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After Week 2, Khalil Mack has produced better numbers than the entire Raiders defense. 😳

Bears O sucks, they have no salary cap room, no 1st round picks for 2 years, and have to deal with the Packs and Vikes, they're ceiling is low. Gruden didn't want this to be the Raiders, smart move Gruden, future is bright. #RaiderNation
BREAKING: Raiders trade Derek Carr and Amari Cooper to Bills for Vontae Davis.
Bears still suck
If the Raiders land Nick Bosa in the draft and still have an extra first round pick, I'd be okay with the trade honestly.
So no one watches football.. he did a lot of work against KIZER and a trash Seahawks o line. I’ve seen him b a beast but don’t make it seem something it’s not. If he did this against a top team then by all means represent
When are y'all gonna figure out Gruden didn't make the choice to trade Mack out of spite or ambition? Mack didn't want to cooperate. He didn't go to OTA's, skipped team meetings, and held out on his contract. Ol' Chucky is a coach who demands and deserves respect, and he gives it in tow. Some people can't reciprocate that. No point holding onto poison, better to let the man go to a better fit and make the most of his success.
Petty sure Rams were favored big time ! Pretty sure mile high is very hard to win at especially on a short week ! Pretty sure both games were competitive and pretty sure the Raiders Defense has sucked the last several years with or without Mack !!! Great player but business is business they’ll appreciate him more in Chicago and Gruden will have all his own players by the time the team moves to Vegas and are expected to win !!!
How’d he do in the last quarter of game one?
Raiders will be trash this year. Chucky got some decent picks for mack so he will build this year and save that money that would have went to mack. If they tank this year they'll have more good pics. 4 picks in the first two rounds is enough to build a team around for the remainder of his 5 year contract to coach them.
Raiders traded Khalil Mack for draft picks... because we all know Gruden LOVES young players. He absolutely gets joy from working with rookies. Unless he doesn't. Smh.
You mean to tell me a walking HoFer is producing better numbers than a defense with average to good players? Yet his team is 1-1 and that one loss was because the defense gave up a 20pt lead in the last quarter and he was nowhere to be found.
Been a raider fan since the 80’s. This trade was brutal... yes the defence sucked in the past... but they didn’t get better this year and I’m tired of waiting for the next year over and over again.
Gruden sucks as a head coach he should have stayed in the booth. This ego manic refused to give the best linebacker in the league a new contract. Clearly Mack got the last laugh last night.
Bears will always suck. Any franchise that keeps Cutler for as long as they did... clearly doesn't know what doing.
Football and our society.....gone soft and all this me too movement crap.........waterdown football bs.....bring back REAL...MEN...oh i forget they turn into women now..
Kenneth Bauley. This may be true, but he did just play against one of the worst O-lines in the NFL. Yeah he will have good number. He is a great player. He just wanted the entire salary cap to play.
He was under contract and did not show up. What do you expect the team to do?
Just waiting for the Breaking News Oakland Raiders Trade Amari Cooper To The Jets For Terrelle Pryor...
Worth the 2 first round picks easily
John Gruden is looking like a “very stable genius” right now. (sarcasm)
That man was better off on Monday night football
LeBron just needs one more piece and he'll definitely be able to beat the warriors
And the bears still lost to a sprained knee Rodgers 😂
Go falcons Matt ryan keep playing like this we be back in the super bowl in Brotherhood
Should have paid that man his money.
ESPNTuesday, September 18th, 2018 at 10:25am

Major shakeups in the top 3 headline our Week 3 Power Rankings.

Who's your No. 1? 🤔

Why are the Steelers anywhere near the top 10?
How are the 0-1-1 Steelers ahead of the 2-0 Bucs who have wins over the Saints and the defending Super Bowl champs?
Steelers shouldn’t be top 10....
Steelers are winless yet they’re in the top 10 😂😂
Lol what? Tampa knocks off the saints and eagles and have the hottest offense right now and disrespect them like that lol
Bucs 2-0.....beat the Eagles and Saints...both in top 10 but aren’t on the list.....👍🏻
Dolphins are 2-0, first place in the AFC East and beat a divisional rival. But yeah, put a 1 tie 1 loss Steelers at 10.
Bucs beat the Saints on the road and the defending champs and dont crack the top 10?
There isnt any reason the steelers should be in the top 20 let alone the top 10 with that God awful defense, and that's coming from a steelers fan
I understand y’all not respecting my Dolphins. Y’all been that way forever. But the fact that the Bengals aren’t up there makes this list lose all credibility.
Who comes up with these rankings? 😂🤣😂!!! So not to brag but my Bucs are 2-0. Fitzmagic threw for 400 plus yards in both games, with 4 TDs in both contests. And we convincingly knocked off the defending champs. Just saying
Kansas City should be number one and this is coming from a Steelers fan! Mahomes is the real deal for you guys!
Disrespect to the Buccs right here! Beaten 2 powerhouses of the NFC from last year in the Saints and Eagles... and they're not even in the top 10?! I'm mad about this and i'm not even a Buccs fan!
Steelers 0-1-1 in the top 10 lol how aren’t the bucs higher? What’s the point of the power ranking?
Yea I am an eagles fan but some of these don't make sense. Jags should be number 1 after that performance against better quality opponent then Rams have so far...Rams fans be honest it was Arizona and Oakland both look atrocious to start the season...simply you beat teams you were supposed to in the way you should with that roster. I also dont get how eagles are in front of Minnesota or Green Bay and why the heck Steelers and saints who have looked horrible in both games are still considered top 10 over some other teams
Rams Jags chiefs pats bucs broncos Viks pack eagles falcons... you’re welcome, I’ll take a sign on bonus as well ESPN plz n thx
How are 2 teams (steelers and saints) in the top 10? Steelers ties with the browns last week and lost pretty bad to the chiefs at home this week. And saints lost at home to the bucs last week and should've lost to the browns this week.
I’m not a fan but they disrespected the Bengals. They have looked good so far. But that’s how it is every season with them lol
This is interesting - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have defeated two teams on this list, but they’re not on this list? Guess they’ll have to beat yet another team on this list next Monday to make this list next week.
Not a bucs fan, but come on. After 2 weeks in a row they should be top 8. Just because no one expected it doesn't mean they aren't a power team.
Packers, Saints, and Steelers feel like they are on here based on what the pundits hoped they'd be. The Steelers tied the Browns. Then gave up a fuckload of points to a second year QB on a team in a quasi-rebuild. I dunno. I'd need a little more from them before I'd make them a top 10 team.
Dumbest list I’ve ever seen. The Steelers are horrible, absolutely horrible. The Rams have played two of the worst teams in the NFL so far, hardly the best team. The Patriots have not looked good at all, slightly better than the Steelers. Tampa Bay beats both the Eagles and the Saints but somehow is not in the top 10.
Dafuq? Steelers? How do you tie the browns and get shellacked by Mahones and still wind up in top 10? Plus they don’t even have bell completely wrong and not accurate
To have the Steelers in the top 10 after tying the Browns and getting the doors blown off of them by the Chiefs, is ridiculous!! To also have the Bears dropping two spots after a win as well?!?! C’mon man....these rankings suck this week.
So what happens on Monday when the Bucs beat the Steelers and have won 3 straight against “power ranked” opponents? Still no love I’m bettin
ESPNTuesday, September 18th, 2018 at 9:00am

People can't stop watching Ninja.

The Fortnite star opens up about fame and his future.

Gaming isnt a sport that should be mentioned by espn. And people who watch someone else play video games is the saddest thing ever .
If you’re gonna act like gaming is a sport, then you’re the reason so many people are obese. Fortnite, nor any video game has no business being mentioned by Espn. Whatever happened to play60? Kids are just gonna look at this and think it’s ok to play Xbox and that’s their exercise for the day
Saying this guy isn’t an athlete is pretty funny, no one on this thread can compete with him in Fortnite, and being that good at the game deserves the recognition he’s gotten. Don’t hate because you don’t get it.
All the angry old people make me LOL. Tyler is about to make more this year and next year than those people will their entire life 😂
People who don't game don't understand how many hours and how much effort it takes to be good enough for thousands of people to want to watch you. Also, if you're good but boring no one will watch, either. He's doing things not many can do, just as Lebron doing a windmill dunk. This is coming from a former 3 sport all-Ohio athlete who loves physical professional sports as well.
People....ESPN stands for Entertainment Sports Network. ESports is entertainment. It might not be your type of entertainment but hell if someone thinks differently than you.
I love how mad the older generations are that this guy is making millions playing video games 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's just the start as well!!!
So many salty people here. If you hate video games, skip this story. Not hard. More people watch games than watch the NFL on any given week, it's here to stay.
You guys are aware the NBA started an ESports league this past season and that ESports in general is a trillion dollar industry right?
Hate on him all you want but he sounds like a down-to-earth guy who was just fortunate to be in the right place, in the right time, with the right skills to make millions.
So what are you going to cover Magic the Gathering tournaments next? “Hey it’s Boomer and we’re at the Guilds of Ravnica Invitational in the strip mall next to the Denny’s in Clearwater, Florida, and if you can get past the smell of BO and stale Doritos, you’re gonna be in for a real treat. Over here in the QF we’ve got Brian “Thundersword” McDonald playing a R/U/W aggro control deck, and he seems to be the favorite to win. The prize you ask? 10 booster packs and a case of Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Back to you, Hannah.”
Probably because they’re average & have nothing better to do with their time 😑 Grow up & get a hobby people, this is kids stuff, you should be focusing on providing a better future for your family not childish kids games.
He's famous in Elementary schools. Adults have no idea who he is unless your 10 year old watches him. It's such a bad example to set for kids. They all think all they have to do is be a YouTube star and you're set for life.
Yeah video games aren't sports, but think about, ESPN doesn't care what your opinion is, its strictly business and they are capitalizing on it, countless people will watch, ESPN wins.
All you morons out there.... E sports is going to take over. This guy is legit. It’s funny how people hate when you know you would trade you life in a heartbeat
Great guy.. he changed his ways so more parents will let their kids watch him with the volume up. Yes i know way to make more money but still..he didnt have to do that..knock him all you want I’ll trade in my 10 hour days anyday to play a video game and make 300k a month
Nothing against the guy but why is this on espn? Dude is not an athlete and he is more of a entainer. And please dont cite the "E" in espn. Anyone who has not lived under a rock knows this is mainly a sports news network.
All the butthurt people complaining this and can’t undertand that times have changed. If it makes you feel any better, call them esport athletes then instead of just an athlete. Jesus chill the f out.
Gaming's first crossover star? You forgot about PewDiePie, Markiplier, and others who earned tens of millions of followers over the past decade or so.
Y’all complain when they don’t talk to your sport, y’all complain when they talk about Lebron ( me too ), y’all complain that Colin was hogging all the headlines, y’all complain that the patriots were all they talked about, and last but not least if they post something that isn’t your specific taste y’all complain. Maybe instead of complaining about their post follow a page that is more align towards what you enjoy.
So many people that don’t understand some basic concepts and can’t connect being an internet celeb with an athletic one. Both are dreams that millions of kids wish they could live but likely never will. Not everyone has the same interest and one isn’t inherently “better” than the other. Relax Bc it’s all entertainment.
People don't understand the work that goes into being a professional gamer aswell. Streaming isn't really esports, but these teams for events have coaches and quotas. Streaming is additional income but usually required by the Teams sponsors. Check out some documentaries on FaZe. They usually have personal trainers and stricter diets than normal for the teams whos main goal is winning event and not being a figure head on a stream.
Like if you knew Ninja when he played competitive Halo. He has been one of the best for years. For all those parents that said you can’t make money off video games. Lol. Look up Overwatch league and how many NBA and NFL owners are now investing. It’s gonna be a cash cow.
There is a huuuuge difference between competition and athletic prowess. To say he’s an athlete is laughable but to diminish the dedication, practice and time spent honing his video game skills is also injustice. It’s not a sport, no more than chess or magic the gathering. If anything this and drone racing needs to be on espn the ocho. It has its niche, kids love it, live and let live.
Super nice guy, little dramatic but just someone doing what he loves for a living, can’t hate on that
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 10:35pm

Football = family.

I hope my Raiders find a player that good in the draft.
Dang, did Russell just write his own obituary to give to Mack?!
Mack: “Give me your jersey!” Wilson: “Ok! Just don’t sack me again” Wilson: “Are you gonna give me yours?” Mack: “Who sacked who? Now sign that jersey and give it to me”
Die hard bears fan here, but Russell Wilson is one class act!
I want vontae davis's Bills jersey
They didn’t exchange jerseys. Mack debo’d Wilson.
1)What does it mean when black people say, “stay up then”? 2) can I use this greeting?
Sucks such an extremely great talent like Wilson is on such a bad team. It's just like throwing gold down a storm drain.
As a lions fan I’d gladly take Wilson over Stafford. Lol.
Mack is worth every penny he's a beast .. coming from a Seahawks fan
I don't understand this generation. I would never trade my jersey with the opposing team especially after we lost. I'm guess I'm just too old school tho
He even spends too much time signing a jersey... Just like spending too much time holding the ball.
Not a fan of either teams but mad respect 👊 class acts
Dear khalil thanks for destroying my oline and showing the world how we cant hang in the nfl anymore... Your pal russ
Convo probably went something like “You’re going to give me your jersey. You’re going to sign it too.” Andre Tomas Gilbert
Damm Dawn Williams Jennifer Andresen. Got owned so bad...gave up his jersey and didnt even ask for one in return. Lol. It's ok. Zeke will happily give up his on Sunday after what goes down.
Tyler Carter when the school bully isn’t satisfied with the lunch money so he hits you up for your clothes.
This is why I love ma HAWKS also respect to Mack for dorking out and getting Russell’s jersey and signed go HAWKS
Wilson is the most underrated Qb .a class act.
Did he write a rescue message on his jersey? "Get me out of here!" He needed saving last night, the Bears defense was all over him.
As a bears fan I always loved Russ man humble dude he will always be one of my favorite players good game to both sides!
yeh BS family is no kneeling and standing as men !!! Your BS is that BS take it off the field we have not a minute to listen to YOUR BS!!!
Look at the difference in size....😜
Mack in Chicago is awesome! I like the move and think he adds so much to that city who needs it.
Mack is a beast!!!! He’s the reason we won tonight
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 10:14pm


Jon Gruden trying to explain the Mack trade like
That bears defense is legit
Has anyone figured out yet why the raiders can’t get pressure on the qb?
Personally I’m done with the overpaid NFL and their overpaid baby players that can’t stand for the anthem and disrespect our President Trump and bow down to Kappercrack.
Only one team in the NFC North with a win this week!
Do you all remember when the Seahawks were good and had tons of fans. Don't hear anything about them now. They're the new Jaguars 😂
As a Raiders fan, I’m just mentally prepared to accept that my team will make stupid decisions time after time after time AFTER time! .... oh well.... Raiders 4 Life!
Defense played their heart out. Offense needs to tighten up as soon as nagy and Trubisky figure it out Oh man watch out
Whelp Seattle welcome to the “time to start panicking” club us Pittsburgh fans welcome you.
I can’t believe Jim Halpert is playing Jack Ryan.
2nd straight game with a defensive td! Prince made up for that BS pass interference call.The monsters of midway are back! P.S. Kyle Fuller better tighten up!
Yes and Jordan Howard got me almost no fantasy points.
The impact Khalil Mack has on this defense is insane! He’s literally a monster and is making everyone else around him better too! Hope we can stay healthy this year.
From a seahawks fan, congrats bears, you were easily the better team tonight and you should enjoy this well deserved win. Seahawks looked like they were in shambles all night tonight. I consider it a miracle it turned out to only be a 7 point game
When you see Mack and Seabass hug each other after the game and knowing we could’ve use those 2 to win on Sunday SMH
Good to see the bears win for a change. Hopefully reach the play offs. I've watched the bears since the 80s from here in the UK 🇬🇧. Love the nfl even though some have turned into little fairies and get offended by everything 🐻 😊
Booger McFarland spitting that 🔥 from the announcers booth... he has really done a great job with MNF.
Seahawks officially suck, I think we learned that when Pete Carroll threw the ball on second down with “Beast Mode” in the backfield, but tonight makes it official, y’all lost to Mitchell Bumbisky
Don't listen to WGN radio right now. They are absolutely evicerating Trubisky. He will come around. Mahomes had a year to watch Alex Smith and has the same head coach. Give Trubisky time.
Seahawks GM: "We Could really use an Oline to help protect Russel Wilson and Run the Ball" Pete Carrol : "Whats an Offensive Line without a running back?" SeahwaksGM: "Touche" *Drafts Rashaad Penny 1st Rd *Also Drafts 0 Offensive Line
This Bears team looks way better than expected with Khalil Mack in the defense. I still don't think they're a playoff team, as much as I wanna believe it, but I would love to see more wins like this one.
Jordan Howard must’ve retired at halftime in tonight’s game, I had him going against me in fantasy, anyways you the real MVP! 🙌🏼
Why is everyone so blind? Last year when they picked him as #2 overall And past on Watson They f up Here is reality As a bear fan for 35 years This guy looks lost And is PATHETIC DOES ANYONE AGREED THE NUMBERS SHOW IT ALL.
Seattle’s offense has no identity, they do absolutely nothing right doubt the coach could even describe it
I really do hope seahawks suck next week too..they play my team...dallas cowboys, they need all the help they can get
ESPN added 2 new photos.Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 8:14pm


Tyler Anthony Duplessis😂😂
Lorenzo Gee
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 4:43pm

It's about more than just football.

Christ... A picture of a guy sharing a special moment with his pride and joy and the internet still finds a way to make a left turn off of it 🙁
Its about standing for the anthem to!
i support kaepernick 🙏🏽
Amazing how there were no protests from Super Bowl up until Kickoff on Opening Day. These players really want to make an impact...go into the inner cities and help the underprivileged kids that are joining gangs, committing crimes and subjecting themselves to law enforcement. Go to the city of Chicago and get involved with all the shootings and crimes being committed. Maybe then people won't confront/attack Police Officers and end up being killed. And then creating a phoney narrative about Police Brutality and getting delusional people walking around with "hands up "
Lmao this is Richard Sherman for all the people that think this is cap.. that’s his son.. lmao you guys taking shots at the wrong guy
Then don’t show him last weeks game when you got your ankles broke 🐸☕️
Wish I was oppressed as him
Not even a Sherman fan, but how is anyone upset by this? Man you guys can derail a good thing in no time....
Lmao 2+5= 7 true but that's NOT Kap lol it's the shermsnator to the people who think it's Kap lmfao #getitrightorgetleft#
Positive picture of a man with his son.... still people find negative things to say... amazing
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Would've been prouder if Marshawn ran it...
Yep. Like doing actual research to know that you nfl kneelers are protesting for a proven false narrative and are therefore void of any intelligence.
Wow, announcers for MNF are horrible...totally unwatchable.
Nah, it’s mostly about football. Shut up and play the game.
Lol get a real job and show him what life is really like
I can't believe that some of these idiots think that this is a picture of Kaep.
Well y’all beat a 💩 lions team, so yeah, I’m sure he’s proud 😂
I’m sure he wasn’t proud when you got shook by Diggs 😂
Happy to have him as part of the Niner fam!!!
W Wise lol read the comments. Some people think this is Kaepernick
How many of you bums have an ivy league education?
People really do hate on the man for no reason
Like betraying what you stood for to go to a team you despised. WEAK!!!
The intelligence of republicans these days is almost non-existent.
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 3:29pm

Josh Gordon is headed to New England, per Adam Schefter. 👀

“Oh I’m afraid the Patriots offense will be quite operational when the playoffs arrive”
ESPN 30 for 30 presents Puff, Puff, Pass: The Josh Gordon Story.
You mean to tell me that no team in the NFL could have matched or beat a 5th round pick for Josh Gordon? The Pats are cheaters. The end. I want to hear Jerry Jones say he offered a 4th. The Browns JUST said they didn't want to trade Gordon within the AFC and they said they wanted real compensation. A Pats pick is almost 100% guaranteed in the bottom 8. Why would the Browns continue to work with them? I get that they have ties with their front office, but something is seriously wrong here. Roger Goodell needs to start up the witch hunt again. I want a full investigation. Something is really, really wrong. EDIT: In return, the Browns will get a fifth-round pick if Gordon isn't active for 10 games. The Pats will also get back a late-round pick from Browns if they give up their 5th. To clarify: If Josh Gordon remains on the roster the season, the Pats traded away a late 5th round pick for an early 7th round pick from the Browns. TL;DR: The Browns gave Josh Gordon to move up approximately 40 spots from the beginning of the 7th to the end of the 5th round.
Bill gave them Chips and salsa and a few tickets to the Superbowl in return for josh Gordon
Thank you Jacksonville for exposing that we have no deep threat/go get it receivers. You won your Super Bowl yesterday, but you made us make a move that will help us win ours in February.
Bill gave the Browns 2 hot pockets and a capri sun for Josh Gordon.
It’s super bowl 53 Pats are down by 4 with just under 2 minutes left in the game ball on the 50 brady throws a 40 yard bomb to josh Gordon he catches it and falls out of bounds at the 10, first and goal from the 10 brady finds Gronk in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown and a 6th super bowl win for the pats
I tried this trade in Madden ‘19 and my Xbox started laughing, it caught on fire, and up shot a flame in the shape of a deflated football.
This is a bad photo shop 😂.. anyway the eagles won’t have to worry about him in the Super Bowl because will be playing the jags
He'll be very happ there...Massachusetts legalized marijuana for medical purposes in 2012, and recreational use in 2016. Cha-ching!
Bill is the greatest coach of all time. I’m saying that as a Steelers fan. Any business man recognizes how far ahead he is of the rest of the league. He’s always playing 5 moves ahead of everyone else
Gordon’s comments after the trade “happy to go to New England they have some of the best coc.. I mean clam chowder really gets me amped up
I see these pictures of trades and free agent signings all year round where the player is photoshopped wearing the new teams gear. This has to be the worst one I have ever seen. I had to do a double take. I thought a friend of mine posted it not the world wide leader in sports 😂😂
Only New England could trade Cooks for a 1st rounder and turn around and get an All-Pro in Gordon for a 5th rounder. Gotta hand it to them though. When they have needs, they address them immediately.
All this talk about lack of talent at receiver for Brady. Isn’t the GOAT supposed to make his receivers great. Isn’t the GOAT supposed to win with what he has? Or maybe Brady just has all those championships because of the system? I’m soooo confused.
Get caught smoking weed several times, NFL will give you several chances. Stand up for social injustice, NFL ain’t got time fo dat!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
I am hearing alot of number one reciever stuff on here. You all forget Edelman comes back from his vacation in 2 weeks? Josh Gordon will do one of two things here. He will humble himself...get his crap together and try hard to learn the playbook or be a non factor and get cut from the team and we will recoup our pick. This deal is great for the Pats. He can't make the team any worse but he can sure make us better and we got him on the cheap cheap.
I just felt like with the history of the New England Patriots, this would give me the best opportunity to cheat, uh... I mean pass my drug tests. I’m js 🤷🏼‍♂️🤫🤭😂
The Cleveland Browns made a dumb mistake they should never let go of Josh Gordon I don't know what they are thinking
Patriots gave them a Tom Brady game worn jersey, and a free trip to a kicking camp in exchange for Gordon
Gordon has still has big time talent. This cost NE next to nothing and has huge upside potential. If it doesn't work out, they move on and lose nothing. On the flip side, he could turn into a legitimate weapon on that offense.
The browns are such a joke its unbelievable I would have just let him walk then trade him to the Patriots for a 5th round pick. You guys dont win games, trades, and you guys aren't getting any free bud light anytime soom
The patriots have taken players with issues before and they have made them work really well because they tell them to get with the program or your history and they are hardcore about it! They made Corey Dillion, Rodney Harrison and randy moss all get on board with the program plus i read the article in sports illustrated where they told Corey Dillion we won a superbowl without a running game and we can do it again. They take no crap from anyone so i believe they can also make Josh Gordon tow the line!
Josh Gordon is a ferocious talent that is probably craving discipline and structure. He will be tested by Billy B. Might be a good thing for Gordon. Hell, I been dying to watch him play.
Imagine Josh Gordon going off when he plays for the Patriots. Gonna make a spicy story about players leaving the Browns and doing better elsewhere (although he was already good in Cleveland)
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 1:47pm

Damien Woody is livid over the way Vontae Davis retired. 🔥

(via ESPN First Take)

This man walked out on his diet. Ain’t no one up in arms about that
Vontae Davis may be dealing with more than anyone knows. Just saying.
He should had done it while on the field... Just walked off during a play, and say "Yo dawg, That's the game for Me, "
Agree with Woody except the "feed my family" part. Bro, you all make millions of dollars. You could feed a couple thousand families.
Fight him then.
I can’t blame him people walk off there jobs every day . They just quit in the middle of work day. So let’s just chill he had his reasons
It’s a f*cking game. People acting like he committed treason or desertion in the face of the enemy. Man didn’t wanna play football anymore. Y’all quit having a mad about it.
I can't believe nobody in the media is talking about CTE as it relates to this. Seemingly unpredictable, "crazy", out of character decisions don't seem so crazy when you factor in traumatic brain injury. Ask Junior Seau's family if CTE makes you act out of character. Woody calling this guy a punk is disgusting.
Everyone is going for the hot take. Be first. Be loudest. Have anyone thought about what this man could be going thru? Does he have a sick child? Has he had a major loss? What might this man be dealing with? Anyone bothered to ask?
I understand the teammate issue Woody is having but there are times a person makes a decision and that’s just that. He doesn’t need to apologize for his decision. People walk out of work all the time. They reached a point where they are done. Just because it’s a televised football games doesn’t make it any different.
I just placed Damien Woody in the same category as Jason Whitlock. No respect for either of these bammas. Hurts even more that I just found out Damien is from Virginia, homie we don’t roll like that.
Gotta agree with Damien Woody, that was a punk it after the game, if you want to retire so bad.....he can do what he wants, but he looks like a coward doing it that way
This guy says that they depend on the other players to make money and feed their families.... so is your contract with your pay, dependent upon winning??? I don’t think so. You make that money whether you win or lose, and you make millions a year. If you can’t feed your family then you have a poor spending habit and need to re-evaluate that. I don’t care what he did. So what if he decided to retire in the middle of a game. Get over it and get a different player to take his position. There are plenty of players looking to play for the NFL and get that paycheck.
Woody your retired who cares if your mad. Dude made a choice to better his life. Who is anyone to determine that for him. You don’t know what he was experiencing nor do you if he has medical conditions no one knows or needs to know. These self righteous HOT TAKERS need to shut up and analyze the game properly instead of perpetuating drama.
Damien has a tendency of getting real sanctimonious, even when he's in the right. Sure, what Vontae did was incredibly strange and probably was the wrong way to handle it, but I reject Damien's high horse and complete unwillingness to see it from Vontae's perspective . Plus, as other NFL players have mentioned, it's dangerous for his teammates as well as himself to go out there if his head isn't in the game.
I completely agree with Woody. He had to be thinking about this and to quit at halftime may be funny to the general public but on a team we all play and support each other , he took practice reps from a player that could have been preparing to play that week , hell a guy was cut from that team two weeks ago that could have helped the team. F him.
Stop this nonsense. We do not know what is going on with Vontae. “Truth is, I'll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candour.” ― Tom Hanks
I don't blame Vontae Davis one bit. Everybody here is such a tough guy. Y'all have no clue. He walked away from at least a million dollars maybe more.
I get he lost the will to keep playing, couldn't of he(Davis) just go out, tell the DB coach he couldn't play, and watch the last half from the sideline? Davis walking out at half was disrespectful, he could of waited til after the game to say something.
He is right. At least come to the coach at halftime and say I don't think I have it anymore and let the next guy go in but stay on the sideline.
Know body know Vontae Davis story... everyone have things they deal with that they either too embarrassed or dont want others to know.... instead of bashing him they should have reached out and made sure he was ok and in the right mind frame... they dont know if he is dealing with some mental issues right now
Damien Woody retired in 2010, save me the false outrage. His teammates should be upset, but then again next man up. He'd only made one tackle all year so I don't think he'll be missed.
Damien Woody sound crazier than 3 fat people riding 1 skateboard...GTFOH with all that HOW a person should retire, HOW a person should protest. And folks agreeing with him should be the ones getting slapped
Seems as if he has suicidal tendencies and he has been fighting with that urge for a long time. His teammates want to beat him? It's not normal for a man to do the opposite of his social media comments. Professional football teams are not family, just as team management takes them apart unannounced(Teddy Bridgewater), the same way he announced retirement, opposingly. Then, CTE could be lingering. Hopefully, someone loves and care about him enough to have him get medical/psychological examination/evaluation. Pray for him. God bless him.
You can't judge Vontae Davis. Everyone has a BREAKING Point. His just happened to be in the middle of a Game. In which he gets paid millions per year. This League uses you. You put and push your body to the extreme limits. Get injured. Push your body to heal. And when the Game is done with you. It just spits you out. Nobody cares is your old body is hurting. Every time you get up. Look at Jim McMahon. Of the 80's Bears . Look at what Aaron Rodgers is putting his knee through. For the team. For the Fans For the Game. When he is old retired. In the Hall of Fame. Everyone has a BREAKING point. Some will play 1 year.. some will play 2-10 years. The one's that didn't read this whole comment quit somewhere in the middle of this rant...Guess what . Your a quitter too. .. Everyone has a BREAKING point.
ESPNMonday, September 17th, 2018 at 1:13pm

It's Zlatan's world and we're just living in it.

(via ESPN FC)

Zlatan didn’t come to the MLS, the MLS went to Zlatan.... Whenever Alexander Bell created the telephone, he already had 3 missed calls from Zlatan.... The father's name of Zlatan is Zlatan Junior. One day Zlatan passed a red light and the police stopped his car. Zlatan charged the police. One day Zlatan missed two days in a row in the school. Later on, these days were called Saturday and Sunday. One day Zlatan arrived late at school. The other students were penalised because they arrived too early
Aaaaand no one cared because it's soccer.
This dude is so arrogant. Highly over rated
A guy scores in the worst league in the world and says he's God. Come on!
Gotta love Zlatan! He is hilarious- just reading the comments from all the haters : he got what he wanted - a reaction from you , all be it a negative one , but a reaction all the same!
Is it me or is scoring 500 goals in the US like rushing for 10k yards in Canada?
Ppl love to compare the boringness of soccer to baseball, but in baseball zlatan would've gotten 95+ to the dome for a long fly ball if it was going for his 500th home run. And there's the difference between the USA's game and the world's game 😂
Some facts about Zlatan: 1 - When he was 10 years old, Zlatan decided to live by himself. And his parents just moved to another house. 2 - Zlatan lost his virginity even before his parents. 3 - One day Zlatan did a test in a lie detector machine. The machine confessed everything. 4 - When Zlatan was young, his parents used to sleep on his bed when they were scared. 5 - When Zlatan goes to your place to visit you, you're the guest. 6 - The father's name of Zlatan is Zlatan Junior. 7 - One day Zlatan passed a red light and the police stopped his car. Zlatan charged the police. 8 - Zlatan helped the nurses when he was born. 9 - Zlatan never lies. The truth is what is wrong. 10 - When Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone, he already had three missed calls from Zlatan. 11- Oxygen needs Zlatan to survive. 12 - It is impossible for Zlatan to have a heart attack. Nothing is stupid enough to attack Zlatan. 13 - In school teachers used to raise their hands to talk with Zlatan. 14 - One time Zlatan missed two days in a row in the school. Later on, these days were called Saturday and Sunday. 15 - One day Zlatan arrived late at school. The other students were penalised because they arrived too early
Laziest player ever. Went to watch galaxy play and watched from front row. Idk how many times he gave up on plays and would always blame other players. Who can hear him on side line. Throws tantrums every time!!!
Lmao how bad is the mls when you need this washed up player, they got the dollars mls could be one of the top leagues in the world if the right people care for it .
I find it funny when people say “NO one cared “ who is no one. You speak for yourself. Not the majority.
William Randell Steven Rukstalis Jon Kukor Classic Zlatan! I want Zlatan in Orlando, I don’t care how much we have to pay him! B
its mandatory for ambulance and fire truck and other emergency vehicles to turn their siren off once they get close to Zlatan’s house.
Something tells me I should know about this guy but I don’t
This is why America can not have nice football things. People do not understand Zlatan
Loses 5-3 and in 8th place but talking like it's a win lol
Everibody focus on cristiano o messi but this guy is like the thor of soccer
Zlatan doesn't play in your league..your league plays for Zlatan.
If it was Zaltan’s world, he’d be playing in Europe somewhere.....
He realizes Toronto won the game right?
0 Golden boot 0 Golden ball 0 Champions league 0 World Cup 😂😂😂😥😥😥
Cool story but his team is trash and they lost the game.. Move on...
Samy a3tini l charisme taa zlatan nehtel fih l3alam
Laureano Dennis that’s the only thing toronto will be remembered for... fact
Arthur Reyes Tell me Zlatan isn’t a real life version of Luffy