down 3-0 playing 9 vs 15 on the field won’t be easy, but the cubs can do it. These umps are effing garbage out there.
Daniel Sullivan Wow. I know the odds are way against us but this is a hell of a lot of crap talking from fans that saw us beat Kershaw last year. I'm happy with my ring. Hoping for another. But dodgers fans, better hope Brant Rizzo and shwarber don't get hot.
Joseph Mostarda Maybe Dodgers remembered that teams that sweep through the LCS don't always have the best luck. See: '07 Rockies, '12 Tigers, '15 Mets. Maybe winning too early causes too much rest. But seriously, I have no idea why Roberts went with the worst possible Dodgers lineup.
Lee Young They're dancing because the pitcher they faced hadn't pitched in nearly a month and they were still shut down, wood only threw 1 mistake pitch and that was on the 1st homerun. Cubs can't hit out bullpen and I can guarantee utley,granderson and grandal won't be in the lineup tomorrow
Danielle Cizowski Ashley Marie Matt Cizowski look at the cubs haters everywhere 😂 they don't know much about our team since they dance EVERYTIME we get a homerun..
Roy Yamamoto Fo sure wade davis is out tomorrow. Cubs better no hit the dodgers.or the dodgers will take it by the score of 6 to 3....#putchampagneonhold
Patrick Miles These guys out here dancing, smh it's this group why you are down 3-1. Poor Joe Maddon doesn't trust any of them so you have to go with Wade Davis 6 outs again, and now doesn't have him for tomorrow.
Sean Farley Except series started last week. Down 3-1, maybe should have brought the energry game #1 vs waiting for game #4 and finger wavin'. Tomorrow should be fun, Davis likely unavailable late in game, Jansen green light.
Matthew Morales They are staying loose because their closer won’t be available tomorrow due to a complete mis-manage of a bullpen. They won and Davis got the save but it took 50plus pitches. Who starts their closer in the eighth? Why wouldn’t you send someone else out there to start the inning and have Davis warning just in case? Maddon’s ego can’t take being second guessed by the media so he overreact’s to the game 2 situation. Horrible managing.
Mike Capps Cubs don’t stand a chance of coming back!!! They would have been better off losing tonight!!!! Why prolong the obvious!!!!!
Sonny Agüero Man all these people saying the Dodgers will choke need to understand baseball history. Only one team has gone 7-0 in the first two rounds: the ‘07 Rockies. Not a single team has gone undefeated, the closest were the ‘99 Yankees and the ‘05 White Sox. Guess what? Teams lose games in the playoffs, it happens! Just because the Dodgers lost this one doesn’t mean they’re gonna end up choking.
Quentin Campbell The Dodgers are just like the Kings and Warriors in a championship series. They all can't clean a house because they can't sweep!
Neal Brygger That's ok Cubs,you do all that stuff! Dodger Management will throw all of there Bullpen at you tonight and wrap it up!
John Ordona Pathetic, these pin heads are acting like they just won the WS again and yet all they did was win one game to avoid elimination for at least one more game.
Anthony Arroyo They were gifted this game with the lineup and Wood not pitching for almost a month didn't help either. Gonna have to get passed Kershaw now.
Todd Folkestad Here is a thought why not start pitching like big leaguers instead of dancing around like little kids. Dodgers bullpen is all business and look how they pitch.
April Rivera I don’t know what was a better laugh. They were getting down & doing a celebratory dance or the fact that I thought the sign in the back read Pimp act. 😂😝🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Least I’m Pretty... 💁🏻😘
William Rodriguez Novelo This is just ridiculous, really sad that grown men do this, Edwards should be crying after walking a pitcher with the bases loaded and 2 outs last night
Craig Kallmayer They might want to work on their skills instead as relief pitching in Chicago sucks, and likely will lead to their non-repeat this year.
Gary Mijangos As a Dodger fan, I never bought into the sweep thing, it was nice against the D-Backs because they are a division rival, but i felt that this series would go a full 7 games. With that said, as long as we can continue to keep Bryant and Rizzo in check I always like our chances.
Jessica Fagan Ashley Edgcomb I had to share it with you even though it's the cubs because I love dancing more than I strongly dislike them lol
Philip Riola They need to pitch Arrieta as much as possible ,even if it means middle innings or a batter or two in the 9th..
ESPNWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 9:30pm

Cody "No Love" Garbrandt is showing no love to Tj Dillashaw or Demetrious Johnson either.

William Mcauley Garbrandt was like 31-1 as an amature boxer and his footwork is better than Connor's. So yes he probably would knock connor out tbh
Garrett Chapman All these MMA fighters need to stay in their own respected sport. Don't cross over to the boxing world. Them boys are killers. Conor already got a taste of it
Chris Cavalier I don't think he understands how this works, 90%+ of people who bought Floyd vs Conor see this guy and say "literally WHO?" You don't automatically get a big payday just for calling out Conor.
Travis Squires In both respected combat sports, An M.M.A. guy dies in a boxing ring, A Boxer dies quick in a cage.. no need to argue. Here's what you trolls need to worry about in real life, don't upset a mixed martial artist or a boxer..hell even a veteran having a bad day 💪🇺🇸
Ian Sexton Conor is still counting all that money. He's like, I will fight a Chicken nugget if people would pay 😂
Todd Meldrum I'd bet the house on Cody in a boxing match against McGregor. Connor has little to no boxing skills at all. The Mayweather fight was a lay-down by both fighters so the fans wouldnt think they were getting ripped off. Plain and simple!
Alex King He's just too small for Conor but he really should be focusing all his energy on TJ. By far his hardest match up of his career imo.
Steven Cramer Cody is fr and om a connor fan but Cody is an animal. He could beat might mouse. I think Cody may end up being a top 3 UFC fighter ever. He is the real deal!!#nolovd
Frankie Vasquez Fan of both guys but I think Cody would have a better chance in MMA.. Conor lost to Floyd but he didn't look THAT BAD. I don't think Cody would last with Conor in either Boxing or MMA but he'd have a slightly better chance in MMA
Jon-Scott Taylor I see all these arguments for and against UFC and Boxing . Plain and simple Conner in a MMA fight would have tapped out Mayweather in less than a minute. He chose to box and got schooled.. there..
Luis Chavarin Boxers learned the hard way to stay in their lanes. Why haven't MMA fighters learned to stay in their's after the beat down Floyd gave Connor. Cody would get blitzed by Broner or Garcia.
Oscar Palacios I'm really hoping Dillashaw knocks this dude out into next week. He talks like a spurned ex girlfriend.
Kyle Edwards All these MMA fighters calling out Conor. You literally give him what he wants. The media runs the stories of who says what about McGregor, then he runs his trash talk game, and collects paychecks for it. You literally pay him by talking about him. How do they not get that? He’ll run his mouth all the way to a paycheck and won’t care about you calling him out.
Joe Spadaccini Steven Gunsalus what do you think? Not just cause I’m a fan but put these two in the octagon Conor beats him easily with his size and reach advantage
Matt Padgett Fan of Cody no love but... Why call Conor out in a boxing match, we all know Conor went to boxing to get a pay check... Obviously he knows what would happen if they step into an Octagon with Conor lmao.. Conor vs Tony is the best move for business and what the fans want. These guys just say Conor’s name to make the news..
John Hills Cody said he can cut to 125.. I am a big fan but dude is tiny compared to McGregor, would be difficult to do damage to Conor
Al Padawan He’s gotta sell himself just like Conor. Defend your title a couple times b4 calling out The GOAT, Mighty Mouse!
Martin King Ezekiel Lmao Cody tbh dillashaw will probably destroy you and you’re not in connors league you little Fu** he’ll bounce you’re head of the canvas
Charles Gamble Lol, when conner doesnt even box XD Why not go out yo comfort zone and run up in the octagon? Oh yeah, You dont fight mma XD
Connor Garlick Keep on thinking about Conor while there's a snake just slithering waiting to take you out ..... 🐍 🐍 🐍. #warTJ #letsgochamp
Psg Nel I think connor should retire and enjoy his money and brew that whiskey business, tony ferguson,gsp are in the mix and while those studs are there connor isn't going to go far
David Israel how do you knock someone the f for u unlawful c carnal k knowledge out of boxing??? time to man up, amazing grace and make grandma proud..thanks
Cole Paulson Matt Porter Cody is one of several people who would decapitate your boy if he ever actually defended his title instead of running
Randy Cosby This cat can't even get in the octagon with tj..., really shut the hell up.., stop running your mouth...
Levi Trainumday I think he’s the last hope to beat Connor other than Diaz, he has the movement like against one of the greatest
ESPNWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 9:13pm

LeBron James shares a special moment with a young fan before Big Shots & Little Stars, an event to help raise funds for children's cancer research. (via Cleveland Cavaliers)

Carson Lee I don't care if you like LeBron or not as a basketball player. You have to admit he is an absolute great guy.
Jerome Schulze Yet idk why people hate him?? Why because he is great!! Because he hasn't cheated on his wife or qcually being a fauther to his kids.. Actually helping other players get better.. Yea you never saw this from kobe or jordan
Xander Washington Lebron's a class act, unlike his pathetic haters. I'm not a big fan of his, but hating on him is simply stupid.
Mike Perry I'm a warriors fan and love to hate the Cavs but a lot of things are bigger than basketball. LeBron James is one of the greatest role models you will find in any sport. Truly a great person.
Vante Sampson Jordan may have won 6 rings but u wanna know the real stories... nobody really likes Jordan much ... everybody who knows lebron knows he a great person..has done more this year than Jordan has ever done in his whole career
Andrew McNabb I love when ESPN shows athletes doing good things off the court/field. They need to stick with sports and the positive impacts athletes can have on people's lives.
Nomrah Caasi Sirhc You take whatever basketball biases you have against him and he's one of the classiest and most caring individuals in all sports. Having maybe the biggest platform of any athlete today he sure knows how to use it to create a positive impact.
Tara Bales Oh yeah? Well...uh...he's still got a big ol forehead. (Please don't make me say something nice about this guy. :p)
Gene Schoenradt I always wanted to hate on LeBron and make fun of him. But he keeps doing amazing things as a human being, as well as being the best basketball player in the world. I stopped hating on him a few years ago and he continues to show me that I made the right choice. You, Mr. James, are a class act as a professional and as a human. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you.
Daniel Joseph LeBron and John Cena are much the same, both hated for shortcomings to their crafts. But both undeniable great guys. And yes I just brought up Wrestling on ESPN, you can't see me!
Allen Beachler Don't like him calling Pres a bum and I would've gladly went to white House to meet president Obama, Clinton Bush or any other. But LeBron does seem to actually " do" things to help less fortunate and it's not always just him throwing money around. That I respect .
Willard Squire I stress you to find a better role model on and off the court then LeBron James. This man is 100% a class act from day one.
Larry Anson I have seen him doing a lot of goods in his life and it is getting to point that I finally realized he is not doing it for a photo ops. He is doing it from the ❤️. God bless you, LeBron!
Brian Chester I wonder if he ever talks about Jesus Christ with fans. Especially terminally ill fans. You have such a huge platform why not? Especially if you feel strongly enough to protest the police and president and every other thing that's not eternally important.
James Sterett He is great. Apart from our differences on many political (only political) topics... I have always been a fan massive fan since 2004.
Jason Howard As a basketball fam I can't stand him but as a human being he is a great guy. Much respect and God bless you
Woods Ebony Nia Naumu I shouldn't have watched this. Lol. Dang it!!! Just like the Cam video when he went to see the boy in the hospital. I don't want to like these dudes!!! Lol
Jim Brown I love how people are saying he should stfu about politics 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.....The black athletes are only here to entertain huh ?
Gage Yakovich I honestly don't know why anybody hates this man. I remember a day when the best athletes in the world were admired and loved, not scrutinized or hated every second
Dana Kneram That’s what makes a difference in the world...not taking a knee or bullying people on either side of the political aisle. Good job LeBron!
John Perez Hate LeBron all you want as a player, but all the great things this man has done off the court is so much bigger than the game itself. Plus he has no criminal record, he's a caring father and he treats his wife like a queen. It's been great watching him make an impact on and off the court for so many years and I will miss him when he eventually retires from the game for good.
Kevin O'Neil I wish we saw more of this than the taking a knee crap from our athletes. This is showing such true leadership.
Billy Ryan Smith He is the greatest!! She is too!! Tyler Leek Billy Winter I don’t care how he plays basketball. He is a stand up dude
Brady Hill Lebron on the court= 🐐 Lebron off the court=🐐
Christopher Melendez Imagine just being carried around by a giant who just wants to laugh with you ... She's so happy and that's everything in that moment for her.
ESPNWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 8:30pm

"I don't think we can work alongside of them until we address that issue."

Jack Munley I don't think we can believe a thing Michael Bennett says until he apologized for lying about the Las Vegas incident
Oruam Angelo Dear Micheal Bennett. You lost all credibility when you blatantly lied to try to start something against cops. ESPN please stop posting what this joker says.
Kyle Gardner Can Michael address the fact that he lied and race baited in his Vegas incident? No arresting officers were white and he pretty much lied about the whole thing. An apology for the officers maybe?
Adam Davis He opted out of a contract for crying out loud
David Caravantes In the NFL and all professional sports, you are measured by what have you done lately. Period! No one cares what you did in your first couple years. He was one of there worst QB's in the NFL in his last two season. Not to mention, what team owner wants a player who stunk it up so bad in back-to-back years and with so much negative baggage? Not only would he bring a negative impact to the team via the media and team fans, but also in the locker room. Looker room lawyers like Kapernick are only cancer to teams and the GM's & owners understand this... Keep in mind he would only be signed as a backup QB - with all this negative baggage and his on-field struggles. It won't happen and should not happen.
Aaron Gall Then maybe you don’t need to work?
Jennifer Castleman Maybe they should make a real stand and go on strike! (Or a real kneel)!! College Ball is better anyway!!
Todd Abed Rg3 is a better option than some of the QB’s in the NFL and nobody signed him either, and he didn’t opt out of his contract. He was willing to play for the Browns means he would play anywhere... nobody talking about him ..
Adam Christopher Enough. Kaepernick was offered a spot on Denver but he didn't want to take a pay cut. He probably had a shot with Miami if he didn't break out his dictator apparel. Stop saying he didn't have a chance after opting out from the 49ers.
Manny Barela Eric Reid also kneeled and he has a job.. Maybe kneeing isn't the reason he is jobless. Maybe it's because he regressed every year since his rookie year
Henry L. Williams CORRECTION: Michael Bennett DID NOT lose credibility when he lied about Las Vegas....HE HAD NO CREDIBILITY TO BEGIN WITH!!!! Same for his brother. Anything to stay in the media....anything!
John N Gross I think Micheal Bennett should be released by the Seahawks organization and join Colin Kaepernick on his couch! Then work together on your own time to help oppressed individuals with your millions you made in the NFL.
Dan Graham There’s no issue...all 32 teams passed on an average QB who brings a lot of off the field baggage onto the field and in the locker room. Tell me why a rational owner, GM, or coach would do that to his team? Kaepernick made a choice...choices have consequences that you do not get to choose. He chose to opt out of his contract that he had, nobody forced his hand. He chose to disrespect the anthem and the flag to draw attention to himself. Now he thinks the consequences are unfair. Too bad.
Mike Miller Cough cough Maybe we should talk about you making claims against cops that didn’t treat you disrespectfully at all
Laurie Pruser-Stockman In my experience, if a person quits a lucrative job, trash talks all of his previous and potential employers, and alienates the consumer base then being guaranteed a new, equal or better position is improbable.
Billy Felde Kaepernick publicly stated that he will not stand for the National Anthem due to the "perceived" injustices, oppression and police brutality of blacks.... Then he decides to wear "pig socks" mocking cops at practice.. then this idiot who just stated he is fighting the "mythical" oppression of blacks then proclaims his love/admiration of Fidel Castro who was a "Real and True" murderous oppressive dictator of Cubans. Then he doesn't vote in the Election, and refuses an offer to meet with Police to discuss all the "perceived" injustices that he is complaining about. Then he and his "has been" girlfriend Nessa take to twitter posting racist and disparaging memes/comments about NFL owners, cops and America. Then he donates money to a convicted Cop killer's (Assata Shakur) charity. Kaepernick is a complete moron and clueless hypocrite. No sane person in America should give this POS a job anywhere.
Jay Salgato What's there to address? The time he threw an INT when a trip to the Super Bowl was on the line? The time his very first pass of the game was a pick six? The time he gave Arizona 14 points gratis in a 47-7 loss? The time he posted an ESPY worthy 1 for 5 for four yards? The time he got benched in favor of arguably one of the worst QBs ever? The time he managed one win to ten losses when he got his job back? Traitor boy has always been a fraud. He can read a defense as well as Hellen Keller. Once his terrible mechanics and lack of field awareness was brought to light he was exposed for the chicken in a duck suit that he always was.
Michael Flowers You want them to pay for him quitting his job. That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Scratch that, all my life.
Joehl Garlit What unemployment issue? Kaepernick is not good enough to be on a team as a backup QB, IF you're considering the BAGGAGE that he carries with him. If I'm an owner, I'll look at the bottom line and that's the $$$ I'm paying Kaepernick and the backlash from my hometown fans. Now, if Kaepernick is an All-Pro QB or at least a shadow of his old self, I'll take the gamble because I know he can help my team win some football games. In the end, football fans will support a team that wins. Kaepernick hasn't shown that.
Josh Coodey Bennett’s mouth is writing checks his body can’t cash. I hope he ends up in a seat next to Kaepernick. On the unemployment line.
Erik Ross Little Easy. "He doesn't fit their play style." "He isn't that good." "He brings too much drama to the team." Man, I'm not even in the NFL and I can get that Michael Bennett. Maybe you should have finished college before the NFL.
Linda Smith Hiday All the owners have to say is I don't want to hire him he doesn't fit my system...Bennett can talk like that all he wants.. is protesting about inequality or is it about Kaepernick being jobless? Seems like the protest keeps changing to add more to it
Bawb Nagoh Mr. Bennett if you can't work along side the owners then by all means find another job!! As it was said in The Departed - "The world needs plenty of ditch diggers!!"
Isaac Olivares The NFL is doing fine without him. Just like the NFL is fine without Romo. Owners don't need to answer to anyone about who they DON'T hire.
Anthony Charles A team should hire him, I mean who knows he could be the best water boy or towel boy sure is not a good qb all he does is kneel and waste the clock and downs haha
ESPNWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 7:52pm

Tanaka takes his place among some New York Yankees greats.

Steven Nicholas It feels real. It feels rare. It is real. It is rare. The world series is one win away. COMES ON YANKS!!!! Send these clowns to that big Texas ranch in the sky!!!
Levi Palmer Yankees v. Dodgers would destroy some World Series ratings, MLB has to be praying for it to happen.
Frank Yolango The Yankees knocked out Keuchel and shut out the Astros...DILLY DILLY
Lee Fullmer Former baseball star here, it sure is delightful to watch these young Yankees play so well. I enjoy watching players that remind me a lot of myself when I was great. Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner remind me of just that. It is a treat to see. Best of luck Yankees. I'm rooting for them.
Kyle Howard Don’t let this distract you from the Fact that Kentucky has had 62 Governors and was established in 1792 but America has only 45 Presidents and was established in 1776
Clint Jenkins The Stros did indeed lose 3 games in a row at NY. Home Field Advantage really means everything. The crowd all 3 games were on fire, the players did great on hitting, and the pitching is dangerous! But I do have faith in the Stros that they can pull off the next 2 wins. Yes, it seems unlikely, but they're gonna be back at home, they're gonna have their home crowd cheering loud. It's gonna be an exciting Game 6. #GoStros #ALCS2017!
Roberto Spanghero I remember when Masahiro was heckled on Twitter by Yanks fans for being subpar at the start of the season. Loving it, big fan of him.
Christopher Adam Robin Andrew Singh Beast! Completely proved me wrong. Maybe that's what has to happen. I need to hate and doubt and then they prove me wrong rofl. Sucks he didn't get a W and same with Sonny
Rick Sandford 2000 was the year scumbag Clemens beaned Mike Piazza on purpose but commissioner let him wait til next season to serve his suspension!! Once again get away with cheating!!
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact the New York Yankees will BEAT the Astros in Game 6 and SWEEP the Dodgers in the World Series. Ive said it all along and you guys laughed..The Yankees are a team of destiny! Only REAL baseball fans know this
Jim E Dunn The true test of a player is how they perform when their backs are against the wall. This young Yankee’s team has show their character, chemistry and desire to get to the World Series. If Houston can’t do the same then they won’t win, Harvey or not. To take 3 in a row against this Houston team is monumental but the challenge is not over yet! Go Yankee’s!!!
Antoine Swinton They say it ain't over til the fat lady sings, and well, Kelly Clarkson just hit the high note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Devens Remember earlier in the year when everyone called Tanaka the worst signing after his rough stretch, funny times.
Omar Callahan It would be great to see Houston win the World Series after the hurricane destruction. What a great story that will be. MLB wants it two biggest markets in the World Series. They don't understand that most of American don't care for those teams except the people from those areas. That's why most of America will be watching NFL football instead of the World Series. Baseball is so out of touch with mainstream America. That's why the Super Bowl is so much better you got teams from all over the country in it like Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston New England, Charlotte North Carolina, New York, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Phoenix Arizona. I am bored with MLB baseball so is most of America. The Yankees have gone to the World Series many times and have huge ratings in New York while the rest of America watches NFL football or something else altogether.
David Israel how cool is that...hehe not if you are for Houston....unless your a scout as well as a fan..glad for the day...wahoo loved all 3 of these pitchers...Men with integrity usually...and real sportsmen...amazing grace and make grandma proud ty
Glenn Romer He's been awesome!!! Still not worthy of giving an A-Rod type contract! A-Rod, wasn't even worthy!!! 👎👎👎
Perry Mitchell And what did Whitey get for his trouble? Everyone in Springfield threw Marge's free pretzels at him.
Gustavo Neves Ingreson, quando você faz o que Rogr Clemens já fez um dia, quer dizer que está no caminho certo! JAPONÊS JOGOU MUITO! FDP!
Jonathan Cohen It’s very interesting that in 2000 Clemons was in being injected with steroids. Hey ESPN: where’s the *????
Eric Kelley And just think, the first half of the season his ERA was like 5.86 with a whole 3 QS by the All Star break
Craig Scorpio This team reminds me of '96. It's like de ja vu, all over again. And they said this was a "rebuilding year". Pfft.
Dave Tee Tanaka is proving more useful in the postseason than the regular season. The Livan Hernandez of the Yankees!
Brie Vanessa So many salty people writing on this post 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy James
Will Dickson I beg to differ. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago..