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ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 9:45pm

Pat McAfee Show surprised Indiana kicker Nate Snyder with a full scholarship 👏

(via Indiana Hoosiers Football)

Another millennial getting everything handed to them on a silver platter.... Very sad....
I don’t like that they started celebrating so early they didn’t even let him say he was on scholarship first but nonetheless Congrats 💪🏾
Grew up playing soccer with Nate, congrats big man!
I won’t stop until Pat and Orlovsky have a daily show called Punt Pass & Kick.
This the best thing that ever happened in indiana cuz indiana sucks 🤣
You guys signed the future of commentators. Implement what Matt Lefleur wants to do with beer prices and McAfee in the booth. Games will be changed on both ends.
Pat should be running his own show on ESPN.
Pat Mcafee must be protected at all cost. What a treasure
We didn’t produce much titles but we’ve given TV Pat and Peyton.
Not bad. Couple kicks a season and u get a full scholarship. Only in the U.S
As a Hawkeye fan, congrats kicker!
Could be a big year for IU. Loaded offense and a good secondary. May surprise a few folks this season.
Is this what it’s like when men watch the girls in volley ball shorts.
I love these! It’s so special for these kids! Something they will never forget 🙌🏻
Pat mcafee should run for president
Pat McAfee Lookin' like Kenny Omega with short hair.
Awesome. Love these videos.
Pat’s the man
So awesome! This is why we love sports.
Teammates ruined it celebrating too early
Way to go pat! Always a show and always a good one.
Way cool. I love these stories!
Them pants look like yoga shorts 😂
Just proves how hard work pays off.
Nate’s uncle, Schneider, was a maintenance engineer
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 8:03pm

Conor McGregor tells Ariel Helwani he wants redemption against Khabib Nurmagomedov (via SportsCenter)

conor mcgregor 15 minutes of fame are almost up, stuttered through the whole interview, no confidence.
This guy will never win another title no matter the weight class. His time has passed...
Looking forward to seeing him back in the octagon!
OMG why do people keep feeding into this? Conor needs to actually EARN title shots & not just be given them. So many other LW who have fought long & hard to climb the rankings.
Dude, your fan base and out of the Octagon actions are horrible. I was a fan but your out of control. No matter how many apologies you give it's no longer believable
Still tapped out, though. Keep talking...
Why in the world would any sane person think that the outcome would be even a little different? He has a puncher's chance, at best, and that's it. This is exactly the wrong guy for him to try to come back against.
All I heard was cocaine and bad decisions talking. Dude hasn't won a fight in almost 3 years. Anyone else would be dropped from the UFC. But this is Dana White's favorite son so who knows
Dude brought in the most numbers for the UFC , that’s his SPORT . You can argue all you want when this guy fights he puts on a show before the fight even takes place . Money talks .
Is it me, or does it seem like this guy is spiraling? He just seems like he's losing his grip on life.
He’s like every basic chick in the world. Wants the same guy he just had and doesn’t see all of the red flags
McGregor couldn’t even knock out and old dude at the bar now a days
Start with a rematch of the old man you sucker punched at the bar first.
This dudes career ended when he lost to Mayweather. Hang it and beat up on old guys at bars apparently thats what your good at. What a joke
Heck maybe Randy Couture or Tito Ortiz would be up his alley, considering his recent bs
I'm confused when he says his world title back like he lost it in the fight. Both your titles were taken because you were off trying to be a boxer. Khabib mauled you and I have no doubt the rematch will be worse. You dont deserve a title shot period. Making it sound like he was the champion and got beat. Climb your way back up to #1 contender and stop trying to hijack the division again.
Doesn't he have old men to beat up on now...
If Conor wants to keep ANY of his remaining reputation alive, he better not fight Khabib again. Or call out Masvidal. Or Nate again. Because those dudes will surely give him the work.
He retired. He deserves no top 15 opponents on a return imo. Make him work for it.
Fight that old man that took his punch! 💯
If they faught 10 times Khabib would win all 10,you just can't catch up in grappling/wrestling with a guy who's been doing it since he was a kid,and in every single one of those fights his game plan would not change.
I think he needs a rematch with that old man 1st
Fight already man, your wasting ur prime years. Getting tired of watching replays on YouTube. Win lose or draw, hate the man or support him, you know your gonna tune in to a Conor Mcgregor fight. There’s nothing like it. The build up, the hype everything that comes with a McGregor fight is just unique. Although i would say, the UfC has been doing really well without him in the spotlight. There have been some unbelievable fights the last few years. Time to take the spotlight back mystic mac. Ariel Helwani
What the fook is he saying?
Isn't Khabib a little young for you?
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 7:33pm

Tacko Fall's shoe in comparison to this 8-year-old 😲

(via Boston Celtics)

What size shoe?
How photoshopped can you get?? 🤣🤣
Nathan Soper that was also his girlfriend's face when she saw his shoe size
Niko Correa
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 6:38pm

This kid took on the whole defense by himself 😲

(via andrew_ivins/Twitter)

Nick Saban on the phone with dudes parents right this second !
I know one thing whoever is the defense of coordinator for that defense everybody doing bear crawls Monday horrible tackling they need to go back to the beginning hit and wrap up
What did you expect when you allowed the Chicago Bears to schedule the Michigan Wolverines?
Is he playing against the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can't Tackle Very Well?
Not that big of a deal. My high school made every running back look like that when they would play us.
I thought these were old highlights from Michigan vs Appalachian State
So many guys gave up after missing the tackle and just watched
That was a nice run from him. Poor tracking from them all arm tackles. The people who had the chance to wrap up and run through the tackle did not. But great job by him for making them miss and not being brought down by arm tackles
When you make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for later put peanut butter on both sides to prevent a soggy situation
Michigan in midseason form already??
Wow ESPN posting a kid doing something actually great instead of posting Lebron and Wades kids doing layups in pregame...
Tackling circuit in the parking lot immediately after the game...
I mean they have the same helmets as Michigan what can you expect.
Don’t let this distract distract you from the fact that in 1998 Bobby Boucher led the SCLSU Mud Dogs to a comeback upset victory in the First annual Bourbon Bowl!
Looks like University of Michigan at the college level
Looks like the Wolverine defense with those uniforms and helmets!
The team on defense didn't stand a chance with those God awful helmets.. poor kids..O H..
Just straight up embarrassed the whole defense. Every single one of them boys should feel ashamed lol
Heading to Pitt, aka, Running Back U.
Did I count 6 broken tackles correctly? Gahdamn what a run! 💪
The defense is dressed like Michigan of course it'd be easy to do that against
He was Two-Hand touched at the 13. He should be ruled down there.
Looks like the actual Michigan Defense 😂🤣😂
This Has To Make The Highlight Tape
Pretty much how Ohio State vs Michigan unfolds every year
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 6:00pm

Curacao got the GRAND SLAM in the first inning 😮

They took down South Korea to advance to the International Championship Game at the Little League World Series.

If you’ve never been to Curaçao, it’s a great place to go and relax
Curaçao has produce talented baseball players for the last couple years. The baseball level is growing...
I don’t know how far those little league fields go back, but that stroke had some timing and very nice distance.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that in 1993 the Chicago Cubs own Henry Rowengartner became the youngest player to win a Division title when he struck out the New York Mets power hitter Heddo!
Thank you ESPN for your coverage Curacao is Happy today 😉🇨🇼
I thought they got beat by South Korea like 3 days ago though
MLB should let the whole dugout celebrate on the home plate regardless of what point it is in the game. That looked so much fun.
That’s how you set the tone in the LLWS
Awesome swing and contact... those tragedy USA bats killed this ball or else it would’ve been a monster HR lol
The defensive plays by both teams were amazing. These kids play like HS players.
Move the fences back 100-200ft, move the bases and pitchers mound 90ft, shouldn’t be having kids who are 5’8+ on fields smaller then softball fields.
He was looking for that high five from the 2nd baseman but he was not getting one!
Enough with the interviews during the game😠😠😠
Hawaii might go back to back
What was the final score!? Fan from Canada here! When the rain started the network (TSN) didn't carry the rest of the game!!
Is that a 1st, in Little League.
Give me the little leagues over the pros anyday
This is why I love the sport of baseball.
Sweet looking stroke
Love the enthusiasm! 🙌🏻⚾️🇺🇸
Go Caribbean baseball!
Always awesome to watch these kids playing baseball
:) ­N­­­F­­­L­­­T­­­V­­­N­­­O­­­W­ <3 is the best deal for the money, and now that they have added the DVR + 300 hrs of space and the series record option, its absolutely fabulous.....its makes SLING, Directv and others lacking terribly. I know, i have had them all! ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
What a memory that kid will have the rest of his life!
Word is Madison Bumgardner beemed him the next at bat
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 4:38pm

On Adam Thielen's 29th birthday, we look back at his amazing journey 🎂

He’s in the buildin and he’s THIELEN himself... RIP Mac Dre
and after paying off his student loans he will have $25 left...
Top 5 receiver in the game...arguably the best
What is amazing about this? We’ve heard this story 1000 times and it really isn’t that ‘amazing’ to begin with. Or is it an ‘amazing’ story because we’ve amazingly heard it 1001 times
Will have a better year than Antonio Brown this year.
He was interviewing to sell dental equipment in Michigan when the Vikings called. Great story.
The NFL is racist towards white WRs!
Way to go, Adam! Minnesota boy through-and-through!
The only limitations we have in life are the ones we place on ourselves (or the ones we allow to be placed on us by others). Obstacles are meant to be overcome, solutions and ‘work arounds’ are always achievable if you want it bad enough. Great inspiration and example, Adam - good luck this season!
He’ll have another 1,000 yard season with 10TD’s
He earned it. Love Thielen and Diggs. Hoping they can stay healthy and play a lot of seasons together.
Took him as my second receiver last year in the fantasy draft. People laughed and look at me now lol 💁
This is great... they should do one in reverse for Laquan Treadwell...
They forgot the part when Adam Thielen sucked at the end of the year and made my fantasy team lose in the playoffs.
So what’s the lesson here? You don’t have to LOOK like a football player to actually be one.
There was a receiver I played with named Sam Mentkowski and I still believe to this day, he could be another high school football player in the state of Wisconsin 2013
He’s a stud. With diggs on the other side absolutely a top two duo. Just hope the line holds up 😬😬😬
Noticed by the Vikings at an open try-out that use to provide D2 and D3 players that’s chance to be seen by NFL recruitment. The following year the event was cut and made into an invite only combine. More guys like Thielen deserve a chance.
Can we stop with all these “crazy underdog stories”, they are awesome professional athletes and tons of ppl do great out of not ideal situations and tons of talented ppl who could do great who never make it out of them. Adam is an awesome player, highlighting a player being undrafted etc means nothing to me. Only where they are now. Who cares how they got to the nfl nba whatever
Great story. Very good WR. It is too bad he plays for such a crappy franchise. He'll never get a ring till he leaves MN
And he did it without crying and sitting out. 👊🏾
Not a Vikings fan at all, but this guy is awesome
Most important fact was left out of this....LeBron James was the one who discovered this guy. He was on a fishing trip in Djibouti and noticed him casting his line, thought to himself, this guy is a pro. The rest is history. Please give credit where credit is due....besides, whats an ESPN posting with LBJ in it?
If he’s so great then why didn’t he make the playoffs?
Now these are the type of posts I like seeing pop up in my feed. Dudes a beast, and that extension was well deserved.
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 1:25pm

Two years ago, the Boston Celtics officially announced the trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving in exchange for Isaiah Thomas.

The only trade in history where no one won.
That worked out great for everyone not involved!!
#Kyrie is the reason why the city of Cleveland has a championship today, never forget!
That had to be the best trade ever! Thomas is so much better than Irving!
That’s when Kyrie found out he will never be a Batman only a good Sidekick
I used to be like you normal people. No top fan badge, no goals in life, not knowing who I was. But then I got this top fan badge and it made me realize, I’m better than normal people. You too can become a top fan, just work hard, you’ll get there in due time. But until then, I’m better than you.
this trade worked out for everyone involved. 🙄
Celtics would have had a ring if they didn’t make that trade . Kyrie is a cancer to a teams chemistry
I'm not trying to sound like that guy, but Isiah Thomas actually played with heart. Even when they got swept in the Eastern Conf. Finals he seemed like he was the only dude out there that was really trying his hardest to win. Kyrie is a fkn diva.
KYRIE was toxic. Too bad IT had those hip problems
Man, that worked out great, didn't it? Thomas eventually got sent elsewhere and Irving led the Celtics nowhere and then left for Brooklyn. Maybe it's time for Danny Ainge to step down and let someone that knows what the hell they're doing take over.
But in the end, did it really even matter?
LeBron is the first pro athlete that has been able to dictate who he plays with & where top players go in free agency thanks to his buddy Rich Paul. Yet he is still only 3-6 in the Finals! OVERRATED!!!!
Not how it went down. IT was a throw in basically. It was about that lotto pick
As a top fan I would have led both teams to the 'ship.
This post should said, the Boston Celtics announce the steal from the Cavs. Kyrie still a star but Thomas is nobody
On this day 69 years ago August 22, 1950, officials of the United States Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA) accept Althea Gibson into their annual championship at Forest Hills, New York, making her the first African-American player to compete in a U.S. national tennis competition. That’s some sports history for you. Bet y’all won’t mention anything about that. 🎾
Is Isaiah Thomas in the WNBA now?
And in the end both teams ended up losing the deal
... and legend has it, you can still smell the stench of that trade in Cleveland to this very day.
One of the stupidest trades ever!
Kyrie’s ability and Isaiah’s attitude would make one cracking player.
And multiple players..... stop making it seem like it was a player for player trade.... that’s why Isaiah Thomas was gassed up....
on the bright side at least the celtics still have Gordon Hayward and his contract😌
Also the last time Isaiah Thomas was worth talking about.
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 1:06pm

Serious contender for Bat Flip of the Year 🔥

I love how they went old school Disney Channel with the flip rotation.
Mlb needs to have flip data with the tracers for every bat flip. So beautiful.
That dude from the movie "powder" is celebrating big time in the stands. Good to see hes doing alright
All I’m saying is that he wouldnt do that in Texas. That punch was heard around the world and there hasnt been a bat flip against Texas ever since. 😂
A guy hitting .214 probably shouldn't be working on exotic bat flips quite so much ...
Winning the world series as long as our pitching holds up. Yeah I said it.
Nothing better than the casual flip.. that then turns out to be EPIC!
I used to be like you normal people. No top fan badge, no goals in life, not knowing who I was. But then I got this top fan badge and it made me realize, I’m better than normal people. You too can become a top fan, just work hard, you’ll get there in due time. But until then, I’m better than you.
Awesome bat flip for a lifetime .250 hitter with 30 career home runs. Dude is a hack..
I would think that’s a flip for the fact that they keep hitting Acuna.. on another note. Let’s go Astros
Serious contender for “Act like you’ve hit a home run before”
Hitters can flip a bat, just like pitchers can celebrate a big pitch or play. Don't like the flip? Don't give up the Blast!
I don’t see how this has anything to do with LeBron ?
Pretty soon ESPN will have stats on bat flips and a fantasy league.
Who batflips in the second inning of a 1-0 game against the marlins?
Don’t let this distract distract you from the fact that in 1998 Bobby Boucher led the SCLSU Mud Dogs to a comeback upset victory in the First annual Bourbon Bowl!
If you dont want a bat flip dont give up homeruns. It's bat flipping season.
I guess when you know nothing about actual sports, like with the people at ESPN, this is the kind of article yo write. I'm just surprised they didn't give some totally useless stats about the flip percentage, etc. and pass them off as if they have any bearing on the outcome of the game.
Best part of the game! Really having fun out there.
Hit em with the Yondu arrow bat!
Was that santa clause commentating?
Bat flip of the year AND announcer laugh of the year!
Bout the be a contender for hardest hit by a pitch 💯
Serious contender for rib cage bruise of the year coming soon!
Hey does anybody have any experience with NFLTVNOW?
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 12:17pm

Mel Kiper Jr. has Tua Tagovailoa right in the mix of his preseason Big Board.

Full list (E+)

Mel Kiper is exactly like a meteorologist, wrong most of the time yet still has a job.
Who the hell is Mel Kiper?
Back to back to back Hiseman Trophy winners Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, & upcoming winner Jalen Hurts!
Chase Young will be #1 overall by the time the year is over. No one is selecting a WR #1 overall.
Trevor Lawrence not on this list is LAUGHABLE. He’s going to dominate college football and the NFL for years to come. I love Trevor
Justin Herbert will be ahead of Tua as far as QB’s go by the time the draft rolls around
2 hawks up there baby, gonna be the surprise of the big ten
Iowa with two top 10 players on Kiper’s big board! Looks like I’ll win another $100 off Nebraska this year betting my friend. Scott Frost is my biaaaattcchh
That Colorado receiver getting mad disrespected
Tua will end up being 1 overall
Didn't you see the 30 for 30? Mel kiper doesn't know jack!
Tua will not be a good NFL quarterback. Most Alabama QBs don't translate well into the NFL.
With the first pick Tampa bay selects chase young. THE Ohio State University
Some off the radar qb will light it up this year and be the first pick of draft happened last two years now
ESPN, we stopped caring what Mel Kiper had to say long ago.
Can’t wait for Arizona to draft Tua next year!
Well in my opinion Mel Kiler has to have something on the executives of ESPN because he has got be the dumbest of all time...he has been dragging that show down for years. Between him and Mc shay it’s turned me off so much that I don’t even watch their draft show anymore. I think ESPN should stick solely to basketball because that’s all the talk about.
Tua is exactly the type to be plagued by injury!
Darn, the Colts won't be able to get none of these players with their 32nd pick smh
The Disrespect on leaving out 2 of the most pro ready QBS Jake Fromm & Sam Ehlinger out of this list baffles me #WhoTheHellIsMelKiper
I just don’t think Tua is gonna be a good NFL QB. I may be wrong, but I don’t see it.
Jeudy is extremely talented, but he won’t be a #1 pick as a receiver. Chase Young could be the best player in the draft next year, though. He’s a freak athlete.
Niners should go 1-15 just to get Tua..Jimmy G will be a big time bust..I mean,the most they win is 6 anyways.. -Niners fan..
And with the 1st pick the Dallas Cowboys select....
Tua is gonna be the first pick next years draft
ESPNThursday, August 22nd, 2019 at 9:50am

Prepare your pups 🐶

ESPN Dog Day is coming this Saturday.

I love dogs and all but enough with the gimmicks. Just give us highlights and analysis like the good old days.
You can tell Luna is excited!
Looks like I won’t be watching espn on my birthday this year. Give us real sports not dogs...
My dog Rasta cant wait to watch Air “Bud” at 4:20 pm, arriving fashionably late to the party! And he says “There better be snacks!”
They can have a dog day on Espn but can’t air any wrestling event ever?
When’s cat day?
They could have at least given Mike Vick a half hour
hosted by saquon barkley? grrrr
Now this is the quality content I've come to expect.
My goodness ESPN, Barstool has really done a number on you guys huh?
You guys are running out of ideas huh
Bill Walton should be doing commentary on all these dog show events.
As a top fan I can confirm this is a great way to pregame for the Week 0 kickoff
The only good part of that schedule is at 2
Friggin hype for the Agility Premier Club...Australian Shepherds be going into hyperdrive
Will Michael Vick also be on set?
No cleveland browns?
It needs to be GOAT day. This is Kobe’s day.
Where is Mina Kimes and lenny?!!!
Which ones the Dog?
Sometimes you just have to like your own comment to get the ball rolling
I didn't see Air Bud for a hot second and I was going to riot!
Is that Billy in photo?
With special guest Michael Vick
Wow. I knew August was a bad month for sports but I had no idea. 😂🤦🏾‍♂️