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ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 1:00pm

Will West Virginia's style beat Gonzaga's? How long will Michigan's feel-good story last?

Our writers have answers:

Cory Bernard Finnie i wouldnt say your writers have answers .. they have opinions that are usually wrong ... GO BLUE
Andrew Cochrane Will anyone ever subscribe to Insider? Only LaVar Ball knows the answer...
T'andre Thomas White dude with the headband look like you Kriz Linebarger
Ryne Howard ESPN, your insider and lavar ball have to go...
Kenny Mcclellan GO BLUE! WE GOT THIS!
Dmitry Kats should be a good game
Tyler Counts Nobody is beating Gonzage there just Plain good
Bob Jones GO BLUE!
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 12:39pm

Clemson Football QB Deshaun Watson is going through warmups at Jon Gruden's QB Camp.

Jonathan Villanueva Gruden needs to come coach the cowboys. I think he would be a perfect fit for our young guys
Jean Michel Duval Spider 2 Y banana? Better not throw the Venus son!
Jayson Hauck Maan. I love watching me some Gruden camp lol
Walter James Venerable III Bring him to Arizona!!
Ronnie Mexico πŸ•·2Y🍌
Jamal Smart πŸ•·2️⃣Y🍌
Jim Green Let me see you run....spider 2 y banana man
Arturo Guerrero Chuy Ruiz our next qb? lol
Jay Lane When does this air?
Issac Bonilla Bust
Rafiq Ahmad <3 YE BOT AP K NAAM ~> Rafiq Ahmad <3 πŸ”Ά c h Ξ± Ο… Ξ΄ h r ψ s 🌹 Ξ² ΞΏ Ο„ Ο„ Ξ΅ r πŸ”Ά B| VISIT NOW ALL SIT3X IN ON3 B| CHAUDHRY-BOTTERS,COM B|
Ian Smith Ryan Pennock πŸ‘€
Jessica Powell Simpson Kyle Masters Simpson
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 12:30pm

On this date in 2007, Kobe Bryant dropped 50 ... for the fourth straight game.

Anthony Black Today's kids will never fully realize how good this man was.
Dallas Reeves #8 Kobe had a 81pt game a 63pts in 3 quarters game and 3 Rings .... #24 Kobe had 50+ pts four games straight and 60pts his last game and 2 Rings ... do the Lakers retire both jerseys or not .??? 8 , 24
Charles Franklin 1 : the G.O.A.T Jordan 2 : Kobe the second coming of Jordan 3 : Lebron don't give a **** what any one says!
Jayson Hauck How many shots did he miss, how many offensive rebounds did the team have? Not to diss Kobe, but all the haters are picking on Russ' 5 turnovers on 100% shooting, if you actually analyze it players like Kobe lost their team possession of the ball much more than their turnover stat shows based on sheer volume of shooting. That's why Russ' accomplishment was so amazing
Matt Hill
Chris Plucinski Fun Fact: Lavar Ball scored more points in college than Kobe or Lebron!
Billy Felde "My son once scored 92 pts in a HS game without ever crossing half-court" -Lavar Ball
Dario Ruiz "Cause my son wasn't guarding him"- Lavarr Ball
Rezzy Chris He didn't play D the way Mike did, but he was a better scorer..
Sebastian Vimukthi Fonseka "I would've scored 100 points for four games straight" - Lavar Ball
Cayetano Fernandez
Roland Baldwin You guys always arguing about who was the best ever... I JUST SIT BACK AN ENJOY ALL THEIR GREATNESS.
Cory Gray I member
Be Haze 🐐
Anthony Minor That was a bad man
John Choi Neil Dhand People forget how great he was bro
Rob Pippen my boy could drop 50 points in 50 straight games -lavar ball-
Freddy LaBrado 🐐🐐🐐
Jonah Glickman Mamba is a GOAT
Zach Fehling How about that rape though?
Tyrone Long Lavar Ball I scored 50 points for 8 straight games.
Zay Rugnao Goat
Jamar Tillman Insane for a guard to do that.
Arcadio Nones Garcia Josue Ecute some kobe knowledge for you cause i know you a Flipper fan
Kerry Day He shot 30 to 40 times a game.
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 12:14pm

"Why would you say something so BLASPHEMOUS?"

The ESPN First Take desk got heated:

Chase Groom I had no idea who LaVar Ball was before ESPN made him famous, and I still don't care who he is. Please stop giving this guy the time of day and publicity.
Kary Fred Stephen A. & Lavar Ball at the same table. What is this, dinner for Schmucks?
William Ingramm LaVar Ball scored 56 points more in his entire college career than I did in mine.... and I never played college ball.
Dick Carbone 2 guys that should get in a car together and drive off a cliff
Jonathan DeSira This dude thrives off attention and you are giving him exactly what he wants ESPN.
Jordan Cecil CashMeOusside girl, LaVar Ball and Donald Trump walk into a bar. LaVar: Donald, my sons could beat you in a game of 1 on 1. Trump: Nobody is better than me at 1 on 1. CashMeOusside: I made Dr. J he was nothin without me. Just like Oprah.
Nick Ptak To: ESPN CC: All major media outlets Subject: STOP To whomever this may concern, STOP. Stop making stupid people famous. Lavar Ball is an idiot. Everyone has had enough. We'd all rather get 1000000 ads for ESPN insider than listen to another second of Lavar speaking. Best regards, The world Shoutout to Scott Van Pelt for starting the movement.
Jacob Charles Lavar Ball is absolutely pimping the media right now. It doesn't matter whether you feel something positive or negative when seeing something about Lavar or his sons, the fact that you felt something, and you recognize the brand is all that he's after. Lavar understands the outlandish things he says will not be perceived in a positive way. He also understands the fact that 99% of WHAT he said will be forgotten, but he's making sure you know the Ball name. The media has given him a free platform to accomplish that. Bravo, Mr. Ball.
Jeff Lovelace If all media outlets would stop providing the platform for this man to gain the attention he so desperately seeks and just ignore him, there would be no need for posts like this......
Nathan Goodhill Can we stop giving Lavar airtime? He's nothing. He's not a "has been", he's a "never was" who so craves the spotlight that he's willing to jeopardize how people view his "with talent" children.
Mitchell Clay This guy is going to have a target on his son back when he enters the league. Therefore, instead of Lonzo being focused on basketball he's going to be criticized for every move he makes on a off the court smh
Kevin Giachelli You can tell laVar Ball is either crazy, or he really is just doing this to grow his "brand". Just the way he says everything, it's as if he's reading off a sheet of paper. He knows what he's doing.
Cody Hall It's dumb to compare anyone to Bird, Magic, and MJ but people do it all the time. However, if Ball wins a championship, he will have accomplished what Magic did in college, but we all know personality helped in Magic's case along with having a rival like Bird. Lonzo doesn't have that personality or a Bird.
Randy Osborne You can almost see him smile each time he says something crazy! This is marketing, name recognition, whatever you want to call it. He's getting the "Ball" family name out there in a big way. Now all the kids have to do is show up and play up to their potential, and they will be twice as big as they would have been without the crazy talk. I dont believe hes crazy, hes running a marketing campaign!
Cal EL LaVar is great at marketing and creating a buzz. He knows he could never beat MJ but just saying so creates interest and opportunities. If he never mentions MJ he never gets on the show,. Charles Barkley never knows who he is, etc. LaVar has his 15 minutes of fame now.
Imani Burris Hahahaha it's so obvious this guy isn't serious. These are the type of dudes who used to get roasted in high school for saying they should've made the varsity squad. He couldn't even stop smiling. This is great
JayBigdawg Goodwin It's okay to believe ur son will be great all parents want to believe that so let the man dream and leave him alone...lonzo will be a great player how great don't have a clue if he can stay healthy the sky's the limit I guess until then we all will have to wait and see.
Jovan Joe Say what you want to say about the man, but he raised all 3 of his boys.... All 3 have scholarships to UCLA.( Dad to UCLA, you sign 1 you sign all 3) and will get their degrees ( they will complete classes during summer like most NBA players do... I.e shaq ) and play at the heighest level from a basketball standpoint..... y'all mad still? So what if he talks trash....... He is marketing his brand and doing things his way... ESPN doesn't care about the good guy exactly... Half of you guys don't even take care of your own kids but you got an opinion ...... facts.... lmaooo....
Chris Frost You people are stupid he will nfever beat any NBA player one on one his son is not ready for NBA his son ain't even the best on his team stop the madness . He should hook up with catch me out side girl
Brian O'Donnell No. Espn will not stop giving Lavar air time. Because like all media, they loveeee riding the sack of what infuriates people. They'll take any views they can get. Their goal is to piss you off SOOOO much that you have no choice but to watch it and complain. Lavar is a complete moron buttttt he's working the system perfectly. He'll take the hate as long as it brings him the publicity.
Pete Smart The biggest problem I have with this guy is other parents are going to assume it's ok to act like this and it's not. Coaches at any level of any sport don't need this crap around their team. Be a parent, love your kid and applaud his success and comfort in failure.
Tony Jackson ESPN scheduled him to speak with one of their top guys. There are at least 29 other parents or guardians who will watch their kids get drafted in the first round. They aren't on TV and video. WE just watched this guy market his kids, which means ESPN was right...and he's getting paid. Plus he's likely made them an extra $10mil+ JUST because of his mouth (their skills, work ethic, size, etc) wouldve earned them the rest, without his mouth. I wouldn't do it to my kids, but I won't knock the hustle.
Toby Arthur I don't know which is worse... the fact that Stephen A Smith is letting this guy get to him with this non sense or that fact that I found it interesting enough to watch this. Either way and sadly, this LaVar Ball is kinda brilliant. Why? Bc he's been able to get lots of air time with this new brand he's trying to get off the ground. His antics and words will cause enough commotion that people will buy his brand. Hell, he doesn't need his kids to promote this brand bc he's doing it now. Stephen A Smith is helping him do it whether he means to or not.
Carl B Salazar This clown is saying all sorts of foolish things, just to get attention. And ESPN is all too happy to comply. It's all a joke. Of course MJ would have laid waste to this fool in a game. But he's getting air time, and that's all he cares about. Way to go, ESPN. πŸ™„
Brian Serviss The reason he it's saying all this "blasphomy" is because you guys give him a platform. It's working. He's getting interviews, getting to go on first take, etc etc. That's why he says the most ridiculous things possible because you all feed off of it. He's smelling everyone he says something ridiculous. He doesn't mean what he says, he says it for the exposure
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 12:00pm

The futures of Tony Romo and Kirk Cousins are uncertain.

Our Insiders predict how each quarterback situation will play out:

Kyle Mosher The future of ESPN Insider is uncertain. We all predict we still won't pay for this garbage.
Carter Way Why in the world is Kirk Cousins' future in jeopardy? He was the one man who kept Washington in the playoff conversation. He should be making bank!
Jaron Hargrave Wow are we still talking about romo i would rather have Kaep atleast he made it to a superbowl
Tommy Smith the offside defence was a good play in the quarterback touchdown superbowl offence... yeah!! woohoo!!!
Chris Teynor Word on the Houston Texas and Romo? Honestly believe they should stick with Savage, draft a QB and focus on the O-Line.
Stephen McKee Insider = Crap. The End
Chris Plucinski Insider...
Moses Lopez Who has time to pay for insider?
Moses Lopez Can someone give me the "saved you a click" comment?
Trevon Helton Send them both to the browns πŸ’©
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 11:30am

Clemson Football QB Deshaun Watson joins Gruden at QB Camp and talks about how early events in his life shaped him to succeed on and off the field.

Chris Johnson I like this dude. I see him making an incredible impact on a team. He's a leader. He's a winner. And, he's fearless.
Ryon Ludlow Man I tell ya I like that name Deshaun Watson. Man that's urban. Deshaun man I tell ya you can't beat that.
Tyler Boyd "Someone's going to make a bunch of quotes saying that I said them which none of them are true." Lavar Ball
Karpinski Daniel
Dan Watson Gruden is washed up. No substance.
Amy Harns Reinaldo Montero - the table looks good.
Kirstien Demuth Roll Tide......Dynasty in the making.
Bob Greene Has been that never will be. This may or may not be due to me being a Gamecock.
Mike Huntsman Love to see him fall to #27 and Andy Reid picks him
Robbie Lipinsky Victor Vega
Jory Monroe David Grant
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 11:15am

Get your calendars ready!

These are the Opening Day showdowns, major milestones and big games to plan your summer around:

Brent Jacobson I'd love to go to Wrigley this summer
Nicholas O'Brien I'm going to the Yankee/mets 8/15 #chasefor28
D.j. Valdez 1. Your turn it off 2. Wait for football season
Ana Rivera In the words of Nu Shooz: 'Baby, I can't wait.'
Cole Young 8/19 Brent Jacobson
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 10:30am

When he first got to America, Yoan Moncada discovered Twinkies and started consuming them by the box, sometimes eating more than 10 in one sitting. Then came the first dental visit of his life... He had about 15 cavities.

How MLB’s most exciting prospect is still just a kid:

Rob Pippen My boy could eat 100 twinkies before a game and still go for 50 points -lavar ball-
James Brock What does eating a ton of Twinkies have to do with 15 cavities? It's all in how well you take care of your teeth. I probably eat more sweets than I should, but I don't have a bunch of cavities.
Kody Turmel What's intriguing is he struck out 10-18 times for the Red Sox...
Jayson Hauck If i see one more comment about teeth brushing lol. Cause we all had the same childhood, same diets and habits right? Dude probably had minimal sugar in his diet before the states and didn't develop the brushing habits that American children do. I wish i was there for his first bite of Twinkie, I'm sure the awe on his face was a terrific moment
Nick Cheney Im a die hard white sox fan and espn finally does a report and its about hes twinkie fetish... lets hope the sox bounce back FAST
Stephen Purp Regal So happy the sox got rid of him and his monster contract for a cy young contender in Chris sale. Yoan can't hit an off speed pitch n struck out dam near every plate appearance for the sox. Granted he can hit a fastball down the middle but so can any bum in the league, great trade for us especially seeing as we have boegarts who is already 10* better than yoan
Enrique De La Torre He can't hit a breaking ball this dude is just like rusney Castillo. They never been nobody in cuba suddenly they overhyped him and call him the next big thing. I'm cuban and I saw him play and he got good hands but not a good bat. I'm glad we got sale for this bum. I will be so happy when the white Sox get tired of him.
JD Reyes
Daniel Carrasco At 19 if you gave me an extra hundred bucks I'd go on a spending spree too
Lisa Quintanilla This will be interesting to see how this kid turns out.. Twinkies and all.. lol
Nick Kahahelis As a Red Sox fan I was hoping to see big things from him, and well, that never happened.. Now good luck eating twinkies in Chicago!
Valya Harman Montana found a new love, he eats 85 twinkles in a month πŸ˜‚
Alex Rexing Mark Rapp. This is awesome if you haven't seen this yet.
Nathan Oberg He was on that Eddie Lacy diet πŸ˜‚
K Lin Noble Can't blame all the cavities on twinkies if he never had a dental visit before....
Brandon Curtis He's going to be the next Pablo Sandoval if he doesn't watch out. #PinstripedPanda
Greg Sells "Then came the first dental visit of his life... He had about 15 cavities." Natalie Bueno sound familiar?
Jason Doc J Moczarny You better enjoy him. Sale rules but I'd rather have a young prospect…
Jason Christodoro He will be broke before he's 30
Charlie Kuhn Brush your teeth and that won't happen lol
Ryan Shierling When the coaching staff wants you to add mass during the offseason πŸ˜‚
Austin Himrich He should consider playing for the twinkles, he would look great in blue and red.
Daryl Demro Matt Marcordes this is our future!!!
Matt Baudino Bryan Stauffer LOL 10 twinkies in a sitting
Andrew James Donnelly Ben he ate 10 twinkles at a time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 10:09am

Michigan Basketball is *that* team; you know, the one no one wants to face.

And its turnaround began with a Super Bowl text message.

David Vande Bunte A month ago, this team was questionable to even make the Tournament. As a Michigan fan, anything they do now is gravy. Whether they beat Oregon or lose, this season is already an enormous success. #GOBLUE
Isaiah Philbrook Oregon should beat them. They are a good team no doubt about it, but they rely heavily on outside shooting, and the ducks thrive on fast break opportunities. Look for this to be a high scoring game
Brandon View If Michigan wins it all It would possibly be the greatest journey in college sports history. From a team that didn't make the Top 25 to a plane going off the end of the runway to beating all these teams. It would be one hell of a miracle but I wish the best to that team
Jon Skaggs Michigan became the feel good story as soon as Northwestern was booted. But as michigan basketball has almost no past to talk about, guess you can call this season a success. I'm well aware of the fab five and a recent fluke championship run.
Quentin Campbell Michigan...a favorite to win the national championship? In the words of Chris Webber....timeout!
Justin Kyle I know who has beat them this season. South Carolina.
Kyle Fill It's amazing how many haters Michigan has. Must be doing something right.
Bob Scott Wait, now we're giving Fricking Tom Brady credit for this too? Enough is enough for crying out loud
Jon Strong South Carolina isn't afraid to play them...... already have and won
David Joseph Roberts Jr As a Kansas Jayhawk alumn, that is BULLSH#T! Bring 'em on!
Tony McDonald I think it's more WVU that they do t wanna face cmon man!
Chris Martin Wagner and Wilson better then any player on Oregon, they can't stop em. Should be a routine win, Kansas will be the test
Josh Huntsman Shiiiiit UofL had them beat. They certainly didn't beat us, we beat ourselves
Brian Bubba Pauley Time to go duck hunting!!! Go Blue!!!
David Braatz Yeah theyre doing great but please media quit laying it on so thick about the plane "crash"
Christopher Ramsden What a great story they have been!!
Zach Favazza Incoming ohio state fans crying
Cynthia Walker Hurst Go Blue!!
Chris Seligman Good luck Michigan. I've been pulling for you from afar, but your run ends tonight πŸ˜‰
Tony Safar #GoBlue
Keenan Aylor Go blue!!!
Silvio DiSalvatore Brady !!! What a goat
Natalie Galdos Joseph Davis proud of our team
Zack Dean Lacey Dean fingers crossed for our bracket! :)
Ricky Reed Haters everywhere! πŸ‘€ #GoBlue
ESPNThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 10:01am

A historic triple-double:

Scott Douse MVP. What more do you want him to do to earn it? Without him the team would be a bottom feeder
Jeremiah Moore Ball hog! That's why Durant left! How many ill-advised off balance shots does he take and miss? How many turnovers a game does he have in the Playoffs? His bb IQ is average at best! He's trying to be Kobe and making it a one man show.
Anthony John Jolly Maxwell Kleinman your boy is "interesting". The offensive highlights were smooth, within himself - how was his defense though? I assume you watched the game.
Parcival Degroote Great achievement! But with 5 turnovers i wouldn't call it a 'perfect' night
Omar Nava Ooh i thought he went 30 for 30 like his usual shots per game. 6 for 6 is cake.
Preston Mercer More shocking is that he only took 6 shots!!! 😱😱😱 AleAlex Gillian
Ryan Zavala "My son could have gotten a quadruple double while shooting a perfect percentage from the field" -LaVar Ball
Anthony Kelly The exit by KD was the best thing that could have happened to Russ. He's now allowed to go full beast mode.
Greggory Wolf Dude took like 6 shots...all he is doing is making sure he has a triple double each night
Richard Leicht It shouldn't be called a perfect triple double with 5 turnovers js he should be the mvp without him okc wouldn't be anything
Matt Cote Meanwhile, Kobe's Rings are laughing because he only took 6 shots!
Ace Marco Mamuad Russell Westbrook for MVP!!!
Brandon Myers It should be a co MVP this year. Harden and Westbrook deserve it just as much.
Justin Philip Schmick Has anybody ever got a triple double with bright pink shoe laces on a Thursday night 10 pm game with rain and snow mix? Hope tonight is the night
Marcus Napolian Smith Best basketball player in the world!
Jay Barnett MVP. No other player should be in the discussion.
Hunter Macek Ahhhhhhh that's pretty interesting!!! πŸ˜‚
Zeke Romero his response..."ahhh interesting"
Tyler Solie His reaction to that information in the interview was the best part. πŸ˜‚
Wally Bess
Josh Barrera MVMFP!!!
Eric N Laura Halter MVP
Gabriel Vasquez I can't wait to hear Westbrook MVP acceptance speech!
Seth Kleiner He had 5 turnovers. This seems far from "perfect."
Moris Khoudari Just give him the MVP