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ESPNFriday, April 19th, 2019 at 1:26am

The look from Stephen Curry after being asked this question 😂

Most overrated player in the game and it’s not even close
4th championship.
They ain’t winning squat
So much work when you still have 3 other all stars
0 Final MVP that's all thanks,, 😂 😂 😂
4th Championship
he already got 3 titles...
They're not winning it this year. Period
This guy lol. He knows it's another cake walk even with minimal effort lol. Give me a break
Best player in the NBA
I honestly think Boogie was bringing them down. Whenever you take a fluid team and add a center who becomes a focal point, it slows the team down and takes away that fluidity.
That face you make when your friend ask if you want another hit
Stef has one ring if KD doesn’t join them after the King beat them in 2016. Let’s argue!!! 🤔
Not saying they won’t win it again but it’ll be a lot tougher for them this year.
That’s the face you make when you thought the clippers had a chance against Golden State😂😂😂
Hes already made room in his ring case for number 4 he can feel it.
Steph got better be glad I dont cuss
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Monster Java drinks are 2/$5 at my local gas station. #Score!!
Best shooter of all time.
Looks like Steph knew that question was phoned in. Like quit wasting my time!
As a thunder fan that has tried my damnedest yo not like this dude. I have failed miserably. I gave up when I read a couple years back about him crashing a college party after winning his 2nd ring and shot gunning beers.
Baby Face Assassin. Dubs in 5.
Finna be GIF in 24hrs
LOLS😂 lot of work to do😂 backward to 3rd championship😂
I'm praying for an upset in the championship game like Warriors loosing
ESPNFriday, April 19th, 2019 at 12:18am

This reaction from Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors' bench is everything 😂

Tiger Woods win at the masters is more impressive than any of this guys championships. Let’s be real here.
I still can't believe the Seahawks didn't run the ball
If it were the 90’s, the next time Steph was on the court he would catch a blatant elbow on a break for acting like that. The bench always wild’n out after a cross is incredibly tiresome. The NBA is the “Everybody is friends and having fun” league. Where the 89’ Pistons at?!?! This is irritating.
nobody will remember the series, everyone will remember the 31 point blown game
Curry is humble Yeah Sure good story lol
When the Warriors win, the haters stay quiet
"That 31 points comeback win was our championship" lol FOH
Lebron sitting at home on the couch like..
"oMg sTePh cUrRy iS sO hUmBLe!"
Man steph out here snake watching
It’s against the clippers! They won’t be doing that when they face the rockets 🚀. When Harden will switch until Curry guards him. Can’t wait!
ThE wArRiOrS bLeW a 31 PoInT lEaD
The Warriors sending footage to the NBA for Beverley’s defense is the pettiest thing I’ve seen in a while. GSW is turning into the softest team in the league, real quick.
Just Remember. Golden State blew a 3-1 Lead.
Who made this caption, a 13 year old girl?
Ben Simmons is the best 3pt shooter in the NBA
Can't wait for the Rockets to end the back to back and knock them out the playoffs. 😴
If Steph curry on the bench im pretty sure hes consider golden state bench not steph and the bench
So how significant was that comeback? You know, the one in game 2 in a 7 game series against the back to back champions
The warriors bench are the king of extra 🤣🤣🤣
Whatever happened to Patrick Beverly today? 😂😂
Boogie being out is gonna help them. He slowed them down
All you haters with the snake 🐍 comments need new material that’s old!
They’re sittin on the bench, waiting on those rings for doing nothing
I just think it’s nice when you can show up whenever you want and take games off because you have other players that can run the team without you. Then come back the next game and act like you did something
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 11:19pm

Ben Simmons was trolling Jared Dudley in Game 3 after Dudley called him an “average” half-court player 🙃

Why would he say that about the guy who has a good chance to win rookie of the year?
How is Dudley still getting mins 🤔
Ben Simmons shouldn’t be mocking someone’s 3-point shot when he’s never hit a 3 in his life. He’s also never won a meaningful game in his life. But hey he plays for Philly, all they do is talk and lose. All process no product
How is Dudley still in the NBA?
Why is this rookie making fun of Dudley?? 🤔🤔
Dudley looks like your drunk uncle who always wants to play one on one at the family cookout
He can troll Dudley all he wants. Doesn’t change the fact that Dudley was right.
Going to be funny when Kawhi locks him down the next round. Another 2nd round exit incoming. He showed up Jared Dudley “the best player in the NBA” whooo whooooooo let’s throw the confetti
Ben Simmons Co-ROY with Luka
This is why you don't speak on other players... Ben Simmons is better than Dudley could ever dream of being
Simmons trolling someone about shooting threes? WTF
Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley need to calm down Jared Dudley.
Alright but could Ben Simmons have shot the 3 any better than Dudley???
Ben Simmons! Will be back to back to back Rookie of the Year!! 🙌🏽
Jared Dudley still got more Career 3’s made than Ben Simmons 😂😂😂 he could not hit a 3 for the next 5 yrs and Simmons wouldn’t come close 863 and Jared Dudley is an average 3pt Shooter
Doesn’t make his statement about him being average in the half court less true
I mean at least Dudley will attempt a 3 pointer.
WTH is Jared Dudley??
This dude has 0 career threes 😂should stfu
Nets suck, nets fans suck, Jared Dudley sucks. Trust the freaking process!
This is what makes The NBA interesting?
Atleast Dudley is not scared to shoot 3.
Possibly the worst three point shot in NBA history
Ben Simmons laughing at someone's jump shot...(ring ring) Hi kettle? hey this is're black
For a second I thought Jason Kidd let himself go
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 11:01pm

That look from Ben Simmons 👀

ESPN just loves some "Le'Not In The Playoffs."
I’m not a true LeBron fan but we all appreciate his greatness in, and for the game. But for the love of god at the same time it’s awesome he isn’t there. Let’s forget about him and focus on these playoff contenders at hand. Besides Golden state, this year is way different then the last (10?)Playoff years
LeBron had absolutely nothing to do with the post, the Ben Simmons picture was good enough
Thank you Espn for not forgetting about the 🐐 in the playoffs this year
Lol of course they make it about LeBron
Jesus espn. Keep it in your pants
Who’s the guy on the top?
ESPN with their daily Lebron content
You guys just couldn’t handle Lebron not being in the playoffs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
So this is how ESPN managed to do it? This?
ESPN is reaching with this one!😂
Y’all just gotta post about lebron
Quick how can we make this about Lebron
I’m honestly embarrassed for espn at this point. So much cringe.
Seriously espn? Enough with Lebron, he's not even in the playoffs!!
At this point, we need to get an intervention going for ESPN.
ESPN misses the King.
Giannis > LeBron James
You just couldn’t go one day without a Lebron post could you?
Had to find away to include Lebron , didn’t you espn
Yall colluding to keep LeBron out the playoffs cost the NBA 20% in ratings year over year. Hope you’re happy.
How did a look become about LeBron?
Jared Dudley looks like a thumb
Some how I knew you was going to put LeBron in a photo in the playoffs he’s not in
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 9:58pm

Who let one rip? 😂

–Joel Embiid on the Philadelphia 76ers bench

Amir seeming pretty comfortable 😂😂
Amir for sure, way too calm over there
So ESPN is reporting on farts now?
Max Kellerman is at the game ?
Ladies and gentlemen, ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Sports.
It wasn't me guys...
It was Simmons jumpshot 😂
More significant than kevin durant's two rings
Real important reporting Espn when hockey playoff is going on!
Wow, do we really need to see this?
Max Kellerman must have been at the game
Kendall Jenner a couple seats down
ESPN: well that's a new personal low
it was 100% Embiid lol
It was Embiid Lol tryna act like it wasnt him
This is news....? In other news, blind people can't see
It's always the guy who looks away like nothing happened...cough cough.. Lol
Im just commenting to see if I can get that thang! Yall know what im talkin bout
What does this have to do with LeBron’re slacking
Amir Johnson strikes again!!
Amir Johnson, conduct detrimental to the team for the second time in a week!
It was Johnson😂 dog to casual
The Philly bench is getting more highlights than the players on the court this postseason.
Dude in the back looking mighty nervous 🤨
Capitals are about to rip a playoff exit
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 7:34pm

Chicago Bears safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix says his alma mater, The University of Alabama, is holding onto his diploma for "100 pennies" 😂 (via College Football on ESPN)

I’ll share this story, I got a parking ticket my senior year, last semester at East Carolina. I graduated, got my diploma and a job and moved on. I joined the alumni association chapter. I received a letter 10 years after graduating, if I didn’t pay the fine, I would not receive my diploma. So I did what any college educated male would do, snapped a photo of said diploma and mailed back the ticket and said good luck with that. Never did hear back from them....
Give them a $1.05 and reap in the reward of a diploma and the greatest band to ever exist.
That’s Kenny Golladay’s diploma, now.
Can't pay the players but holding degrees for a dollar???
Who else checked his open tabs to see if he had the "hub" open
I guess they got the last laugh Haha. No? Ok.
This caption just made me happy, reminding me that we got Ha Ha 🙂 lmao
Some of y'all do know he's just pointing out that it was funny he didn't get his diploma over $1 or 100 pennies, and not complaining about it right?
I'm too distracted the the fact that he has Kohl's bookmarked
u of Alabama financial department
Let’s get a go fund me started for this guy. This is bs
Another example of the NCAA extorting athletes.
Good thing they held on to it because it’s $1 not 1$.
Alabama wants a dollar back. Meanwhile the Bills are still looking for a quarterback.
Great education from Bama, yet he doesn't know the correct placement of the $ sign. 🤣
Everybody keep saying "Just pay the $1" clearly he's making a joke of it because he just found out 🤦🏽‍♂️ y'all take everything so seriously lol
Calm down people he just found out that he owes a dollar and making a joke of it I'm pretty sure he already paid it
Dude didn’t even think he graduated... once again proves that anyone with a brain in the state of Alabama attends Auburn.
He made millions for Alabama just for playing.... don’t pay for that shii... downright disrespectful!
Idk what’s funnier the 100 pennies or the fact he didn’t know whether or not he graduated college
bUt He GoT a FrEe eDuCaTiOn
Some of y’all have zero sense of humor.
Another example of why college is just a business and doesn't care about getting you the skill set you need out in the real world
I graduated from a university, and then later started working as an adjunct professor for that university. I had to give my official transcripts from the university, to the university, in order to start working...but first I had to pay a parking ticket that I got 10 years before....
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 6:06pm


Stephen A. Smith knows what Kevin Durant has to do to help the Golden State Warriors win Game 3 against the L.A. Clippers.

Pat Bev is far and away the best on ball defender in the league. Doesn’t surprise me one bit he’s putting the clamps on KD...
Steven A Smith is a screamer. Can’t stand listening to him.
We all know what Kevin Durant must do... after that remarkable comeback, he must join the Clippers in the offseason.
Stephen A. Stfu. Give Pat his props for being a lockdown defender just like y’all give Draymond donkey looking ars. Don’t even think about comparing KD soft butt to Lebron.
The fact that Patrick Beverly is playing lockdown defense on one of the greatest scorers in history should not be unnoticed
So you're saying Kevin Durant is better than Stephen Curry then why did Kevin Durant go to the warriors?
Welcome to the beverly penitentiary where kevin durant is currently being held on lock down until further notice.
Every time I see Stephen A Smith, I change the channel.
Please get rid of Stephen A Smith already
How did he become one of the biggest analysts in espn. He never has good points, he just yells the obvious
Someone please tell Stephen A. Smith to "SHUT UP", he is so annoying and knows nothing about basketball......He is a FRAUD!
Stephen A. Smith Is the definition of an Uncle Tom. Yup I said it. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Where did Steven A Smith play b-ball
He's not top 2 lol. Giannis and Harden are top 2. He has the ability to be top 2 but he isn't. Top 5 for sure.
KD the snake right? I don't care about KD. He ruined the NBA by taking the easy road
No kidding I would have never guessed that Stephen A Smith your a genius you need a raise and a top fan badge
And if Golden State scores more points they win. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
He’s not even the best player on his team gtfoh
"They have to keep Blake Griffin contained. DeAndre Jordan gonna get his, but Golden State MUST force Griffin to shoot jumpers."
The warriors aren’t going to lose another game
It’s like saying the warriors have to score more points then the clippers to win the game.
Kevin Durant is Chris Bosh...without the splash of gayness 🐸☕️
Kevin pillow top Durant is soft. Always has been🤷🏽‍♂️
KD gonna drop 40 tonight
Thanks for the update John Madden
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 3:36pm

Kyrie Irving is doing some extra studying during the playoffs 🌎 (via Boston Celtics)

Checking to see if the earth is flat or not 🤔😂😂
Nike SB slides baby that's awesome
Trying to prove the Earth is flat still
Spoiler alert... the Earth is round Kyrie
When james harden travel so much you need a world map to figure out his next move
This is the most important post of the day. Watch...
He just wants to know where to plan his vacation after the Celtics early exit from the playoffs this year. He’s a smart man to plan ahead!
The book is FLAT! Would you look at that?!?
Looking on how to get to MSG after the Celtics get bounced!
Didn’t Kyrie say the earth was flat? 🤔
He just trying to stunt. He ain’t reading that.
I thought Harden was the one who liked to travel
Picking keys location to see if the earth flat
If the earth isn’t flat then why are all the pages in the atlas flat? Checkmate
It’s like that scene in dodgeball where Ben Stiller’s character is “ caught” reading the dictionary
Looking to see where he can watch the finals from.
Remember when ESPN used to report stuff that matters, and talk about sports, miss those days!!
That's why he thinks the Earth is flat because the pictures in that book are flat!
Wonder if ESPN will ever start reporting sports again lol
Family Reference Atlas of the “Flat” World Third Edition must have been sold out. 🤫
He trying to see if the earth is still flat
He tries way too hard to seem intellectual. He believes the Earth is flat...nuff said.
He repping Nike skateboarding! That's pretty cool
He's trolling everyone again
Is that the flat earth edition?
ESPN with Century 21.Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at 2:33pm

Kyler Murray can do it all.

He can do it all? Can he win the national championship?
Stay with the Oakland A's.
Phenomenal athlete, exceptional college football player. Not an NFL QB.
He can do it all? He can't even see over the steering wheel..
Kyler murray will be a bigger bust than jamarcus russell.
Except reach something on the top shelf
He will be a 1st pick bust.
He was great in OU’s system, but struggled before he got there. That’d be my concern. Your not coming into stacked OU as a high draft pick. Your coming into a flawed team that’s picking high. Pressure is on you right away.
Seems like a great kid but I don’t see him as a starter in the league. 1 yr starter in college 5’9” not overly fast or quick, arm is ok but not special , but who knows .
Bust about to happen.
Tired of hearing about him, and zion.... give it a rest already.. neither one has played a pro game yet....and btw... I'm tired of hearing about tigers win at the masters,its been almost a week, and still seeing posts about it.... wgaf.....
Except win a bowl game and beat TEXAS in the Red River Rivalry!!!
I really hope Murray goes #1 so San Fran can get the BEST player in the draft in Bosa.
Murray is the type of QB that is reminiscent of Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and RG3. Sure, they are exciting to watch, but they will get your team nowhere in the NFL
Except see over the counter
He can't reach the things on the top shelf at the grocery store
He can do it all until he gets injured first de or dt lands on him.
Except for throw 5000 yards in a season! O-H!!!
Sounds good. Pick an undersized kid who lacks durability. What could go wrong?
I mean I like him, but he is undersized for the nfl
also here for top fan badge
3 round pick worth the risk , but not 1 st round .. Lamar Jackson is taller & faster & still struggles , in the nfl
If he was so good what happened when he played Alabama, plus Alabama is the closest team with talent compared to NFL teams so I don’t think he’s gunna do well in the NFL
If he can do it all why aren’t teams moving up draft him and why has Arizona not traded Rosen if they are so sure Kyler can do it all 🤔
I’ll be there supporting all the Sooners in the draft. Can’t wait. Will be my first time attending the draft.
ESPNThursday, April 18th, 2019 at 12:22pm

James Holzhauer got every "Jeopardy!" response correct on Wednesday, and won a record $131,127 in his 10th straight win on the show.

I will say it’s always surprising when someone wins this much money. However from working at a casino with a sportsbook, I see sports gambling every day. Sports gamblers that win all have something in common. They are all extremely intelligent. So when I heard he was a professional sports gambler he’s definitely pretty intelligent and he’s showing it
Not sure why everyone on here mad. Can’t nobody be happy for this guy. Very impressive. More impressive than, yes I’m going to say it, more impressive than KD’s Two Rings... 😏
Not getting an answer wrong is not the same as a perfect game. Does a relief pitcher get a perfect game if he throws 2 no hit innings? A perfect game would be 61/61 with every possible dollar earned. He had a phenomenal, ridiculous game. Not perfect.
He is great. I enjoy watching him win all that money.
This has been amazing to watch 😳 Wow
Impressive. So glad to be watching this guy for the last 10 days. Hopefully more
He’s already in the tournament of champions tournament, I think people want to see if he’ll surpass Ken Jennings total amount won on the show.
I don't always crush people's hopes and dreams but when I do it will be with this cheesy grin and a msg to a family member 😎
I remember seeing him on "The Chase" and he was brilliant on that, too.
(★ Top Fan) Just purchased a Top Fan badge from China. Never felt so powerful in my life.
Fun to watch, But this is my favorite Jeopardy player
The only person that can beat him now is Rosie Perez
Please donate it to rebuild Notre Dame 😂
If he got all 40 questions right, How did the other 2 players win any money at all? Even if they buzzed in first, they had to get the answer wrong, correct?
Like if Cowboys still suck
We should probably spend 35 million taxpayer dollars to investigate this guy for some kind of collusion. Surely he’s cheating.
That's cool. Here is a photo of my pups
Covering Jeopardy better than the Stanley Cup playoffs
I'll take "Non Sports Post on a Sports page" for $500 Alex
I bet he's a top fan
This dude is so much fun to watch to be honest. Just absolutely crushes opponents. Rooting for him to hit the $1 million mark!
Someone test that guy for steroids. Lol
We watch every night and this guy by far is the most knowledgeable man I've ever watched on Jeopardy! He's amazing.
Ken Jennings is gonna come out and take him out Nancy Kerrigan style
Ive watched a lot of jeopardy. This is incredible and does deserve to be talked about. Thats a legitimate genius right there folks