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ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 10:54pm

What a way to bolt into the playoffs ⚡️

“Romeo Cronell is definitely on the hot seat as the Chiefs Head Coach after losing that game up by 14 points in the 4th quarter” Stephen A. Smith
Philip Rivers is one of the most UNDERRATED QB in the league
This post just made the Steelers jump offsides
College or pro, it doesn't matter...this is the worst officiating season ever. Horribly obvious missed calls on both sides tonight.
Great game but God the refs are terrible lol
Wrong picture. It should be a picture of the head official.
That’s cool man, but have you ever done DMT?
Wow in arrowhead against the second best team in the league, chargers look legit . But Nick Foles is starting now on, sorry all other NFL teams the Lombardi stays in Philadelphia
That helmet to helmet no call just pissed him off.
Andy Reid avoids the playclock like a salad bar at a buffet.
He’ll never win a super bowl.
Shout out to my BAAAD MAAAN Hunter Henry on that Winning TD today against the Chiefs!! Don't be disrespectfulllll!!! -Stephen A.!
The genetic jackhammer, 8 kids later and killin' it on those W's!! (At 37 too) (Much respect as he's commuting 75 miles each way to the L.A. stadium to not have to uproot his family)
How do you spell Rivers? 1-AND-DONE
Awwww the first important game that crybaby ever won lol
That W deserves another Son 😏
Why did the refs just cheat like that 🤦🏿‍♂️
Love it that they went for 2.....most coaches would have done the conservative thing and kicked the PAT and send the game to OT...that took guts...
Before this gets started, ITS NOT THE REFS FAULT!
Is that the grin you make when a very obviously push off is not called.
Drew Brees vs Phillip Rivers in the Super Bowl. Destiny
10 minutes before the end of the game Chargers fans: These refs suck. After the game: Chiefs fans: The refs cost us the game.
Chiefs deserved to lose. Defense cannot get one stop in four minutes in the fourth
People tried telling me this man wasn’t nasty. THIS DUDE IS A CAPTAIN! I would love having him QB my squad. Nothing but heart and grit
Mahomes is having a great year and is putting up stats, but stats don't mean anything when you can't win big games against playoff teams.
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 10:39pm


The Los Angeles Chargers' gutsy 2-point conversion with 4 seconds left pays off as they stun the Chiefs!

P.Rivers going home to drop another child in his wife. 😭😭😭
Me and the other 56 fans that stuck with this team through all the BS and mockery from other fans, we deserve every bit of this win, this is our year baby!! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
I’d love for Rivers to get a Super Bowl win.
Chiefs rounding into playoff form as usual
Not a chargers fan, but honestly I’d like to see Phillip Rivers win a super bowl before he retires. Humble guy that could be remembered like Dan Marino if he never wins it.
Still gonna be Cowboys vs Chiefs in the super bowl, with the Cowboys taking the W..
*As the refs make 2 trash calls and win the game for the chargers. I’m bored, argue with me.
One of the best games all year. Gutsy call by Chargers. I can see them as a dark horse in the playoffs. Phillip Rivers about to make another kid tonight!!
Horrible officiating on both sides of the ball.
Drew Brees vs Phillip Rivers in the Super Bowl. Destiny
If the Giants keep Phillip Rivers they would have won one or two more Superbowls. Most underrated QB of the era.
I'm just here to see how many people whine about the officiating
I feel so bad for the cheifs.... the refs screwed them... just like they did to my Eagles last weekend. The NFL has to do something.... the officiating is getting worse and worse
Not even playoffs yet and the chiefs already choking up the lead
It’s that time of the year again folks, where the Kansas City Chiefs start choking...
Nice no call push off chargers
Phillip Rivers* is Unbelievable
#Lebron choked against the underdog Rockets 🤣🤣 Facts are facts #Bronsexuals Tears below ⬇️⬇️💦💦
Thank you to the zebra crew. Top form as usual.
S/o to the Refs!! Y’all the real mvp for the Chargers
LOVE the call to go for 2. Chargers had basically nothing to lose. If they lose the game they’re still almost a lock for the 5 seed and if they get it and win they keep their division hopes alive. Ballsy call and Chargers are a legit threat in the AFC. If my Boys don’t win I wouldn’t mind seeing Rivers finally get a ring. Dude definitely deserves one.
Rivers deserves a ring before he retires and I hope this is the year he wins
I don’t blame the refs, but they were pretty terrible on both sides. Several missed calls, several pretend holds. Pathetic. I’m a chiefs fan, and I don’t blame the refs for us choking it away. We had plenty of chances to put the game away But that many flags ruins games for me. Terrible.
So the NFL is trying to make the LOS ANGELES Chargers relevant, because even with their record they cannot sell out their 28,000 seat house 😂
Wouldn’t have been possible without Hunter Henry continuing to build on his stellar season!! Glad to see him win his matchup against Derrick Johnson.
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 8:45pm

Dikembe Mutombo flew an 8-year-old boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo to L.A. to pay for his tumor removal 🙏

This dude hasn't play in the league for years and is using his retirement money to help unfortunate children. Big respect.
*Waves his finger at the tumor*
Mutombo also built multiple hospitals in Africa. God bless this man.
One of the greatest humanitarians of all time. Mutombo has given so much back to his home country. He’s a great man.
Hall of fame on and off the court 💯🙌🏻
Utmost respect for this man. God bless him
Dikembe Mutombo is doing what a person of ‘privileged wealth’ should do... having compassion and giving charity to those in need.
Great human being. Always smiling. Respect.
No no no, no tumor for you. This is awesome.
good to see people doing good in the world
Opening FB on my phone and the first thing I see is this video it reminds me there’s still hope in humanity dikembe is a living legend.
Dikembe Mutombo has a tumor? And he's making an 8-year-old African boy pay for the removal of it??? That's really mean.
Remarkable athlete and remarkable person.
We need more athletes and celebrities to get involved and be as good to people as Mutumbo
Dikembe is saying no no no and giving the finger wave to that tumor!! Awesome
This is just icing on the cake for what's he done. He's one of the greatest to play and one of the greatest humanitarians to walk this earth. Much respest sir, keep doing what you doing.
You go Dikembe keep doing God's work .👍👍👍👍👍👍
Saying “No, No, No....Not Today” to the tumor!!!!
Cookie Monster is helping people
This is a man. Thanks Mutombo
God bless Mutombo and heal this child in Jesus name.
That’s what I’m taking about!
Much Respect mount Mutombo. Hoyas for life!
God Bless Him, I wish I had the money gift these kinds of things.
Mutombo has done many great things. A wonderful human being!!
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 8:04pm

The St. Louis Blues had a ruff practice Thursday 🐶

Who’s the goodest defender!?
The only time ESPN talks about hockey is when they don’t have to talk about hockey
I don’t like hockey, but I would 100% watch it if it looked like this! They have the Puppy Bowl, maybe they should have the Stanley Pup!
Therapy dog for them losing so much.
2 Minutes for high licking
2 minutes!!!! Ruffing!!!
Air bud: Back to the ice 3
This is why I joined Facebook
This puppy better get more likes than LeBron.
Whoever thought of this should get a promotion
That's my puck baby, don't you ever touch my puck!
Did Bortuzzo try to fight him too?
LiL Pup is doing his job better than Stephen A is..... just saying!! How much $$ is SAS making again??? 😂😂
Sign him up.. Prolly better at hockey than any of the blues :/
Dog plays better than they do.
Who ever left their dog, come get it. It’s up 6-0 on the Blues in the 3rd period! 🤣🤣🤣
They signed Lindy Ruff!
Best stick handler on the team
Its the rally pup! Lets turn this season around!
This is why the St. Louis Blues suck
Emotional support animal...prevents outbursts of anger.
So bad for the dogs lol 🤦🏼‍♂️
Probably the only player that's untouchable on their roster at this point...
It’s not a German Shepherd, explains why they suck...
Oh it’s adorable! It’s actually the St.Louis Blues new dog for assistance help! Barclay is adorable!
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 6:00pm

20 years ago, the Dallas Mavericks made a franchise-altering trade to acquire future superstar Dirk Nowitzki.

Have they done the same with Luka Doncic?

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
I still can't believe that Luka wasn't picked first overall :O
Dirk says “Luka, I am your father” in his best darth voice.
They did have a future superstar and they traded him away for a unpolished European kid..
How I see dirk and luka
Mavs fans will...Luka...back on that draft fondly
Jersey 77 will be retired
Just here for the Henry Rivera #bronsexual post.
Yes, they did! Luka will be the “best player” in Dallas Mavericks history! He’s playing great!
Too soon to tell but Dirk has stood the test of time.
River Plate won Copa Libertadores vs Boca Juniors
And the Bucks received Tractor Traylor #rip in return. That one stung but if that didnt happen maybe the bucks dont put together the Ray Allen, Big Dog, and Sam Cassell team that had a good run.
They're wearing different jerseys. Someone should inform the athletic coordinator
Henry Rivera: "Don't let this distract you from the fact that LeBum lost in The Finals to Nowitski you #Bronsexuals" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That guy stays triggered about LeBron on ANY b-ball post on like 10 different pages 😂😂😂😂
Now imagine being a hawks fan
Ben simmons still gonna be rookie of the year
I think so. But it's not like he is a surprise. If you paid any attention to basketball he was talked about all year last year
So far. Dirk didn't play much early. Dallas was shamed for taking Dirk over Paul Pierce but the future league MVP development nicely. Only time will tell how Lukas career is but he is off to a great start.
Luka is future all star
Lmao he had the same double double as trae young last night... but the hawks got another 1st outta the deal. #thanksbums
Yes! I was like how did they go find another nowitzki??
Did you know that before he played in the NBA Dirk Nowitzki was a prison guard at Shawshank Penitentiary?
* future hall of famer*... fixed it for you
Yes they have !!! I love my Mavs !!!
Luca is dirks nowitzki 2.0 with some upgrades.
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 4:01pm

On this date in 1997, Charles Woodson became the first and only primarily defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy.

It’s rare to see 3 hall of famers sitting there at the Heisman ceremony. Usually you get one okay player and a slew of busts.
Who remembers when Ndamukong Suh got robbed of a Heisman. 🙋‍♂️
The one time a Qb should’ve won it.Peyton manning by far should have won the heisman.
Randy high AF wit the shades on haha
Meanwhile both of the runner ups had much better careers
This trophy is total BS. Only one defensive player has ever won it. Really? They should just go ahead and call it the Best Quarterback or Running Back Trophy.
Biggest robbery in the history of the heisman. Obviously Peyton should have won that heisman smh
Ndomukong Suh got robbed.
Biggest joke in Heisman history!
Charles Woodson was easily the best player in the nation. Led his team to a National Title. Anyone who whines about Manning.....just remember.....he NEVER won against his biggest rival. 0-4 against Florida !
Needless to say a pure travesty Peyton didn’t win. ESPN spent the last (3) weeks leading up to the announcement totally promoting Woodson. This is not me being a “homer”, it’s just a fact! Haven’t watched since.
And Manning worshippers are still pissed. #ascotallday
Norm Macdonald: “congratulations, Charles. That is something that no one can ever take away from you. Unless you kill your wife and waiter, in which case all bets are off."
And still to this day, just as big a joke as most of ESPN is. No way in hell he wins if not for this network pushing him. Peyton Manning should have won this hands down. Hell Champ Bailey’s numbers were better than Woodson’s.
Solid podium there with Woodson/Peyton/Moss
Peyton Manning couldn’t win a big game in college to save his life... Woodson did it all in college. WR/DB/KR/PR... One of the greatest college football players of all-time!!
Suh got robbed, should have won
Randy Moss should have won
3 NFL hall of famers right there. Wonder how many Heisman Ceremonies can claim all 3 finalists became Hall of Famers, you know all 3 of these guys will be in.
Remember when Ryan Leaf was part of this group? 😂
I am a black guy who thought Payton Manning was robbed. He was good but he was not Payton Manning. If you were going to screw Manning, Randy Moss should have got it
Still waiting for my Charles Woodson card in MUT what the hell EA?
Without a doubt the most talented finalists in Heisman history... Vols fan that laughs at other Vols fans for the overuse of 'robbery'... Woodson made top 3 for a reason
Charles Woodson only continued to excel once in the league. Wasn't he the ONLY player with 50 int and 20 sacks!!!
4 players really gave the Packers their victory in Superbowl 45: Nick Collins, Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers...and Charles Woodson. Charles was a great Packer and a great leader for the defense. No matter what colors he wore after he left Green Bay he still has a special place in the hearts of all true Packers fans.
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 1:22pm

Anthony Joshua wants his chance to fight Deontay Wilder (via ESPN First Take)

This guy ran from Wilder and now that Fury and Deontay put him in the crosshairs (simultaneously I might add) he acts as if they’re the ones holding it up? Buuullllllcraaaaap.
No he doesn’t He’s realizing Fury and Wilder are stealing the show ....
Come on bro, Joshua knows that fight can't happen in April. Wbc already mandated automatic rematch for wilder vs fury they're eyeing an March or April date. He can say he wants the fight all he wants. But that date can't happen. He's just trying to seem legitimate.
Anthony Joshua will knock wilder out....wilder is a brawler throwing Wild punches with no defense...
Fury has crackhead speed Idk if Joshua can dodge those Wilder punches
Should have fought him a while ago already. #clown
Yeah he is a great fighter and champion as well but he has Been dodging wilder and making every excuse not to fight him !
He had his chances. Wilder punked him
Every boxing fan knows what is the Lineal Champ.
They fought each other because he refused to challenge himself against either guy. Fake champ.
stop being a puss, fight either one of them.
Joshua knocks him out by round 5.
One of the strangest things in boxing history to see the world champ become irrelevant in his own sport. People would much rather watch the likes of fury, wilder, white as they want to fight. AJ has lost alot of fans.
Anthony Joshua you are a joke bro
Joshua saw that fight and is eager now 😂
Anthony Joshua would absolutely wipe the floor with Wilder and Fury. The thing that Wilder knows is that Joshua wants unification. The thing that Wilder doesn’t want is London. So Wilder is forcing AJ to choose a US fight. If this fight was to be staged in Vegas, it would be signed, sealed and delivered. Why do you think Fury said he’d be a Vegas fighter?
Said guy who’s only fighting second devision boxers lol
Stop deceiving pples Anthony Joshua you have been running away from Deontay Wilder and evrybody knows that how can Tyson Fury "Official" who have been staying off for a while chose to fight #DEONTAY and you #A.J who is still in the game tossing #Wilder day in and day out shame unto you #ANTHONY_Joshua and your promoter #Eddie_Hearn the world is aware of your deceits and lies shame once again #BRONZEBOMBA al de way i salute you #bombsquaad🤝💪
Lol didn't he have his chance already and him and his camp declined? How about you fight the loser of the rematch and then if you win that one you fight the champ
I think this man has realized no one is talking about him anymore and has fallen out of the heavyweight spotlight. I was under the impression that Wilder v. Fury happened because Joshua wasn’t inclined to fight Wilder, and now he’s claiming he gets the winner of the rematch? Seems odd, but I don’t know much about the boxing world.
All the real boxing fans know you're milking it to get as much money as you can which is okay but you don't want to fight fury or Wilder or you would have , I think they both would test you
AJ needs to realise that Fury did not lose his titles to him. How about forget wilder and fight fury. Fury will make AJ look like a novice, just look at what he did to wilder
Recognises the IBO but not lineal. 😂😂😂🤣
AJ licking his lips now after seeing how sloppy Wilder was against Fury.😂😂
So "IBO" is more relevant than "Lineal" now??? STOP IT, AJ😂😂🤣🤣
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 12:36pm

Here's how an 8-team playoff might look in college football this season.

Leave it to ESPN to take this hypothetical bracket and switch OU and Georgia’s rankings.
What!? And leave out the ninth best team?? The hell!
Any playoff that doesn’t include an undefeated team is ridiculous. I don’t care about those arguing UCF would get run over. They deserve to play under a playoff spotlight and a shot at the title.
Replace UCF with Michigan 👌👌👌
The year is 2022. Sportswriters across the nation are demanding a 16-team playoff after the SEC gets four teams into the 8-team playoff for the second year in a row.
Ohio State would beat ND by 3 TDs.
I like this... UCF would get rolled by Clemson, proving they dont belong
1 vs 5 2 vs 6 3 vs 7 4 vs 8 Makes more sense. Quit giving Bama cup cakes they get enough during the regular season
The Seahawks should have ran the ball.
Except OU is 4th. And Georgia is 5th.
So basically.. Alabama/Clemson still.
16 teams 10 conference champions 6 at large teams 15 bowl games 4 weeks SETTLE IT ON THE FIELD!
We’ll adopt it but then we’ll debate every year if the B10 champ really deserves to get in over the top 5 SEC teams with quality losses
ESPN just played themselves, left out 〽️ichigan and Georgia is 4? Hahah, get back to posting about Lebron.
Leave out Michigan 🖕🖕🖕🤔🤔🤔
Wrong Oklahoma is 4
That only makes too much sense. One day they'll get it right
Oklahoma would still be 4th
Washington?? Really rather see Michigan
Uhh Georgia is 5. Nice one ESPN.
Makes no sense.. How can you have a non conference champion UGA over oaklahoma.
And you would still have an Alabama/Georgia matchup and the winner of that would destroy any of the other teams.
Except georgia isnt in the top 4 lol. Irrelevant, but true
I still think it should be a 6 team playoff with #1 and #2 getting a bye. You get more teams competing and the only way a team is playing an extra game is if they were a #5 or #6 seed, anyway.
Not a fan of 8. Should be 6 max. 8 will devalue the regular season. One of the best things about college football is every game is very important the regular season is almost like a playoff. You move to 8 and put all the Power 5 champs in then you get teams like Washington who don't deserve to be in it. They have 3 losses to unranked teams. Move it to 6 give the top two bye weeks, put an undefeated group 5 in, and that's it.
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 11:52am

On This Date: 17 years ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin took Booker T to the grocery store 🛒 (via WWE)

Best ERA of WWE by far.
WWE titles feel more earned than Kevin Durant’s rings
Sorry, all I saw was the racism.
Thats when wrestling was real! Not before all this fake crap!
Classic. Anybody else miss these days? Everything was so simple
The golden era of wrestling I use to be obsessed lol
"Oh no, not on cauliflower."
I wonder how much the WWE paid that grocery store for this to be filmed 😂
I recorded this episode on VHS and my brother ended up recording over it. Horrible day for me haha.
Stone cold with the gallon of milk
I hated how they did everything to make Booker look weak. They did this to all the WCW guys that came in when they bought them out. Whoever put up with it were the ones who lasted.
Somewhere out there someone finds this entertaining.
Literally one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen
Attitude Era was the best era for WWE
1997-2002 attitude era best years of wrestling, kids watching it today just don't know what they missed
Steve was better off hitting him with that loaf of Wonderbread compared to those punches 😩
Stone Cold still treated Booker T better than Triple H did...
I still remember this like it was yesterday 😂😂😂
All I can think of is how big was the check from the WWE to the store. I could be wrong, but this doesn't look like it was filmed in a recreated set.
If anyone is looking for a "real" fight, rather than a ridiculously high entertainment value, this isn't for you. EDIT: For all the "smart" people out there that think my comment was a revelation that pro wrestling is fake, stay in school. It was a shot at everyone else that is commenting things like "wrestling is fake." Obviously it is fake. Not my point. Thanks.
Back when WWE was good lol
This is more fake than dragonball Z
Crazy how a million years ago, civilization started and every little big or small decision ended up ultimately leading to this video
Things have changed. If this happened today, he would run him through the self checkout. After swiping his valued customer card of course.
Look at all the “Why is ESPN covering professional wrestling?” comments when in fact ESPN covered wrestling when they first started lmao. But people fail to do research to know that ESPN has covered wrestling in the past 😂
ESPNThursday, December 13th, 2018 at 11:24am

LeBron James's return to Cleveland in 2010 was a moment unlike any in sports. Learn about it from his perspective in "More Than An Athlete," streaming now on ESPN+

Y’all love to hate this man & probably would give your mother life to be him or what he has.
It’s amazing ESPNU manage to talk about LeBron James every day this year
did he take a s* this morning tho?
Better than MJ coming out of retirement? GTFOH!
Just rename your network to the lbj network and make Lebron into the real version of edtv or the Truman show
Lebron got swept in the finals again
The Dan Marino of the NBA big stats but with only two rings that the equivalent of zero in the nfl. 80% of his stats are in garbage time. 6 final loses way to goat 🤦‍♂️🛌
and then he left again.
ESPN, I know you’re overly obsessed with him but how many posts is it this week alone about him now? 15? Sweet, no one cares.
A rod back to Seattle when he left to texas
Who cares?
Wanna know what happens when you team hop?? Huh? LeBron?? Wanna know what happens??? (KEVIN OWENS) HES GONNA DO IT................YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!!!
9 reasons why MELO, LeBron, CP3, Harden, AD, PG, Lonzo, Kyrie, KAWHI, Westbrook, Barkley, Ewing, Mailman, Clyde, will NEVA GET ANOTHA RING..#1 DURANT #2 CURRY #3 KLAY#4 DRAYMOND #5 IGGY #6 LAVAR BALL #7 JR SMITH #8 LALA #9 Khloe Kardashian #GETWOKE #DROPSMIC #NEVALOST 🖖🎤🎤
Ash Dawgpound Litterick bro... what is this? Absolute Garbo trash again
Another Lebron story. I'm shocked.
The music was so extra 😂
I'm just here to read as people argue over a man that doesn't know any of them exist