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After only 11 pro fights, Vasiliy Lomachenko has reached the top of the pound-for-pound rankings.

Anthony Quiñones How!?!? Lomachenko beats someone two weight classes smaller than him and Triple G gets robbed on the score card against Canelo after he walks him down for 12 straight rounds.
Brad Samora HYPE much? 11 fights in and is not the best pound for pound fighter in the biz. That belongs to triple G. Gotta love those in boxing trying eveything in its power to make respectable over MMA. With stunts like this, boxing will be dead inside 3 years
Eddie Briggs I’m a big believer in these rankings should be earned over a sustained period and therefor I feel it’s only fair that one of Golovkin, Alvarez, Crawford etc takes over as the official No1 P4P fighter from Andre Ward. However..... you only need to see Lomachenko for a few rounds to see he is easily the best boxer on the planet!!
Tyree Willis We should let him have his moment because right now he is still unknown. I haven’t seen him fight any of the guys I like to watch fight so we have to wait and see. He might really be the best fighter in the world he just hasn’t been tested yet and I hate crowning guys the best until I’ve seen them overcome adversity.
Malcolm Jacobs This is how it's possible....He was 396-1 as an amateur fighter in 2 weight classes. Wins back-to-back gold medals at the Olympics. Back-to-back gold medals at the Wold Championships before going pro. Because of how great he was as an amateur he essentially immediately started to get title fights and has beat the best of the best in just 11 fights. His 1 pro loss was a controversial split decision in which he out landed the guy by 20 punches despite him throwing 200 more.
Matt Harper Got to love the stats game. It reminds me of Ball. You do a couple of things and ESPN goes batshit crazy over stats calling you the best in the world. I once had a three day nap so statistically speaking I put myself best in the world
Mark Munoz Lets begin with why GGG never moved up in weight like all the other greats. Canelo was his buggest threat and canelo was never once harmed. BTW that canelo fight wasnt convincing on either hand. Dont debate me on that.
Kingdro Silva Except T-Bud has a far better resume than both GGG and Loma the fact that ESPN thinks Loma of all people is number one with a loss already on his record is ridiculous.
Enrique De La Torre And that's why boxing is going down hill. So you are telling me he is the top p4p when people, like Thompson, garcia, Thurman, joshua, ortiz just to name a few. Are undefeated and had fought other undefeated fighters against bigger opponents with a better record. But this dude loss to salido and other 10 fights against no that good opponents except rigo who had to go up. Because no one wants to fight him on his division. Lmao no way jose
George Garcia Very Well deserved in my opinion! For those saying he won against nobodies... He knocked out Rocky, he made Walters quit in the corner, he made Rigo quit in the corner... He’s not just winning his fights, he’s making top level boxers straight up quit in the middle of the fight. That’s impressive.
Adi Cortez Lomachenko over the past week: - Told media Crawford is his P4P #1 - Told media the Rigo win wasn’t a big win for him due to size. - He wants Mikey Garcia next. Refreshing.
Rob Mullen That's nothing. Happy Gilmore achieved this feat no longer than an hour ago.
Justin Mckenzie Teddy Atlas has GGG in 5th? What in the hell.
Caleb Nickless Floyd Mayweather would beat him in his prime
Jay Frye Which tells you that boxing is officially dead and the rankings are trash.
Troy Schneider GGG, Crawford, Jousha, then maybe Loma
Michael West Blood work and urine test immediately.
T Lei Roberto That last fight was a joke.
Noor Faruqi Wow boxing updates that don’t involve McGregor…switching it up I see
Chris George Ok I have to ask, what does it mean when they say pound for pound?
Lawrence Edward I guess we just ignore that legit loss to a B level fighter.
Jay Rod Coincidence that u guys are partners with top rank now 🤔 😂😂
Carlo Trinidad Slovs are the best at boxing today!
James Bourne And the rest of the world doesn't care
Charlie Sax Personally I think Crawford is better than both of them.
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You make the call. 🤔

Josh Ramsey The fact that a WR is in the discussion should be enough. He's gone above and beyond the rest of the league so far that he's elevated himself into a discussion that usually is restricted to quarterbacks who run the ENTIRE offense.
Mike Hurley Everybody knows that Geno Smith is the MVP. He was so good that the Giants started him over a QB that had previously started 210 straight games.
Dane Karsten Haupt Wentz hands down. Led the league in TDs before the injury and turned the Eagles from last to first in the East. If the Eagles struggle without him that only further validates his credibility
Sean Steiner None of the above, this years real MVP is the Browns fans for actually still showing up to games despite no intention of trying to win.
Anthony Rea Holmes Antonio Brown. Hands down, and this is coming from a Seahawks fan who hates the steelers. But there is no denying his historic season.
Stephen Visokey Russel Wilson should be the MVP in my opinion He has what 70% of his teams total yards? and he’s the Seahawks leading rusher. Plus he playing behind one of if not the worst offensive line in the entire NFL. That line is easily in the bottom 5 at best.
James L. McCray Tom Brady does more with less...year after year... Russell Wilson stats are misleading...Wentz was having better/more productive year... Brees got those monsters toting that ball behind him...I’d give it to one of them before him... Brown plays with Bell...low key not the most valuable player on the team...we’ve seen the impact Bells absence then had on Pittsburgh... Brady all day...and I’m a Packers fan
Donnie Wahlberg Brown. Yes, I'm a Pats fan and I said it. But, I hope to change my vote -- if the Pats win on Sunday. Until then - and should the Pats lose - it's Brown. He's special.
Nikhil Sinha Philip Rivers for MVP. He already a Hall of Famer but if he wins a super bowl, he could arguably be a top 25 QB of all time. His stats are up there with the best. He’s just part of an apathetic organization with a terrible owner, incompetent coaches and dumb GMs. Now, they still have the terrible owner and they don’t have a fan base....but they have a good coach and a competent GM. And this is arguably the best roster Rivers has played with. Now is his time to shine. This season, he turned around an 0-4 team by setting up a division decider on Saturday, he throwing for a lot of yds and TDs and most importantly, he ain’t turning the ball over. He deserves MVP consideration.
Joshua Vasko AB ALL DAY!!! The simple fact that he is even being considered speaks volumes to the amount of talent he possess. Will go down as the GOAT WR... bet!
Wade Siers Russell Wilson. He is that entire offense and they wouldn't even be close to the playoff hunt without him.
Roger Brown Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Meghan Massingale #RussellWilsonMVP Seattle would be absolutely nothing if they lost him. He is the Seahawks offense. Bring on the “you’re a woman and know nothing as well as a Seahawks fan” comments. 🙄
Nick Nodurft Without miracle clutch plays by Brown the Steelers would have about 5 less wins. He's unbelievable and going to go down as a top 5 of all time. I think this Sunday will clear things up. If Brown has some clutch plays that help beat the Patriots then it's a no brainer.
Greg Brown I say Wentz is the clear cut MVP WILSON shouldn't even be considered he is a mediocre QB. Tom Brady is amazing but you see what happens when he doesn't have his go to target. Brees I understand but his run game and defense has stepped up a lot this year argument that he is just on a good team. Brown is phenomenal but when you get as many targets per game as he does your bound to get a lot of yards lol. I don't know just my opinions.
Jesse James Case Keenum - the losing record, back up QB, that has lead the Vikings to a 10-3 and soon to be 13-3 if not 12-4 NFC North champions. The amount of poise and and chemistry he has with an undrafted receiver by the name of Adam Thielen is the most impressive unanticipated combo I’ve ever seen. SKOL!
Tim Coffman Joe Thomas. The Browns haven't won a game since he got injured and was put on IR for the rest of the season. Shows just how valuable is is to the Browns.
Ronald Williams Case Keenum. A THIRD string QB comes in and takes a team without their 1st round Running Back to 10 wins.
Robert Kelly Carson Wentz is my Mvp. I'm a Ravens fan and watching him lead the Eagles was amazing. His injury this late in the season shouldn't cost him.
Derek Winslow Where’s Wentz? I’d say at through Week 13 it was Brady then Wentz then Wilson. Today, you gotta give it to Russell Wilson. This is coming from a life long Pats fan.
Tyler Elson Just stop with this Antonio Brown nonsense. Does AB have this season if Landry Jones is throwing him the ball? Hell no. AB aint even the most valuable player on his own team, let alone the league...
Keith A Sprow I think Roethlisberger should be number two on this list, maybe number one, and i'm a jets fan. if they beat the pats this weekend he would of lead Pittsburgh to the home field advantage thru out the playoffs
Davian Moreland The fact that Russell Wilson is 82% of that Seattle offense is enough to say he is mvp and also that team wouldn't have even 2 wins without him he is indeed the mvp
Evan Lonstein Everyone looking for an excuse to not give it to Brady. Not surprising, it happens every year. He is the clear choice this year
William Parry Russell Wilson. Not even close. He literally is their entire offense. Worst O-line in football, he’s literally running for his life every play. If he had a fraction of Tom Brady’s time to throw they’d be 10-2. Amazing they have 8 wins, especially with a now-pourous D giving up 30 a game and missing like five starters to injury. Without Russell they are maybe a 2 win team.
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 2:30pm

While the Lakers pine for LeBron, his next home remains a mystery.

Scott Flint You think LeBron wants to deal with daddy Ball everyday of his,life?? Id retire b4 I put up with him for one single game. That man is the sole reason LA can't land an elite veteran player
Hector Altamirano Today's game will be a deciding factor. If the young Lakers' core plays well, LeBron will want to be part of it next year.
Jacob Cline Go home ESPN ur drunk lebron just said he likes Houston he's always wanted to team with cp3 and don't forget melo is free next season and theyd be able to finally pull off the lebron cp3 melo team up and have harden with capela to make it that much better
Colin Pender I think before lavar he would of but he’s reconsidering because of the circus it’s become. If the lakers want any shot at lebron should seriously consider trading lonzo
Carl Doty Must be a slow news day at ESPN. The Rockets played yesterday so the talk was LBJ going there, now tonight they play LA so it's back to that talk. Give me a break
Adam McIntyre As a laker fan I will never understand why some even maybe even the majority claim you don't want the best player in the world on our team. We have no history with the guy and it's about the name of the front of the jersey not the back. I hope you all regret this next year if it happens. He would be such a HUGE help for lonzo too.
Steve Devens Only way this happens,is they lose it all this year they have the best team in the NBA and best bench in the NBA if they don't win the championship I can see him walking 110% to were,that's to be determined but if they don't win the nba championship this year absolutely hes,gone .mark my words
Mitch Kelley Hope not Bulls are the Best Fit next year the Bulls could possibly trade some of their players for some talented shooters
Jim Sotcheff Not a Big LeBron fan but I think he'd be nuts to sign on with the Ball family.I don't think that's a circus even he'd want to be a part of.Would sure be funny as hell watching him and Big daddy fighting over which other players they need to recruit.
Mark Felsot That's right ESPN - I just can't figure out why LeBron won't announce now who he is going to sign with next year so you can spend more time interviewing LaVar Ball....
Alden N Mapes Jr. Let him go .... he doesn’t want to be around uneducated people anyway! California is where he needs to be!.... the Cavs are better off with out him!
Alexander Mendiola Why would he go from being "king" in the lowly east to playing with the big boys in the west and just be another one of those boys? He'll stay somewhere in the east.
Herschel Martin That Ball kid would be super lucky to have Lebron there. He could learn a lot from him, and Lebron would make the most of whatever talent is there.
Josh Genenbacher Who says we want LeBron we building the next dynasty in la George and cousins will be in la next yr and LeBron will be begging to play for the lakers
Londale Gale If LeBron go to the Lakers and they win a championship LeBron will go down as the greatest basketball player of all time hands down
David Thompson He will never be welcome home again. Think about how his family was treated the first time. Retire like Jordan and then come back.
Tony Munoz Nope your crazy. You know the saying about when momma is not happy. His wife wants to stay in Cleveland.
Brandon Nybakken No way stop talking about it. Never going to happen! Why would he join a rebuild in progress with very little talent!
Matt Clappy Just stay at home. Bouncing from team to team makes him a bum. Won’t be able to hang his number in a building.
Kyle Barden Is Lonzo ever going to "Ball"
Michael Citrenbaum Lavar Ball will become Lakers head coach and have Lebron 👑, Gasol, and his three sons starting
Kenneth Holsey Branham You never know ! Ironically the Los Angeles Lakers play the Cavaliers in Cleveland tonight !#GoLakersGO
Matt Stepro The 🐐 Lonzo ball AND that guy Lebron would make a great duo
Santos Rodriquez John Ct como único volverás a ver a los lakers ganar un campeonato
Jeremy Toler LeBron will go to the Lakers but I can’t imagine putting himself into the Lavar show.
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 2:01pm

The curious case of a South Dakota State star who has the attention of both the NBA ... and college basketball powerhouses who want him for a fifth year.

Mike Hurley Steve Irwin was killed more than 11 years ago and still no arrests. The people want justice.
Bart King Dear ESPN or anyone for that manner, if you use the verbiage of "That's pretty good for a white girl/guy". to describe an athletes ability or as a measuring stick for anything, stop it. You don't know how bigoted of a statement that is. Two of your personalities have used this in past two/three weeks.
Brandon Gilden People definitely have heard of him. Led NCAA in points last year. Was top in his conference as a freshman, and led his team to the tourney last season. He's not an unknown name....
Mitch Kelley If he signs with an NBA team the Bulls are the team that needs to add more talent next year if they want to compete first trade Kris Dunn he has not been shooting well but his defense is good and get rid of Cameron Payne for another talented shooter why not trade for Stephen curry brother Seth curry for some shooting
Lucas Garretson You know who he is if you watched them play Gonzaga
Harry Wang Like if the Cowboys suck!
Jordan Gold Ryan Gold tbt to when he torched the Terps
Brady Sillman Jimmy, dude killed UNO in the conference championship game last year.
Geovani Solorzano
Bob Allan Great story
Kayz Russell What can he do tournament time?
John Larkin DAYUM!
Justin Fannon The Carson Wentz of Basketball Dylan Lawton
Brandon Lam Andrew Yang this guy?
Mitchell Friesen Jordon Berger
Gina Kotas Travis Kotas
Bradley Luetschwager Jose Nader Calero M 😂😂
Scott Lippstreu Connor O'Sullivan
Lindsey Williams Jaymison Renfro
Darin Wilde Jason Zomer Eric Bartmann
Kristi Nogelmeier Lance Nogelmeier
Ryan Swinney Anthony Otto Kevin Swinney
Jason Harper Stephen Grant
Sean Cartner Bruce Cartner
Cade Pierson Kyle Gunderson
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 2:01pm

Scottie Pippen says LeBron James has surpassed Michael Jordan "in many ways."

Stephen A. Smith's reaction on ESPN First Take:

Matt Harvan In case you all forgot, Pippin played with Jordan. He didn’t watch him. He played on the same team at the same time on the same court. I’m pretty sure his wisdom far surpasses all you couch athletes that live for no other reason than to bad mouth Lebron.
Mike Porreca they talk about Lebrons rebounding when hes a 6'8 monster on the court bigger and stronger then everyone esle and his career average is 7 a game. Jordan was a 6'6 guard in a bigmens era and averaged 6.5 rebounds a game. Whos the Better rebounder?. Guys like Karl Malone , Rodman, Oakley, Barkley were averaging 11-13 rebounds a game to Lebrons 7. People act like we never seen this before. please
Mark Rodriguez This is True and ppl need to wake up!!! And Max just added to Pippen’s point.... oh and Lebron played better competition!!
Michael Myers-West LeBron is better. People hate to admit that their idol isn’t it anymore. Jordan had wayyy more help than LeBron and played less competition. LeBrons more all around and only averages 3 less point on a lot less shots. If LeBron has a Pippen his whole career and a Jackson itd be even more so LeBron.
Carlos Zavala Pippen mad he will always be considered jordan side kick
Sean Greene Do people realize that saying Jordan is the greatest is NOT a fact??? It is an OPINION! He's not statistically number 1 in all categories, not even a majority of them. He's not even number 1 in titles won. So it is an opinion that Jordan is the greatest. Jordan is the greatest in my book, but I'm not so stubborn that 1. I Can't appreciate another players greatness and 2. Say noone can ever surpass him. I am a big LeBron fan, he's a fantastic player. To me he's behind Jordan and Kareem at this point, but he has time to change that. If Jordan will always be #1 in your mind that's completely fine, but to act that over the top over a different opinion is ridiculous.
Tahir Nadurath Everyone talks about MJs 6 finals performances and Lebron shrinking in Dallas but fail to recognize MJ never had a challenge because Bird and Magic retired early. Those same 2011 Mavs would handily beat all of MJs Finals opponents save for Barkley's Suns. 6 for 6 so what
Ryan Charles Michael Jordan has: -3 more rings -3 more final mvps -1 more DPOY -1 more season MVP -9 more scoring titles -3 more steals leader -3 more all defensive team selections -4000 more points / bron moved past him in playoff points, but it took him longer lol. -800 more steals -Beat 20 50+ win teams in the playoffs (Lebron only defeated 10) -Jordan never averaged less than 40% Field Goal in the finals Lebron did it twice -6/6 (never allowed a game 7) -Jordan never had a teammate averaged more than 22 points in the finals.. Kyrie averaged over 28 and DWade averaged more than 26 -MJ never ever had a finals meltdown like Lebron in 2011 against the Mavs -MJ had more points in the playoffs in less games..all of this accomplished in 13 seasons. Lebron is in his 14th season still chasing the "ghost that played in Chicago" -Michael Jordan in the playoffs has put up atleast 40ppg, 5rpg, 5apg in 6 different playoff series. Along with an average of about 55% shooting, 3spg and 2bpg. (86 vs bos, 89 vs cavs, 90 vs philly, 92 vs Miami, 93 vs Phoenix, 88 vs cavs) Jordan won every one of those matchups except for the 1986 matchup vs the celtics. -Jordan in 88-89 averaged 32ppg, 8apg, 8rpg, 3spg off 54% shooting. LeBron has never even came close to this stat line. -1987 thru 1992, MJ averaged 5 straight seasons of atleast 51% FG shooting. LeBron has never done this. -The lowest FT% MJ ever shot in a season was 78%. Lebrons highest in a season ever is 78%. -MJ has a higher playoff FG% of 48.7% to Lebrons 48.3% -MJ has a higher playoff player efficiency rating of 28.6 to Lebrons 27.3. -MJ shoots a higher playoff 3 point percentage of 33.2% to Lebrons 32.9%
Kelly Moore I respect Lebron, best player in the world today, we won't have another player like him in a long time, BUT HE WILL NEVER BE JORDAN!! I just don't see it
Igor Mihailovic It is time for Stephan A Smith to go the dude is getting annoying. He talks and act like an oracle. Scottie pippen just gave an honest opinion.
Karriem Harris To any objective and knowledgable basketball enthusiast, LeBron is clearly better on both ends than Michael Jordan. And I'm from Chicago. The problem with Facebook is that you often see comments from people who are neither objective nor knowledgable.
Teryn Black They say Lebron will never do what Jordan did... And you’re right they’re are some things that Lebron will never do what Jordan did. But look at the other side. There are some things that Jordan could never do what Lebron did 💯 Best all around player to ever step foot on this earth 👑 Jordan was the better scorer. Came at your neck with no mercy by making play after play with no intent on slowing down 🗡 straight assassin🔪 but Lebron is a whole different level. 15th YEAR PUTTING UP THESE NUMBERS??!! This is what happens when you use your brain to know your body and what it can and can’t take. The Einstein of basketball 📖 Jordan was a killer! The greatest killer! Most unstoppable guard to step on the hardwood with no doubt in my mind! But stop letting your pride get the best of you and really sit down and look or read or watch or study what this man does for himself , for the game , and for his team 💯📖🤷🏽‍♂️ this man is the greatest ever! 🏀 admire this once in a lifetime player cause there will NEVER be another player as skilled , willed , smart , gifted , talented , consistent , cerebral , and just plain amazing player like Lebron ever again 💯 remember I said it. KD went to the greatest team in history for a reason man 🤷🏽‍♂️ not to win his first ring 🤦🏽‍♂️ he was tired of being in second.... second to who??? Lebron is the NBA. 🐐👑
Mike Jones Jordan dominated in an era where all the rules were set up for defense and big men. LeBron and others are putting up stats in an era where the rules are set up for wing players and scoring. The Center position is all but extinct offensively and defensively. Most good big man play on the wing as well. Can’t imagine what kind of stats pasts players would have nowadays.
Shane Johnson If your argument for Jordan is championships, you should also think there are 12 players as good or better than MJ, cause there are 12 players with as many or more rings. MJ never played better teams than his in the finals. LeBron consistently faces better teams in finals. LeBron is the best player to ever live
Michael Thomas Undefeated in the Ship! Took a year off and still won three in a row lol! Lebron is the best athlete to play basketball but the best player stop it!
Bryant Richards I like how people say Jordan had tougher competition. Name one team that was tougher than the Warriors the past few years or the Spurs before that? The Jazz? the Knicks? If Jordan's teams would've faced them they would've gotten waxed too.
Rock E. Metheny surpassed MJ in finals losses after the first one...........LeBron is an all time great player, that could play in any era, but not the best ever. WIlt Chamberlain in the best player of all time, Bill Russell is the greatest Champion of all time, Larry Bird is the best small forward of all time, and Jordan is the best player I've seen in my time. IMO only.
Juan Carlos Bonilla Could you imagine if Jordan had joined Magics Lakers, birds Celtics or The bad boys?!!! No, he didn't and he beat them all!!!! Something LeBron couldn't do!!
William Keane There are two ways of looking at these arguments, subjective and objective. Subjective is basically opinion based. For example I say Jim Brown is greatest NFL player ever & my buddy says Emmitt Smith was better. Both of us are merely making assertions based on our opinions. Objectively, one looks at a way to measure a players career. Basketball is different from most sports as points or any one stat doesn't tell the full story. A player could be #1 in points but 70th in assists, steals, rebounds, blocks, etc. A way to stack up the all time greats might be to pick a bunch of statistical categories and calculate who is closer to top across the board. My guess is LeBron, even with hopefully several years remaining, is moving up in almost every statistical category. He may not reach first place in any but could end up top five in several.
Kevin Gantz Pippen knows you need a team to win period!! Jordan had Westbrook numbers but was getting swept out of the playoffs not until Oakley(before Knicks) Pippen and the cast and Consistently Coached by Jackson did he start the win rings that everyone counts!! Just imagine Kobe without Prime ShaQ Phil or hell playing for Charlotte? These are what ifs same goes for Lebron or hell what if Lebron played with a Prime ShaQ not a Prime Ricky Davis?!? 🤪😂 or Harden Westbrook on OKC without KD? Would he help win a championship in OKC? It has to work no matter how great! Hell when Jordan/Bulls were winning rings Jordan was guarded by the all time greats Jeff Hornecek and 7pts a game Byron Russell 🤔🤔😂 my opinions and thoughts
Jon Harvey Stephen a smith acts like he knows everything about everything. Let a hall of famer who played in the league spread some knowledge to ya.
Richard A Cook News flash...Pippen and Jordan have never been great friends. They just got along when it mattered. Regardless of how many rings LeBron wins, he still has that glassy look in his eyes when he has to take the game over in the last few minutes of a game. LeBron has the physical skills to be the best but his mental toughness isn't always an obsession like it was for Jordan.
Billy Moran All stars back then were not very abundant. Today's NBA has 2-3 on every team. To say LeBron James is worse than Jordan because he couldn't win with kyrie and love against KD, Curry, Thompson, Draymond, or back in Miami against Duncan, Ginobli, Kawhi, Parker where all of those players are going to be hall of famers is unbelievable. The competition and athletic ability is not even close to being the same. Today's NBA is a much different game
Brandon Lee Davis Michael Jordan made everyone around him better. 6 titles! LeBron doesn't make anyone better he is a selfish, self centered player who has failed at winning championships with far better rosters than MJ ever had. No comparison really. MJ is best ever, LeBron is in top 25, but I wouldn't even say he is better than Majic, or Bird, or Bill Russell, or Wilt, or Kareem, or Dr. J. or Steph Curry, or KD and the list goes on and on. LeBron is maybe the most overrated player ever, but not the GOAT at all.
Strike Nkuna All of yall are hating on Scottie, he recognizes real. Lbj is a better player period - jordan better shooter,thats all....lbj contributes more to the game than what Jordan can dream of. Undoubtably both are NBA's finest talents but other than the rings argument - LBJ WINS easily....
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 1:25pm

Be the first to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Get tickets now:

Austin Moses But👏What👏 Does👏This👏Have👏To👏Do👏With👏Lavar👏Ball
Jared Kerns Is Star Wars going to stop with the "hidden political stances" yet? No? They're just like the rest of Hollywood? Then no. They can take their leftist agenda and so can ESPN and you can all go to live in communist China.
Nate Reed Really? What does this have to do with Sports? Just because you're owned by the same company doesn't mean you have to cross over to the movie promotion side....
Shawn Prince Probably should stop worrying about star wars and figure out how not to be the world wide failure in sports. Just saying
Edgar J. Figueroa Those asking what does this have to do with sports.... ESPN is a Disney company, Disney owns the rights to Star Wars. Ergo ESPN promotes Star Wars.
Abraham Bud Wilder III Shameless, wasnt ESPN a sports network? Since Disney owns you now are you going to turn into what Mtv has become?
Anthony Anderson I'm not even going to ask how this is sports related or anything like that. It's ESPN 2017, it's actually more surprising when they cover sports these days.
Nathan Breathen Espn you have promted reality shows, political issues, now movies let me think what next? What about sport issues
Ernesto Juarez End it already. Im getting tired of Star Wars. I rather watch Infinity Wars!
Jason T. Zulick Star Wars is definently better than Colts and Broncos tonight.
Zack Rushlow Can't wait to see Jedi Master Aaron Rodgers fight infamous Sith Lord, Darth LaVar.
Brandon Kearney why is a sports page advertising star wars?
Matthew McGinnis I can’t wait till Disney owns every other company in the world.
Max Delia Princess Leia dies in this movies. You’re welcome.
Anthony Davis Dont a few weeks your isp will block espn
Eddie Harmon Wow! A post from ESPN that doesn't involve The Ball family.
Morgan LeClair Now this is not what I expected to see on ESPN..
Rafael Kouyghadosh I could care less . Espn should be for sports not for movies .
Keisha Fishback I'm not so sure I would trust wren if I were rey
Louie Di Stefano What does this have to do with sports
Bryan Chiu Ou I'm pretty sure it's already been screened and red carpet premiered.
Keith English I wonder why espn has all these layoffs. Smh
Scott Neilson Shouldn't ESPN be promoting Thursday night football? Lol
Nathan Breathen Which actress is going to say they were sexual mauled by chewwie first
Dave DaCruz ESPN will be reorganized into THE FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE! Then we will have peace ✌️
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 12:11pm

Jets WR Jeremy Kerley provided a rather unusual answer when asked how he failed a drug test.

Tyler Herndon Manti Te’os ex girl passed him the blunt
Jose Paredes I wish I had ghost giving me free drugs.. TF
Cutter Whitley Ok but has Lavar Ball gone to the bathroom today ?
Chris Sanford It still will never beat Ricky Williams. He said that he got high then forgot he wasn’t supposed to get high. Classic lol
Parker Finch Read the article. It gets more comical from there: He vowed he didn't take anythung. Then he says he would do his own investigation, then he said he couldn't bc they didn't tell him what the substance was, then the "oh well that's the past" Man needs to stick to telling to truth. Telling lies is not his strong suite.
John Pohorence At least he has the decency not to blame Trump, any other U.S. politician or even the Russians for his failure.
William Andrew Scott He must have been high when they asked him this question.
Kenneth Holsey Branham Which "ghosts " are Jeremy Kerley allegedly blaming for his failed drug test , The ghost of Christmas past,the ghost of Christmas present or the ghost of Christmas future ?
Deano Anderson I would cut him for being a moron...a ghost??? Come on man!!!!!
Edgar Olague He's definitely getting drug tested again after that response 😂😂😂
Patrick Jacques Just say I’m sorry, man up and don’t make the same mistake twice
Mike Hurley There’s no real way to know if ghosts did it or not. They could have, I completely believe him.
Matt Waterman The ghosts are at it again Nate Cameron
Sidney O Medina What he meant was "I was killing it on PEDs. Now there are ghosts as a result."
Laimonas Bertasius Amer Ćesko 100% he was high when he gave that answer lol
Steven A. McPartlin Just don't do it again shorty. Get out there and play!
Christopher Smith I think he's doing more than just performance enhancing drugs thinking that excuse would fly
Jacob Pietrowicz David Medler must be the ghosts fault also that the keep losing
Danny Paul Franco Him and Kyrie Irving would make make great friends
David Chung Should have just said a unicorn made him take it.
Cristen Hemstead Bill Hemstead just when we said the jets organization is a mess...
Wale Williams Or maybe he should blame drugs for seeing ghost 👻
Adam Meyer I would have gone with aliens...
Thomas Jordan He was obviously on them at that
Ich Bin Aron This is a new one Kevin
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 11:52am

Where is your team in Joe Lunardi's new bracket?

Alan Hinson Does anyone honestly know how the RPI works? I mean you got Missouri at 4 and they got drummed by Utah and best quality win is over Iowa State.. Tennessee at 7 and they haven't beaten a valuable team... but Florida State is 31 and they had a top 5 road win (at the time) by 17
Tom Cooper This is literally stupid, and useless... nobody cares that western Kentucky school of the blind will beat UK and be ranked as a 4 seed 😂
Aaron Levine St. John’s should be at least on the bubble, if not already in Lunardi’s bracket. They will be the surprise team in the Big East this year. In Mullin We Trust!
Zach Shannon So duke loses to an unranked BC team and stays a one UK doesn't lose and drops from a 2 to a 3.. Makes sense
Tim Gilbert Well it's only December so......... I'll worry about that in March
Andrew Quella Notre Dame a 5 seed? oh well they will shock the madness again. #DarkHorse
Bryan Hendrix For everyone wanting more teams in the CFP just read the complaining about a 64+ team tournament
Nolan Gerling Garrett Boeckmann Austin Winter looks like they called Doc from vacation for a quick update.
Robert Sullivan Let's be real. The only reason anyone goes to this before March 1st is to see a Larry Scantland rant.
Colin Wyner Can we not start bracket predictions till at least the new year? Like A LOT can happen just until then let alone until MARCH.
Rich Cuthbertson Oh this is cool for the tournament that's 3 MONTHS AWAY
Cody Floyd 7 SEC schools? I thought the SEC was weak
Zach Ewing Duke loses to a unranked team, Stays at 1. Kentucky handles a unranked team and drops a spot. K...?
David DeGutis Remember, this is not football playoffs.
Raymond Moreno Last time there were a 1 seed, Kentucky bounced them from the tourney as a 8 seed.
Brad Evans Does Joe really know what he is talking about? Bet one of these teams will be in the final four.
Troy Steele How can UK drop one spot and they have only lost one game?
Jarod Antonovich Where the hell is Nevada? They will win the MW and boise should get an at large
Steve Schumacher My poor, poor Badgers. 😭. They are a turd this year.
Chris Kristy Davis I’m said glad they are a #1 seed in the middle of December. Who’s preseason number one next year??
Jordan Novotny 12 in the East, well take it. #Letsfly 🦅
David Dorsett Train don't run outta Wichita. Less'n yer a hog or a cattle. People train run outta S-Stubville.
Arol Abel Jr. Hello its December relax...we worried about brackets already!
Mitchell Lawmaster Zach Young I'll take a 3 seed
Brett Capone Barton Williams Never not gonna pick Wichita state
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 10:16am

Anthony Davis surprised this local family with presents ... and a new car.

Randy Lona They should talk more about the good deeds these athletes are doing and stop talking about all the bad guys in sports . They pump too much negativity thru the television
James Delagarza ALL they want for Xmas is their DAD in their home. The culture is run amuck. Time for the black dad to come and stay at home. Lower crime, more love, more education and brighter future for the children. The stats do not lie.
John DeWitt There's more good in this country than bad, but you don't hear much of the good it's always the bad. Why is this, who doesn't want us to feel good about our country. Don't let the media fool you, we are a great nation!
Geoff Bruce I love how genuine and giddy his smile is as she opens the gift and sees the key. He seems so excited to be giving back.
Adnan Ali You mean to tell me athletes actually do good things for their communities and not just kneel during national anthems?? Blasphemy!
Aaron Lopez That’s awesome!!!!!! Finally ESPN, you have something awesome to post instead of that idiot you folks famously adore.
Thomas James That's awesome! I feel like you only see people getting cars for Christmas on commercials haha. Great guy apparently
Michael Welchert My heart heaves inside knowing how somebody’s generosity and kindness can make it hard to breath. The feeling never leaves your chest.
Darryl Jenkins Sr. I liked the way he peeped the height of that tail gate before he stood up! LOL Great stuff from a great young man.
Ernie Boudreaux With the money pro athletics make, each one of them could do something nice like this and never miss it.
Vince Heller espn why can't you put more of these on and less Ball family
Kasey Skaggs Dang, how did Anthony get home?
Bryan Rocky M Ryan Always liked Anthony, more so now. Keep it up.
Shaun Krzyskoski Hopefully they surprised him with a razor
Kevin Doc Gardner Praise the Lord keep up the good work AD
Ali J Bean Good dude. I hope the C's can pick him up in the off season. 🍀
Renauldo McFadden Stand up guy right there!
Bronx Cruz Dear Espn, More stuff like this and less of that ball garbage. Thanks
Albert Aguiñaga So cool how the camera happened to be there for this breaking news story!
Hannah Trum Katy Jeff I'm not crying, you're crying.
Mario Del Regno Great work AD, keep up the great work on & off the court. Merry Christmas & God Bless.
Dan Cash Tony Ruggiero My favorite player just cemented himself as that even more hahaha
Scott Milliken I want to be rich so I can do stuff like this. Slow clap.
Sara Gahafer That's one of my Kentucky Wildcats!!!!!!!
Quincy Windale Anthony davis hella cool lol
ESPNThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 8:31am

Marcus Mariota did not approve of his postgame actions Sunday.

Neither did his mom.

Mark D Barnes Behind every good man is a Great Mom 💯
Cutter Whitley Ok, but what kind of cologne did Lamelo Ball put on this morning
Matt Loveless Unnecessary, but super cool move. He doesn’t owe those reporters an apology, but he does it because it’s a decent thing to do.
Brad Hannah As a Titans fan, I don’t need to hear an apology. I like that he’s taking his play seriously and obviously do as your mother asks you but honestly I’m more worried that this coaching staff is going to turn him into Jake Locker. There’s no reason he should be regressing at this point in his career.
Mark Richardson This QB was properly trained to respect others all around him by his faithful Mom. Tennessee has a great leader and QB.
Kevin Abraham Mendez Marcus Mariota is growing up real quick! Guy was baby faced when he was drafted, now he looks and sounds like a franchise leader.
Walter Monk Woah Ron Jameis doesn't even apologize for groping, raping, shoplifting, telling elementary girls to be quiet, eating those W's when he looses or all those Winsterceptions man. Always someone else's fault
Hector Ortiz Wait....where is the Lavar Ball posts?! We are all excited to see a post about what he has to say today! Or what kind facial hair Lonzo Ball has!
Thomas Gray Hurley Dudes had a tough season and still playing through injuries and still in the hunt for the playoffs. #TitanUp⚔️ #respect
Carter Michael I've worked w him several times, and he's nicest guy I've ever met, seriously
Leonard Taylor How can you not love this guy? I'm not even a titans fan but I love Mariota
Justin Sheldon So what did he do on Sunday?
Brent Davies The Flyin Hawaiian was raised well. Class act on and off the field. Go Ducks!
Cody Hall Titans coaches need to be the ones apologizing.
Blake Davis She should be shaming him for his lack of production this year. Next.
Darnell Brown What did he do I missed it
Raul Rojas Reminds me of Lavar Ball and his kids...
Kelsey McCarthy Marcus Mariota is too pure. We are not deserving.
Alonzo Powell Respect. Shout out to the moms holding us down to earth. Shame on the idiots that was laughing
Gary Gelder Yeah, he's classier and more respectful than that
Jose Jimenez No worries man, just blame it on CTE.
Philipp Heger Andy Kalapis soll sich lieber mal fürs schlecht spielen entschuldigen
Nate Collins He needs to be pissed. We are in second place it's complete garbage to be behind Bortles
Paul Lyons Good job Mom! Keep your boy humble and in check
Ron Wieloch Good man. One that takes responsibility for there acrions has my respect.