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Your take, Premier League fans?

Dale Lewis Trusty Lampard in top 5. And he's a midfielder. Quality. Think of the strikers that are behind him and people still consider Gerrard and scholes better. LOL
Jordan Marsden The only person ever likely is Harry Kane but would take a couple of 35+ seasons
Owor Stephen Rooney can do that, he is in Everton where he is assured of starting role. besides he is a proven striker who can bag at least 16 and more goals a season. So give give him four seasons and Alan will be history
Isaac Sarfo-Adu Jr. Nah I doubt... Rooney is kinda close buh it'll take him like 5 more seasons or maybe 4 to break that record And maybe he might retire on the way so..
Richard Allan They should put appearances next to the goals. Shrek had taken about 450 games whilst shearers goal ratio is miles better.
SK Stha No, 260 is a very big number and will take over 15 yrs to get to, but no player with the potential to break the record will stay in England for long enough. As soon as his talent is spotted, the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern will snatch him.
Igo Caleb nobody can stays at england for 15yrs or 10yrs play football so it will take long
Harvey Simba The only one I can think of right now, if he stays in the Premier League, and does not go abroad, is Harry Kane.
Mohammad Moghrabi Justin Beagle our midfield scores more than your strikers ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ what a joke
Jesseyho Zacks Lampard is a genius, a midfielder with such number of goals it is tremendous.
Jamie Eric Alan Hayden I can't see Rooney scoring 61 more goals but it would be nice to see a record like that broken one day
Adam Ormerod If Rooney carries on till he 36 like shearer did I think he can.
Suman Dangol Rooney can play and if he score 20+ goals in next few season he will break
Chris St Leger If Rooney wasn't so naturally unfit then I'd say it's easily doable. He'd need 15 a season until he's 35.
Spha MikeDeon Mataheavy Well if I was Rooney, my only purpose would be to break that record so 2020 he can break it
รniket ฤŒhahande Rooney isn't done yet ,he still can
Muhammad Mansour Rooney is only 31, he could play till he's 35.. he could end this season 220 and get 40 more in the next 3-4 seasons
Ramathan Nsubuga #Alan was in the league of extraordinary. he deserves to be hailed like a king. 260 goals it's an believable.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘‘
Bechemagbor Samuel No way except he keeps on scoring 20+ in the next 5 seasons
Pulkit Sharma Nope..Rooney is the closest. No one can break King Alan Shearer's record
Jay Maurice The funniest part is that Only Rooney among the four other contenders have not won a golden boot before.
Steve Anderton I love it when someone asks Shearer this question ..... he knows it won't be beaten .....
Ngฤ…bii Abรซrt The last on the list happens to be best player ever to grace the epl
Rt Hon Muhammad Mas'ud maybe in the next century when i will be playing for #Arsenal
Tony Lowman All records are there to be broken, but won't be done in this generation
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Your take?

Paul Clark The Cavs easily won. Crowder is the perfect matchup for them against the Warriors. Plus they'll probably have a top 3 pick next draft. Plus IT may end up working better with Lebron than Kyrie did. Celtics gave up way too much.
Samuel Cooper Celtics. It may not seem like it because of the assets but Brooklyn has improved this year so I doubt it's a top 10 pick. They freed a forward spot for Tatum and Brown to both play. Zizic can be replaced. Kyrie is a huge upgrade over IT. More efficiency and less PGs dropping numbers on ITs head. Also avoided signing IT to the max
Jennifer Pahoa IT, Crowder, Boston first round pick and next years first round pick... for Kyrie. Please, Kyrie isn't even a top 5 guard in the league. Sit down. See his record before Lebron, enough said.
Anthony Ferrara Cavs. Kyrie was a nobody before LeBron and also that 1st round pick that Cleveland got can very easily turn into porter or bagley
Aaron Wagoner Cavs won right now, but the Celtics might win in the long run if LeBron and IT leave and Boston can resign Kyrie. I mean both teams got what they wanted and hopefully it works out for everyone
Mark William Beckenhauer Junior Celtics. They won a ton of games with NOBODY. They overachieved like crazy the last two years. That's coaching. And now we have multiple legit superstars to go with that coaching. IT was great, but let's be real.... He was a major liability on D against good teams once teams started playing real ball in the playoffs.
Dindu Nuffin I'm salty about it I'm a c's fan,but it's to early to determine Why 1. IT's hip: is he healthy 2. Brooklyn's pick: will it still be a top 5 pick (hated they gave up the pick.#๐Ÿ˜ก Other side Don't have to pay an almost 30yr old 5'9 guy a max deal IT is a baller and I love the dude but at 6mil he's a beast At 30plus mil I'm on the edge about that Kyrie is 25 with two years left in his deal That's a plus Will he re-sign or do an extension? If he does,you can rest assured another star is on the way to Boston. The money will fit
Max Hartman This guy...
John Dylan Appleby Cavs stole that deal. Crowder and Thomas make up for Kyrie, add in a young center and a top 5 draft pick. Boston got hustled
Brian Edward Jerry Did Brooklyn even get anything back? I'm vigorously searching the net trying to figure out what they got in return for (once again) dumbassingly coughing up a lottery pick. I hope they just didn't hand a first rounder out for free. If so, I'd hate to be a Nets fan right now.
Rob Allen Biased bigots, GFY's. That was a classless move on your part!
Justin Green Anybody research that Ante Zizic guy? He looks like a promising you big man as well, definitely take a couple years to develop but 7 foot, 250, athletic with the ability to run the court as well. Highlight reels look like with some time to adjust to the NBA pace, he could definitely have a place on the court
Anthony Ray Hill Jr. Cavs. Isaiah is better.
James Ryan You're dumb if you say cavs. IT was great but blew out his hip and is a couple years older and won't be long for the league. Has one year left and wants 30m a year. Jae Crowder Is A Nice Player but trust any celts fan who has watched him for 82 games, he is not a difference maker.. celts got a 25 yr old superstar who hasn't even peaked yet and wasn't given the opportunity playing with Bron. They didn't have to give up Tatum who looks to potentially be a star, or even Jaylen Brown. Keep trying to reason with this trade cavs fans
Derek Leger You mean to tell me your executives gathered in a room and everything over an Asian guy's name? Which dipshit scheduled that meeting? ๐Ÿ˜‚ #RobertLee
Kurt Snedeker Robert Lee's life matters!!?
Ben Meyer I'm a Celtics fan, but I say the Cavs in the short run at least. In the long rung, better for the Celtics though. Celtics have lost some of their main heart and soul players like Thomas, Bradley, Crowder in exchange for Kyrie and Hayward basically. Also just think, if they meet again in the ECF, now you got IT and Crowder plus Lebron, Love, Thompson, etc. except they're going up against the Celtics now and Irving is on the Celtics instead of the Cavs. That could be interesting. Crowder is a big improvement for them over Shumpert as well.
Abu Taj Muwallif Not a tie. As long as the Cavs have Lebron, to add another all star who is a proven leader is a win. Although Kyrie didnt win anything without Lebron, he has gotten better so he will be a great asset but Celtics wont be winning any rings. Cavs still need to make more moves to take a run at GS tho.
Montrez Andrews Cavs win hands down. They getting 4 for 1. What kyrie do that isiah can't. Match their numbers from last season. Who's are better๐Ÿ˜‚. Man I love any player drafted to my cavs but let's be real it was a one for one swap in pgs then cavs took the rest of the cake. Boston would've been a good match up for the cavs this up coming season but they traded crowder Bradley and thomas๐Ÿ˜‚. Bye bye competition lol.
Cruz Medina IT>KI
Derrick Zha been celtics fan for long time.. i loved IT he was doing so much for us and for the city man really deserved better like evan turner said, but i also have to say his defense is a major issue ..I'm just mad that even Angie did this to him I still can't be mad because after all this is NOT a bad deal.. u know what im saying, the feeling that u cant get upset about something that u supposed to be upset about, we will miss u IT, u will only get better
Zach Callahan I think the Cavs got this one honestly. Jae Crowder improves their bench tremendously. Also a top pick in next years draft. Most importantly IT. Who's gonna be even better playing alongside LeBron
Brandyn Dyer Well, Kyrie got what he wanted. He is on a team where he is the leader/top guy. However, it required the removal of so much to put him there that he is going from being the #2 guy on a Finals team to the #1 guy on a last seed (if not worse) team. However, this could turn out good for the Celtics in the future if they lock Kyrie down. They have the chance of having the #1-#3 pick for the next 2 years (I think that is correct). So they could get more young players to build around him, making them strong contenders as the years progress. But as of right now, the Cavs won this deal for this upcoming season and next year.
Derell Johnson Crowder won't change anything against the Warriors. As for the point guard situation, Kyrie and IT are basically the same player except Kyrie is taller and younger which means he has more upside. Plus he has Championship experience at the level of literally winning a ring with a last second shot. Although it's not so bad for the Cavs having two older PG's now because this next season was the end of their window anyway. Celts get younger with two young stars, Cavs stay contenders for their last season of contention. It's a Win Win easy.
Ryan Franco The only people saying the Celtics won this trade are delusional Celtics fans. I'm not a fan of either and it's obvious that Cleveland won this deal. Kyrie is gonna be exposed now. He's so overrated. He's a flashy finisher. That is all. Doesn't pass and he's one of, of not the worst defensive PGs in the league. Takes stupid mid range shots all the time.
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The Giants open their season in less than three weeks.

Justin Adams They still going to lose, Cowboys are trash.
Eddie Douglas ESPN apparently wants to become the world's biggest safe space. Banning a reporter of Asian heritage because his name? smh #justiceforasianrobertlee
Micah Matisse Quinonez Can y'all rate my team
Adam Christopher I can already see the headline. Beckham Jr's preseason hit cost Giants season opener. Get over it. It was a clean it.
Daniel Gerard Connor Jr.
Sarah Wiseman Are you insane? If viewers can't see the difference between Robert E. Lee and Robert Lee how dumb does that make us? Just call him bob if you think we are that stupid.
Arrieta Jj Cowboys shouldn't be to happy there playing with out there running back 6 games lmafo good enough patriots fans like the sounds of this for both ways ha!!
Keith Pratt How is it just to punish a man named Robert Lee...ESPN is not on at my house tonight or tomorrow or anytime ...thank you for your early years ...when you were a sports station
Ron Page HOW RIDICULOUS HAS ESPN GOTTEN? You remove an Asian announcer because his name is Robert Lee? No wonder your network is losing viewers. The Onion now is more credible because of this
Christopher Powers And still no guaranteed contracts. I wish the players would protest this fact.
Michael Brown ESPN actually COW TOWS to the liberal morons by pulling a broadcaster with the same name as an American General.I hope he has a lawsuit against you. ESPN has sunk to a new low! Your sponsors should drop you!
Michelle Miller Whoever made that pull Lee from suck.
Rob Grimes ESPN, we your viewers demand the immediate apology to Mr. Lee, then a public apology, and finally to reinstate him to work the Virginia game. What were you thinking? You weren't being progressive. You weren't practicing political correctness. You weren't doing the right thing. If someone had an issue with this or could have possibly been offended that's on them. You played to the concerns of the very few and were afraid of the backlash if he had worked the Virginia game. In response to this by making your abhorrent decision you are receiving a wave of backlash and criticism you absolutely deserve. You were also being ignorant and racist towards Asians. Period. You were. There is no possible explanation to justify any of your actions towards Mr. Lee.
Jane Underwood Skremsky ESPN is totally gone to hell ! Dismissing a young male announcer because of his name, I hope he gets a good lawyer ESPN liberal political correctness is killing them stupid. Grow a set ESPN you ignorant idiots. ROBERT LEE ! I mean really! Take care Robert !
Kaysie Blankenship Hart ESPN=FASCISM Fascism /หˆfรฆสƒษชzษ™m/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce, that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.
Jason Alfonso Of course he could miss season opener .. so Dallas now has to have a plan with Odell playing and one without him playing. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ any one that's half intelligent would see that he was walking fine on the side line.. All his test were negative .. He will be playing week 1 along side Brandon Marshall ..
Howard Pavlat #justiceforlee
Mary McSweeney Lanese Removing an (Asian-American) announcer because his name might offend someone is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. You are as much a part of this problem in our country as anyone--penalizing someone for something as nonsensical as this because someone might take offense??? Talk about pandering. Well--maybe LORETTA LYNCH ought to change her name (or never have been named Attorney General in the first place) because her name is offensive...
Daniel F Von Hoene If somebody named DONALD on a sports team. Don't say name Donald just call them X. Malcolm X would be proud that you are so sensitive to snowflake feelings.
Paolo Darcy Still better job security than an Asian named Robert LI!!! Right ESPN?
Constance Duke Did I really just read that you let someone go just because of their name???? Wow just wow.
William Hall ESPN IS RAN BY COMPLETE IDIOTS!!!! An Asian man named Robert Lee pulled from announcing a UVA game? Utter insanity!!! ESPN is ran by idiotic P.C. fools!!
Ozzy Ortega Is it true you guys dismissed an employee because his name is Robert Lee? LMFAO
Vinit Ahooja ESPN is taking MORONIC politics to a NEW LOW ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก. Robert Lee really??????!
Randall Peterson Looks like Robert Lee will be out week one too, good job ESPN, you idiots... SMDH
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 11:32pm

"You're welcome."

Gregory Leone Robert Lee was canned because of self inflicted liberal hysteria. ESPN are a bunch of bigoted, racist, nitwits. They might be worse than CNN. #RobertLee
Richard Knisley Espn, your idiots. Ignorance like this fuels the stupidity fire, and your in it head and feet. Good job, nimrods...
Jennifer Marie Ur disgusting for getting rid of someone because of their name! Bunch of racist bigots! Caving to the insane left!? Ur just as bad as CNN and these ridiculous colleges babying 20 year olds! Ur pathetic!
Robert Lind Nobody cares bro, free Robert Lee. ESPN is racist against Asians. I will take a knee like KAEP to protest this at every sporting event I go to.
Rob Grimes ESPN, we your viewers demand the immediate apology to Mr. Lee, then a public apology, and finally to reinstate him to work the Virginia game. What were you thinking? You weren't being progressive. You weren't practicing political correctness. You weren't doing the right thing. If someone had an issue with this or could have possibly been offended that's on them. You played to the concerns of the very few and were afraid of the backlash if he had worked the Virginia game. In response to this by making your abhorrent decision you are receiving a wave of backlash and criticism you absolutely deserve. You were also being ignorant and racist towards Asians. Period. You were. There is no possible explanation to justify any of your actions towards Mr. Lee.
David Halahmy ESPN has become a joke. Defending people who are anti-police, and Anti-US. removing someone from their job because of the their name! I stopped watching almost all your shows. There is a reason your ratings have gone down the toilet. If I want left wing rantings I have CNN and MSNBC lol
Lee Bartlett ESPN is simply in the pool of the left loones, the "insane". You sir are completely out of control just like the media you are....a cesspool of political correctness. I hope Robert Lee sues you for millions for hurting and probably ruining his career.
Thanase Vizentinis I'd like to hear Robert Lee's view on bell but too bad he got kicked out.
Aaron Regan You folks are about as lame as it gets. As if people would begin rioting if they heard this guy's name in the middle of a broadcast. Good lord, Dems killed that network. Totally destroyed.
Nik Sh ESPN is racist against Asians. Boycott ESPN.
Pamela Huffman I won't watch ESPN again. Bunch of spineless, gutless, slugs, giving the crybabies their way, will only make them worse. You have now become part of the problem. I will classify you right up the with CNN....Not worth my time. Advertisers need to pull their ads.
Sonya Evans This is so stupid it belongs on The Onion. Here's a fun fact: "Lee (with various spellings) is among the most common surnames in the world. In America, Lee is the most common surname for Chinese and Korean Americans and the second-most-common surname for Asian and Pacific Islanders." Oh, and by way, I'm not Asian, or related to or a supporter of Robert E. Lee, but my middle name is Lee, and so is my daughter's, but maybe I shouldn't broadcast that. Pull it together ESPN. You're embarrassing yourself.
Ken Scherer Does race-baiting ESPN expect Asian-American employee Robert Lee to blame Republicans and Trump for not being allowed to announce a certain game because of his name? Will ESPN now not hire anyone who has a name that is considered Confederate or too Confederate-sounding? How many other ESPN employees do you have with names that will require they not be allowed to do certain jobs?
Leah Smith Blickensderfer Shame on you I don't watch your station and now never will in the future. You are perpetuating this stupidity don't blame it on the situation but saying "It's a shame that this is even a topic of conversation" you made it that way" SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Ausie How dare an Asian with the last name of Lee announce a football game. Lee and Smith are some of the most popular surnames in the world. Espn you have turned into CNN and MSNBC. Sad. Stick to sports and not politics. #robertlee
Doug Elliott You have jumped the shark on political correctness. People throughout the political spectrum are scratching their heads on this one. I don't know how the network ever gets its credibility back.
Troy Megerle He will return once he gets the juice out his system. You ever wonder why he starts the season at least two games later than the rest. Smh
Kurt Snedeker In light of the Robert Lee fiasco is there anyway we can find a Confederate general named Stephen A Smith??
Ken Knecht Oh no, this is the Confederate Asian Robert Lee! :-) ESPN couldn't be dumber.
Peter J. Graves Hey ESPN...explain this....Robert Ley, anchor, and Robert Ley, NAZI WAR CRIMINAL!!! I AM OUTRAGED!!!! CHANGE YOUR NAME, BOB!!! -
Adam Poswiatowsky Boycott ESPN #ROBERTLEE
Mark Krogstrand ...and three days later he'll be injured and out for 4-6 weeks....
Ron Casey Even Bob Ley can't believe ESPN new level of stupidity.
Daniel Rodriguez I hope ESPN goes under. ESPN is the biggest problem in sports.
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 11:19pm

Things got heated.

Nathan George He acts like Conor isn't one head kick away from knocking him unconscious
Homar Hernandez 100% sure Paulie would eat this fool up in a real boxing match.
Jonathan Montana McGregor got no chance on saturday against mayweather boxing and ufc a different sport
Miguel Rodriguez Coner will do a lot of holding... Mayweather is going to abuse that boy, he is gonna light Coner UP, he will hit this money seeker at will!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ What A Joke!!! Can't believe some of you people actually think he has a Chance.... This fight will not go the distance, how many rounds in UFC ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Where you spend most of the time on the ground ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Dennis Spasovski Doesn't matter, Conor will get knocked out in the first ten seconds of the fight.
Erdem Kilic This guy so butthurt he got knocked out and someone leaked it
Ryan Fitzpatrick Why does this guy think he can take Conor, the only footage shows him getting dropped. Even if he was beating Conor up for the rest of the time it was in a boxing match with rules, he would eat him alive in a real fight.
Tom Platt good thing Robert Lee wasn't there to report on it
Ronnie Mexico That wop Malignaggi would DESTROY McGregor
Randy Sather ESPN management pull Asian broadcaster Robert Lee from broadcasting NC game due to concerns of his name being seen as insensitive. This has to be thee biggest ever all time winner of the freaking Darwin Award Championship. But that's ESPN for you.
Charles J. Gaca Jr. Conor will eat that dude food. You wanna be considered a fighter, step into his cage...
Adam Hundley Boxing nerds need to be honest. Your guy would lose in a nanosecond in an MMA bout. The reason why is because boxing only covers one very small and boring aspect of fighting -- punching. It's a punching contest. Woo hoo...
Todd Miller Dude didn't get pushed to the canvas! This could all be staged so may weather thinks it's easy! Ring rust and he is 40. A punchers chance? George Forman did it with on shot at 46. Never say never. If mayweather was going into the cage against Conor mayweather wouldn't have a chance but Coner does in the ring.
Richard Be Conor was hoping he got punched so he couldn't fight Floyd!!!!! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Denton Ramsey They're setting up a huge money fight between the two of them the beef between Conor and Paulie is staged af they got together when they sparred and said hey what if we could get a fight between us together even if it does half as well as this we will each make 50 mill
Susan McCaskill You guys at ESPN went way off the politically correct charts when you moved announcer Robert Lee from one game to another because his name was similar to Gen Robert E Lee. This pc crap and worrying about offending someone is way out of control.
Sasha Gonzalez Conor will not land 1 significant punch on Mayweather Saturday...and anyone who thinks differently needs to learn boxing. McGregor has a 0 chance of winning this match. Paulie would also eat him alive in a boxing match.
Neil Alvin Roxas This mcgregor vs mayweather fight is a joke. Not wasting my money on buying this fight. It's all scripted they just in for the money. Can't wait for mcgregor 2go back to Ufc and fight holloway and that's what you call a hella fight.
Jim Villarreal They act like Conor is some kind of punk. He's stepping into a boxers ring. But no holds barred? Them boxers will get their head knocked off and they know it.
Marcelo Espino-Reza Paulie is a punk that's all he is... what a bum, he knew the cameras were rolling, wants that red panty money... grow up man. If you want a fight book me in the ring. Let's see you back up the talk little man.
Jon Brumfield I like to compare it like this..Usain bolt vs. Micheal Phelps in a swimming race or in a sprint ..Sure, Usain bolt has prolly swam a little for certain training methods once or twice, and Phelps might have ran a couple of times for cardio, but neither will win vs. there opponent in there respective sport..Simply cause they've had days, months, years! Perfecting in one art form.. Although I think Phelps recently might have beaten or came close to beating a CGI shark soo..Anything is possible..Very low % but it's possible I reckon lol
Gens Mateo Cisko Danny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Paulie wants the rematch
UkeMoochie Cee Waa Robert Lee in California4,925 people named Robert Lee found in Los Angeles, Oceanside and 56 other cities. Click a location below to find Robert more easily. 8
Brian Miller Made Paulie look so weak like a crybaby. He should have just shut his mouth till after the fight then pressed for them to release the full 12 he knows it ain't getting released before the fight Conor ain't dumb and gonna give May study material so Paulie is just bumping gums
Izzy Dunnum II Everyone in the MMA world know just like wrestling its all about timing and marketability. Dude probably really can knock Connor out with no hesitation but we wouldnt know that yet because he still paying his dues until it's his time
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 11:06pm

LeBron has responded.

Anthony Bardalo What sucks is "most" people will remember LeBron and the championship, more than they will when Kyrie hit that momentus three.
Omar David Rios Class act lol still, this is going to be somewhat interesting... like I.T. and D. Rose guarding Steph and Klay... hmmmm... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
Craig Lett Cleveland just traded the only person on the team willing to take game winning shots. Cavs go out in the 2nd round next year and lebron is on a plane to LA.
Stephen Stenglein Nothing but love for Kyrie. Hit the biggest shot in Cavs history! We'll miss you buddy. Now maybe the king won't jump ship!
Bowen McCollum You mean the GOAT has responded?
UkeMoochie Cee Waa Robert Lee in California4,925 people named Robert Lee found in Los Angeles, Oceanside and 56 other cities. Click a location below to find Robert more easily. will they lose their jobs. how many of them are asian?
Jim Smith Who cares what he does !!!!
Eric Outler This is why Kyrie left Cleveland. The public's obsessive concern for "what does LeBron think." I'm glad that Kyrie is out of that shadow.
Reggie Montgomery Save a click lol
Drake Lafleur "That's the only way to be to the kid! Special talent/guy! Nothing but respect and what a ride it was our 3 years together Young Gode #Filayy" Saved you a click
Brad Jennings Who cares what queen James has to say. There's a big difference back in 2010 it was his choice to leave his beloved cavs that's why the fans turned on him. This was a trade the player has no choice it's a business. Fans should be mad at the front office if they turn on the player it really show how sorry Cleveland fans are.
Patrick Spagnuolo High Road? He's the biggest baby in the NBA. Good for you Kyrie and much luck in Boston. I hope you meet Lebron in the Eastern Conference Finals and beat the Cavs bad. Front runner LeBron is leaving Cleveland anyway. SMH
Garrett Schaff Did he say what team he's leaving Cleveland for this time?
Ivanson Foss Guys please check Zizic aka baby shaq on YouTube , the guy is in my opinion way better than TT. This trade was a steal for CLEVELAND. Now Cavs even get the chance to look for another big piece by trading their future first round pick + Shumpert+ TT . Trust me , Cavs is loaded right now
Eric Cimino Better watch what you ask for Kyrie..... pressure is on now! Oh and BTW.... if your back is still hurting....don't be selfish this time and please sit the game out so maybe someone that can take a shot can step in......especially in game 7 of the finals! But then again....not sure you'll be there again unless Mr. James decides to put on the green jersey next season! ๐Ÿ˜€
Jerry Robertson News flash cav fans,, when James contract plays out he will be retiring what do he need to prove?? What chase Michael Jordan's records even more, ha, ha, ha, ha what's the sensible high road here...๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฃ
Jesse Bueno Just what you would expect him to do. I love LeBron taking a stand on social issues, but he is considerably more reserved when it comes to this. Rightly so, but it would have been nice to watch him vent too
Dennis Evans I'm excited to see what happens with the draft pick. If they somehow land Michael Porter Jr., it's over. People rave over Bagley, but I just don't see it. Not saying he's not talented, but he isn't as good as Porter.
Carl Patterson He's always taken the high road. He's always praised Kyrie. Not once has he made a derogatory statement about him. He's called him a future MVP. What happens behind closed doors is none of my business and is speculation but he's been respectful when openly speaking about Kyrie.
Joe Ziadeh They didn't fire, the Asian, Robert Lee. They removed him from broadcasting a Virginia game because of super sensitive people. It's still dumb, but Today's world is dumber.
Jay Anthony Irving is a joke. Weak and soft goal is to win he has the best chance with lebron. Then demand a trade because you don't like your role. Selfish. Basketball is a team game. Coward.
Noel Riveros Marco, Celtics first game of the season will be in Cleveland.... Man-o-man!....... Now Kyrie is 'tha man', just what he wanted..... We'll see.
Jim Kithcart LeBron's day in the spotlight is finally over. He will never make the finals again as a starter. Sorry, but he is simply too old for another rebuilding year. Besides, the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ARE HEREBY THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!
Sean Watson What did Kyrie do in Cleveland BEFORE LeBron came back? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Why on earth would he want to go back to that by going to Boston?!?! Dumb.
Jay Mattice Yeah because they got some talent to replace Irvin. If Irvin just walked he would leave too and make another super team somewhere else lol
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 9:48pm

New guy in town.

Mike Kim guys have lost your minds. Robert Lee? Seriously?
Drew Ashton Chellsen You can put Ricky Rubio on the point with Lebron. They're going to the finals
Tony Hadley Celtics was dishonest to Isaiah Thomas and they will see they made a huge mistake. It was a disservice to IT and the NBA smh!!!
Sandy Miller Seriously, you pull an announcer from a Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee?? Are you people honestly that totally nuts? If there was ever proof that liberalism is a mental disease this is that proof. This country has become a nation of total moon-bats. This is shameful and embarrassing. This is the insanity that pushes people to racism.
Tim Busekrus Ahhh poor Isaiah, has to play with this ball hog :( so sad to see him go, he is the reason Boston is where they are at now. Love you Isaiah thanks for all you've done for my celticsโค
Marc Butterman Cavs won this deal grabbing crowder and potentially a 1st overall pick next year
Robert Lee Man this is messed up. Guessing ESPN might block me from posting comments to their page pretty soon now as well.
John Bailey Glad he is not named Lee, or Asian....or, you guys would replace him?
Cameron Laspada It will be sweet justice when Kyrie beats LeBron in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Corey Yates Yea, and his name isn't Robert Lee. Instead, its Robert Li. #justiceforrobertleetheasian
Josh Stewart Isaiah is my favorite player in the league right now next to Rondo. Die hard Celts guy. I hate that we had to lose him along with Crowders toughness and tenacity. Not to mention, possibly the #1 pick next year. That being said, Celts definitely came out on top of that deal. Although I do think it was great for both squads, if that makes any sense. Danny Ainge acquired I.T. 60th in the same draft that Kyrie went 1st. Celts just picked up a pg that is 3 years younger, bigger, better and is under contract for at least 2 years with the Celts. I.T. might be gone after next year. A bitter sweet day. It'd feel good if either one of them knock off G.S next year.
Anthony Scrima Anyone who thinks that IT is better than Kyrie...stop. Just stop. I can say with the absolute certainty that you all are only saying this because you hate Boston teams cause they win all the time. Cause literally NO ONE thought IT was better a few months ago. Literally no one. And he's not. Kyrie is better at literally everything and Brad Stevens, the best coach in the east, can help Kyrie with his defense. Relax. The celtics weren't gonna be able to resign IT and they didn't need crowder. It was a good trade for both teams.
Debbie White ESPN has totally lost their mind! You've got to be kidding me. I actually thought it was fake news when the story hit. SMH.
Maryann Allen You fired someone because his name is Robert Lee? What's wrong with you people over there? Are you all stupid or just a bunch of morons? no wonder nobody watches your channel.
Jordan Shawn Kelsey LeBron will be the old guy in town that leaves in free agency. Or stays. We'll see - The Decision 3.0 Taking his talents to...
Omar Essaati Now to get Carmelo Anthony so the Cavs can have a Super team to compete against the Warriors super team.
Tom Nicholas ESPN just insulted all people of color by stereotyping them as too stupid to know there is no relation to Robert E Lee or incapable of controlling their emotions. They've found a way to offend every citizen of the country in one fell swoop.
Marcus Napolian Smith What difference does it make?๐Ÿค”LeBron is just gonna hog the ball and hold back Thomas like he did Irving.The Cavs are probably gonna get swept in the finals if the refs don't throw them a freebie and then the Queen will catch the first flight out of Cleveland once they get eliminated by the Warriors.
Adin Ducker While ESPN left wing politics is protesting injustice. The real injustice is against my man robert lee
Rick Shaw Hey ESPN...reassigning an announcer from a football because his name is Robert Lee...really?? That's more insulting to the intelligence of the viewers who know it probably isn't the REAL Robert E Lee calling the games.
Pj Chavez ESPN, you have lost a fan today. Taking a mans job and career away solely because of the name he was born with is ridiculous and unacceptable. I am canceling your services and products.
Tim Ziolkowski Boycott watching their prejudicial racist treatment of Asian Americans with the last name LEE. What a bunch of absolute f-tards. I refuse to watch or listen to any ESPN as long as they keep these nonsense snowflake, leftist, libtard shenanigans going
Patrick Ferraz Gustavo Maia to cรฉtico ainda em relaรงรฃo a essa rpz, mas vamos ver..
Barry Palifka espn Thank you for pulling that racist announcer named Lee because all he will spew is rantings about the blue jeans named after him . Great you caught this before another jean manufacturer sent nasty letters .Owwwww
Matt Nieschwitz Aye yo bron, why Kyrie a foot shorter
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 8:48pm

Get excited for the 2018 NBA draft, Cavs fans.

Shawn G. Downs You guys going to kick another Asian man off of his name is Robert Lee?
Corey Yates I'll only get excited if you give Robert Lee his job back from Robert Li. #justiceforrobertleetheasian.
Frank Johnson Does ESPN President John Skipper know that there were TWENTY THREE Confederate soldiers/officers that have his name, and not a single John Skipper fought for the Union? Fair is Fair President Skipper...step down or get Mr. Lee his job back.
Amber M Olsen Espn won't be turned on in this house again... Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.... Why any executive would have even considered this a issue is beyond me... ESPN practices racism and bigotry...
Chris Hagler You guys have officially lost your minds. Kick a guy off your broadcast to keep from "offending" left wing cupcakes over his name???? Idiots. Morons. Stick to SPORTS!!!
Pike Robertson ESPN discriminates against Asians now. they fired (or "reassigned" him, which is just as stupid) a man today because his name was Robert Lee. #espnareracist
Carlos Peligro I think this warrants a boycott. This doesn't even have to do with politics. It has to do with basic logic and intelligence and clearly, we are dealing with single celled organisms here.
John V. Renzi Haven't watched ESuckPN going on 5 years now but today's announcement about an ASIAN man not calling a game because his name is Robert Lee has guaranteed that I will never ever watch ESuckPN for the remainder my life time
Barb Denofa Oh Come on, your bigots and horrible people, firing a man because of his name.. SHAME ON YOU!!
Mitch Melancon Y'all really have lost your minds. Most asinine, idiotic thing I've heard in a while. And there's been a LOT of asinine, idiotic things happening lately!
Alex AndLissette Aguila The Robert Lee story going crazy viral. ESPN is going to be relentlessly mocked for this one by all sides. The executive that made that decision needs to be fired.
D Ryan Arnold Boycott ESPN and their sponsors. Time for the right to unite and fight the liberals in the streets (peaceful protest). They're taking this way too far.
Riley Whittenberger Discrimination against an Asian man because of his name, Robert Lee.. WOW! This politically correct bull is out of control and whoever made that decision for Mr. Lee to not do Virginia football games should first put him back on the schedule to do the game and second he should be fired.
Mitch Melancon One good thing will come from this. Any one sitting on the political fence of what to think about all this PC, progressive crap, will hopefully have an epiphany and finally realize how jacked up this whole progressive, PC, antifa, BLM, "everyone's feelings matter", no dodge-ball playing fools, crap has really gotten.
Mitch Melancon I just hope at the round table meeting with the brain children throwing this idea around of removing an ASIAN man from announcing a football game, there was one, lone, sane person yelling to the group..."have you guys lost your freaking minds? This is insane!"
Keith Scott Calen Moe if Cavs got this kid next year with that Boston pick that'd be nuts Marvin Bagley is supposed to be the next Anthony Davis saying he's gonna be the face of the NBA when Lebron retires
Karen Dillawn Fenter ESPN you've gone completely mad. If someone is offended by a person whose name is Robert Lee who is Asian American, Caucasian or Black we've gone to the dark side. And you've gone way over political correctness.
Donna Millan I am an American of Asian descent and your removal of Mr. Lee OFFENDS ME. You are doing nothing to help end racism--your ridiculous cowardly action just made it worse. You stoke division & ignorance. YOU are the racist.
Paul Paduano I don't watch ESPN anymore for anything remotely having to do with sports. You people have gone off the deep end with this latest stunt. Bunch of single minded idiots.
Patrick Eck Removing Robert Lee from the UVA broadcast is by far the stupidest thing I have seen in the entire 62 years of my life. I'll only watch ESPN if there's a game I absolutely have to see but rest assured it will be taped and I'll fast forward through the sponsor's commercials. Hopefully the list of Sponsors will be posted so we can boycott them. Let the liberals finance ESPN's attack on America.
Justin Thomas I stopped watching your channels, PCESPN is a joke now. And moving someone to another game over the possibility of offending someone? How many people have you offended doing it?
Ben Coman Keep digging our own grave ESPN. At least the show is nice I must admit. Let's see how many other people they'll remove from broadcasts over similar names. Like Lee isn't one of the most common Asian names out there.
Rob Cawley Did you twats really ban an Asian commentator because his name is Robert Lee? Bahahahaha progressives are such cunts!
KJ Jordan You fcking retards take a hard-working, aspiring asian reporter who has been chosen to work a college game - a person just trying to work to feed his family like everyone else, and you nix him because you think his name will be somehow misconstrued as racist?!? What kind of sick retarded liberal freaks are you?!
Dianne Farley Crandall I shouldn't laugh....I...really...shouldn't but I can't help it. Talk about some truly, truly stupid people. I hope you can sue them, if for no other reason than to publicise the truly massive ignorance of the left. How embarrassing. The name 'Lee' (Li) is the second most common Chinese surname according to wiki. "ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general's name"
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 8:45pm

Who came out on top in this blockbuster?

Samuel Raymond Colletto Jr. The Warriors. You're just shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
Cristian Curtean The Celtics here's why. They already signed Hayward to a long term deal, they have young assets in Tatum and brown. They get Kyrie who is only 25 with two years on his deal and is an elite scorer. The Cavs get IT who is a defensive liability at 5'9 and only has a year left on his deal just like lebron. If the Cavs don't win, which I don't see them doing anyways, IT and lebron will walk. Then the Cavs are left with decent players and a young draft pick. At that point, it's either they trade and rebuild or try and sign FAs. But if LJ and IT don't resign I doubt they be able to get top FAs to come to Cleveland. The Celtics have an immediate and long term future. The Cavs are playing with fire for one season to try and win, if it doesn't work out their most likely in trouble of keeping their big names and will have to start from scratch potentially
Justin Darnell Gonzรกlez Boston traded almost half their starting lineup who had the number 1 seed in the east last year... who y'all think won ? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Jon Fonk Boston won cavs will be left with nothing but crowder and 1 draft pick after this year lol
John Menyhard You pull someone off the air.just because of is Robert lee.this why you are going.down Hill and the be it.i hope he will lewyer up and Sue your as.for everything you guys have. #boycottespn
Carlito Mandingo Easy.. Cavs got a steal.. IT is not even his prime yet and plays wayyy better defense. Plus a pretty high Nets first rounder probably. Celtics got robbed.
Lebron Jordan Easy the Cavs...they got IT, a solid player, and the Nets 1st round pick for a great scorer...but that's all he does...if he's not scoring he's a liability
Kevin O'Neill The Celtics bent over the Cavaliers on this trade. IT has a bad hip and Kyrie Irving is a way better player and a top 10 talent in the league. Celtics win the Eastern Conference title Bank on it.
Josh Liman Boston got one hell of a superstar he plays a little bit better defense than Thomas he's the one that won the championship for Cleveland not LeBron
Cody Landry Cleveland by far!!! The nets 1st rd pick will probably be a lottery pick and Crowder is a pretty good player.
Michael Myers-West Kyries a better passer (as shown by their Assist numbers, even though LeBron was the primary ball handler and IT was his team's ball handler) bigger faster, takes less shots and a better FG% but only 3 less points pg even though he had LeBron on his team. Better defender. Better ball handler. Better finisher. He's basically better at everything. The Celtics won easily. Only reason it's kinda semi close is because Cleveland got multiple players.
Todd Moyer Celtics got raped! Everyone was focused on Lebron and Kyrie avg 25 a game,the whole world was focused on IT and he led the EC in scoring at 29 a game,plus Crowder and you give up what will likely be the 1st pick in the draft next season. To ask this question is just stupid,the #2 seed is up for grabs,and lets not forget they dont have there best defender and 2nd leading scorer Avery Bradley! Just crazy!!!
Denny Nguyen Cavs of course. Crowder, Thomas and an unprotected pick from the Nets for Irving? How would that not be a steal for the Cavs.
Alejandro Jacquez Kyrie is better than IT. Crowder is trash. Unless that pick becomes all star level, Boston won this easily
Dallas Reeves Boston because Kyrie has 2yrs left on contract, but after this season Thomas and LeBron a free agent in they might leave if they dont win a ring .
Ryan Fish Cavs won trade. Anyone. Who says otherwise doesn't know basketball or they hate LeBron do much they look for any reason to talk crap
Eric Irv You guys sayin cavs r high asf if u think the cavs won that deal lol
Shan Brown Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Brody Arnold Kyrie. He got out of Cleveland, that's what he wanted. As far as the two teams, this changes nothing. Cavs will still glide through the Eastern conference.
Keelyn Senegal This trade changes nothing for Cleveland. They're going to get the same amount of scoring as they did from kyrie but now with less defense. And that's what killed them last year was they were unable to play any defense . More so against Golden State. So they add a smaller PG and a role player , that's not gonna even phase Golden State. It just makes Curry's job easier guarding IT. They didn't add a difference maker this off season. Just patch work.
Josh Stockdale All these comments and what a bunch of morons? Do you realize the celtics traded IT for a legit solid size guard? They have Gordon Hayward (not a legit number 1 player but. Perfect robin to Batman roll player) Have drafted 2 legit future studs of the future with Brown and Tatum?! What is the point of the Brooklyn pick? It may NOT be number 1 and we traded it for a legit number 1 pick, a player who is a free agent next year and a forward who is solid D but what else??? Lucky ๐Ÿ€ is going to crap in all your cereal after reading these idiotic comments
Christopher Durham Neither, it's a wash. Both teams get swept by the dubs
Josh Bundy Speechless about this trade at first because Isaiah was involved but the more I think about it the more it kind of makes since and you got to give some credit to Danny Ainge Kyrie is 3 years younger than Isaiah, he's under contract for at least 2 more years with maybe a 3rd year as an option, he's only had one significant knee injury back in 2014 during the Finals so you don't have to worry about a constant hip injury and Ainge only give up the Brooklyn pick in this deal Thank you Isaiah for what you did for Boston but I have no problem with the Celtics trading away Crowder
Frank Barefoot Cavs win in this trade easily. Get 3 guys plus a pick....Thomas and Irving really arent that far off from each other.....Cavs win !
Clark Everett Dalton Cavs, till they lose bron to Houston with Wade and Melo following to join forces with CP3 and Harden. Giving chef harden the last ingredient (the banana boat boys) needed to cook the GSW.... probably...
ESPNTuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 8:35pm

Tuesday's failed drug test adds to a history of incidents with Jon Jones.

John Wesley Magera But....he's it's racist right? Trump was obviously behind this. Oh and the monuments! Oh oh oh and the Nazis! BAHAHAHA FOOLS.
Cory Williams The sick part is is that DC was winning until that lucky head kick. DC is the real champ. Jones is tainted forever.
Dan McCoy ESPN the liberal loser sports station! Just reading now you guys pulled an announcer off a college game because his name is Robert Lee even though he is Asian...... no wonder u guys like fake news CNN are completely failing and in complete disarray ..... ESPN scumbag leftist losers
Chadrick Neal This is just absolutely horrible. Jon Jones has shown repeatedly that he simply cannot break bad habits after multiple chances to clean himself up. He should be banned from the sport. End of discussion. If he cannot compete without PEDs or is unable to stay away from other substances that violate the UFC's policy, he should be banned from ever competing in the UFC again. This is shameful. For both fans and combatants. Ban him. Period.
Corey Yates Tuesday, was also the day you guys decided to pull Robert Lee from announcing the UVA vs William and Mary game because his name may offend some fans. THE DUDE IS ASIAN. #justiceforrobertleetheasian
Edwin Cantor The UFC had to of known he tested positive before the fight, but they wanted to collect that pay per view money. So they waited to announce it after the fight, and be acting like they didn't know. UFC could not afford another cancelled fight.
David Cantu End the drug prohibition. We are adults we don't need other adults controlling our lives. No one gets out here alive. Stop with the b.s. propaganda and taboos. We are mortals we have to die. Straight edge individuals die also. So stop preaching this anti-drug movement, we know it's all about keeping the prison-industrial complex profiting every fiscal quarter.
Seymour Finklestien Thank god he isn't Asian at a football game and his last name isn't lee
Timothy Potter Smh y'all looking at this all wrong... this is setting up a super steroid fight between him and Brock lesnar... imagine 2 top athletes juiced to the neck battling it out for the steroid championship. I can't wait!! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
Brian Vander Veen How does it take a month to report a positive drug test. It only takes 5 to 7 days for results. UFC knew it before the fight. Everyone who paid for the should get a refund.
Cristian Curtean Jon you have the size, reach and skill on almost every single one of your opponents. What more of an advantage could you possibly need. But yet, you still fail to learn from your mistakes. I'm actually really disappointed a guy with so much potential to be one of the all time greats ruin his career yet again
Alex Jacob Everyone who paid 70$ for that fight should be refunded!
Milo San Guy likes to have a good time, who are we to judge?
John V. Renzi Haven't watched ESuckPN going on 5 years now but today's announcement about an ASIAN man not calling a game because his name is Robert Lee has guaranteed that I will never ever watch ESuckPN for the remainder my life time
Steven Rydelski Jr Says they tested him after the weigh stupid..why don't they tested way before that so they have results before they even fight.
Chris Gonzalez Anderson Hipe Jones would've still won even without the roids, im disappointed Julian Jdawg
Kendrick Flanagan Chris Berman's middle name is James, and his nickname is "Boomer". That's clearly a reference to Confederate General James Longstreet, who often shot guns that went "boom". I demand you no longer allow Chris Berman to announce any sporting events. It's bigotry if you choose otherwise. Clearly I'm being sarcastic; a claim such as this is ridiculous. Although so is claiming an Asian man named Robert Lee is somehow affiliated or connected with a man who has been dead for 150 years. Yet you still legitimized that claim.
Quentin Johnson I hope he gets mentally better. I wouldn't scrutinize the guy, there's a deeper meaning to his past. I'm not saying anybody should praise him, or look up to him as a role model but there's something in his closet and I have empathy for that.
Will Randle What a total loser.
Ryan Nichols So let me get this straight... ESPN employs a white guy named "BOB LEE" and for the twenty or whatever years he's been there no one said anything. Now "Robert Lee", who is Asian, gets pulled from a game because he might be offensive?
Chance Cooke It's time to ban him from the UFC. Maybe the greatest fighter ever but completely untrustworthy at this point. You can't bank on him as an organization, and you can't count on him as a person.
Chaz Smith Who cares, baddest dude on the planet. I'm with Joe Rogan, let him do as much blow and hookers as he wants and let Brock be juiced to the gills and let's watch a real super-fight! ๐Ÿ‘ƒโ›„๏ธ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ‘น
Will Torres Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, Shrimp soup , shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich, That- that's about it.
Chris Manhattan He used the steroid Turinabol, which people usually take to give them a massive boost and advantage in physical performances and competitions. Also, people take it before they hit the gym or the field to give them added strength and power etc. It works quickly and it is most certainly cheating!
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.