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ESPNTuesday, October 23rd, 2018 at 12:28am

The Los Angeles Lakers dropped 142 points in their loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

That's the most points a LeBron James-led team has scored. Ever.

He missed two crucial free throws and the potential game winner, he ain't clutch, and he ain't Kobe
What cracks me up is that ESPN headline says Lebron team score 142 points in a LOSS but doesn't mention that they GAVE UP 143 POINTS.
Kobe would've never missed 2 straight free throws in crunch time. Also, he would've hit that game winning buzzer beater. Lebron will never fill Kobe's shoes yet alone Jordan.
Dear god they lose an absolute chokefest (thanks to you know who) and ESPN still finds a way to give Lebron a positive spin.
ESPN is like: 27816 points were given up by the Lakers today, but Lebron looked in my direction and I know he saw me.
Seeing all of these Lakers highlights you'd think they got the W. ESPN and the NBA is forcing LeBron and the Lakers down everyones throat!
Bunch of sheep.They are losing on purpose to make you sleep on them.Its the embarrassing phase they have to go through before they rise up With a 3 Peat.This year probably won’t be there’s.But I’m betting money regardless on them to win it all the 3 years after that.
Kobe would’ve hit those free throws.. Jordan would’ve made em with his eyes closed shooting with his feet while standing on two fingers
That is the MOST..LEBRON...ESPN caption EVER to ignore the fact that their poster boy BRICKED FREE THROWS and missed gw jumper to LOSE the game 0-3
Always have to make it out about Lebron. That’s cool. Go Spurs Go.
LeBron BRICKS FREETHROWS and ESPN wanna talk about "Most points scored by LeBron led team" ESPN like a Dyson ball vacuum.....
In all seriousness I think the lakers better without lebron on the court. They made most of their runs when he was on the bench. He demands the ball so much he takes away from the young guys making plays. Anyone else would have atleast hit 1 of them free throws
Lebron's points and assists accounted for 67 points but people will still claim he's at fault. Spurs played a good game, that's all
ESPN, just go ahead and change yall’s name to “Lebron James fan page” already, ffs. You ain’t fooling anyone.
Why does everyone hate on Lebron so much? This guy is an amazing ballplayer, never done anything negative, helps kids, supports charities a family man. Not sure but I don't think he ever compared himself to Jordan or Kobe. People hate him so much I just don't understand it at all. The only reason I can think of is because he has moved teams a few times. Relax people he might not be the best ever in your opinions, but is definitely one of the best basketball players ever!
Hey Lebron? How are those amazing numbers holding up? Oh right, it doesn’t matter because you still lost the game. In classic Lebron fashion too, missing two free throws (lol) then missing the game winner because you opted for a stepback jumper instead of attacking the rim. #LAbron #NotMyGOAT
How does ESPN always manage to give LeBron credit even after his team loses and he misses two key free throws and the game winning 3 pointer at the end of the game? ESPN should change their name to LJON (LeBron James Official Network)
Anyone else notice in the video they shared that the Laker who saved the ball under the Spurs basket (didn't catch who it was) clearly stepped out of bounds before he threw the pass to half court, that led to LeBron's and 1..... And the ref right there, but not looking down. 🤔🤔🤔
Haha LeChoke!!! Lakers and Cavs have the same record. ESPN’s slanted coverage of Lebron is really getting out of hand. Who cares how many points they scored when the other team scored more 🤭
You know what would be cool ESPN? Some coverage of the teams that haven't lost yet instead of constantly riding a team with 0 wins. 🙄
Missed 2 fg’s, makes a and 1 on a small point guard, then proceeds to throw away the ball on a terrible drive attempt, misses 2 free throws, then proceeds to miss the game winning shot yikes
I'm about to block ESPN during the basketball season. Lakers still haven't won with Lebron but yet it's all they talk about.
Lost again! Choked again! He missed 2 free throws with 12 seconds left and the final shot. Kyle Kuzma is the best player of the Lakers.
128, 124, 143. Those are the points allowed by the Lebron led Lakers. If ESPN is going to continue to oversaturate it’s coverage of Lebron and the 0-3 Lakers, lets have some balance.
Haha, why is that the headline? "Even when they lose, we need to find anyway possible to say nice things about LeBron". Jim Costa type stuff here...right Drew?
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 11:37pm

Hit the half-court bucket for $30K then tried to high-five the Los Angeles Lakers 🤣

That’s like 3 months rent in California
They aren’t used to celebrating a made bucket
This is EXACTLY why I don't watch sports anymore. The players attitudes suck big time along with the management. Had that been Allen Iverson, Scottie Pippen, or even Dennis Rodman, he would've gotten a high five and maybe even a photo op.
Lakers players be like “f u, we still trying to get our first win” 😂🤣
That's ABSOLUTELY RUDE of the Players to not give him High Five as he shares his excitement 😡 SHAME on Y'all!
Oh look, he won his seat money back
That was lame as hell lol give the man a high five he just won a years pay for us poor people!!!!!
The players on the bench like, "We made that much playing the first half."
Man that’s how you know Lebron getting old, remember that one time he tackled the heat fan in enjoyment now he’s like “got to save that energy for the 4th man”
Step away from the players, sir.
He shouldn’t have expected some of them to congratulate him? That says something about them, not him.
Not that they have an obligation to celebrate, but if he did tha in utah i know the jazz players would swarm him. I feel like its just part of being a player you have to connect with the fans.
The Lakers couldn't make a bucket that counts to win anything, at least high five the dude it's your home arena
Wasn’t their once that Heat back in 2013 who won $75K hitting a half court shot, and then got bear hugged by Lebron? This guy thought he was getting the same thing from him. 😂😂😂😂
not sure the Lakers can afford that...looks like Ball will be taking a rightly deserved pay cut. hahaha
F the Lakers, show the man some love.
Thats why i never bought a ticket the players think they're better than everybody else you aint getting rich of me
Meanwhile .. My boys still ain won a game 🙄🙄 we're literally the best "Worst looking" team in the league.
Paul Pierce is the best player in NBA History!
LeBron James was too busy worrying about whether the game would come down to him having to make two free throws
Half were scared they would be replaced by him on the bench.
Seth Day Justin L'ecuyer Zach Lokey can’t blame him for trying to dab up the starting 5 haha
And with the 2019 pick the Oakland Raiders select....
At least they're posting this instead of another LeBron layup or uncontested dunk. In other news, the Lakers lose AGAIN!!! King Fraud is 0-3. #ThisAintTheEast
🖕🏻 the lakers bench. They’ll still NEVER beat the warriors!
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 11:24pm

Steph's just showing off now 😲

The only guy that matters.
Couldn’t show off against the Nuggets last night 🙈
Second best player in the world after 👑#KingDurant Sorry #Lebum you’re not even a top 10 player in the NBA today!
His ability to relocate without the ball is honestly the main reason he's such a phenomenal shooting threat.
Pretty easy when you're playing with 10 all stars
Best 3 point shooter of all time, it's undeniable!
Wait, why isn't this post about Lebron... i thought this was the 24hr Lebron network. I want to know what he had for an after game snack. Cant wait to find out if it's different when they actually win...
Im not even a fan per say, but my kids are a fan of him like I was a fan of MJ. Long story short, both revolutionized the sport in their own way, so don't be surprised if Steph is mentioned among the GOATS when he retires. #RecognizeGreatness
My biggest question here is how does he get so open in the corner? When he goes to the paint, there are 2 defenders on him. Did they both just decide not to follow arguably the best 3pt shooter in the game to the corner? Like how do you switch off that badly in a professional game?
Seriously I'll start watching basketball again when the warriors suck and the Knicks are good again 😂😂😂
GS has shooters , but the reason they are so effective is Ball 🏀 movement.. look at other teams and they rely to much on one player.. so others stand around and react to their star player.. Go Spurs 🏀✌🏼👍🏼💯
LABron made shot to send it to OT. Then proceeded to lose it for his team with 2 missed FT and game tying shot in OT. Your welcome. Oh and Steph will win, LABron doesn't have anything other than Ls
As long as he keeps losing, like he does, I'm happy. Lol can't touch k.d. Proven in the last 2 finals. Crybaby can't handle the m.v.p. Lol keep choking crybaby !!
Mitchell Curran Matthew Chaney this guys Lakers material. Can you imagine king James playing along side the prince of PG Curry
Anyone else noticing that when Lebron is taken out the Lakers play better? 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
He's slipping. That one touched the rim.
So the league is going to forget he is floating to the corner for the rest of his career?
How is that showing off? It looks like any other play
Wow I just saw this so-called greatest player of all time missed two free throws to ice the game for the Lakers and they lost their third straight game... Maybe instead of pretending to be a politician he should’ve spent more time practicing free throws
James Wilson lakers will go to game 7 of the finals with the bulls this year. Screen shot this
Dude goes in the paint and you think it's a layup highlight and there you go.. another 3. Dude changed the game.
Shane Johnson I know you already commented on this, but this is me with curry when we play nba live
This was easy win for warriors because its suns.
No one cares, SHOW ME THE IMPORTANT STUFF like what Lebron had for breakfast
Meh, Been watching And1 players do this for years.
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 9:33pm

Stooone Cooold ... Damian Lillard!

(via Portland Trail Blazers)

Y’all say he wouldn’t wear skinny jeans but he wears shorts like this.
I'm 90% sure that's not Stone Cold.
the millenial version who wears skinny jeans and drinks special microbrews.
We REAL AMERICANS, support Hulk Hogan and will vote for him in Greater Numbers because whatcha gonna do when HULKAMANIA runs wild on YOUUUU
Stone Cold would never wear skinny jeans!
All I can hear is good ol JR screaming "Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"
“The tights he would never wear skinny jeans “ yea he would wear a speedo to feel on men with.....
Talk all you want. When he did the head bob at the end. And plain and simple that walk. He has to be a real fan. Who cares about the pants. You guys remember when he used to play love songs for Vince? Some shits weird deal with it
Austin would never wear pre-ripped skinny jeans. He would give Lillard a stunner for wearing them though.
Stone Cold wears what he wants to wear... And thats the bottom line, 'cause Stone, Cold, said so
The walk and everything lol👏👏
Lillard 3:16 I just crossed you over son and that's the bottom line cause Damian Lillard said so
What's this got to do with LeBron?
I thought that was actually him the whole time
Austin would've never ever ever worn skinny jeans!!!! And would've never gone without Beer!!
Michael Dania, I instantly just started rooting for Damien Lillard
Sydney Haggart Damian Lillard just made me a blazers fan.
Aaron Fontaine...the head rattle at the end🤣🤣🤣
This is yet another reason why the NBA stays winning
Joe, Rick it may be time to become a Portland Trail Blazers fan.
he should’ve flipped the bird at that photographer. don’t care if he gets fined, it’d up the authenticity of this classic costume
Thats good and all but what does this have to do with Lebron?
😭😭 Damian Lillard for the WIN!!!!
Hank Rivers, I can get down with Lillard now. He needs to be in LA
Haha that's awesome, his body language is spot on
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 8:42pm

Roman Reigns is relinquishing the WWE Universal championship and is taking a leave of absence to fight leukemia.

"After I'm done whooping leukemia's a-- once again, I'm coming back home."

It doesn't matter if wrestling is real or not. The man has had leukemia before, and now it's back. I lost a friend in high school from leukemia. Thoughts and prayers are with this man and his family.
That was tough to see that man, a man who worked so hard on his craft, only for cancer to derail his career, much less his life. Get well, Joe and #FuckCancer
As someone who has cancer I feel for the man...
Incoming “wrestling’s fake” comments from only the most intelligent sports fans. And at least one guy crying about Leborn.
Definitely cried, especially when Seth came out bawling. Always loved Roman. #fuckcancer
So sad... Did you know you could possibly be someones cure for leukemia? It takes five minutes to register to be a possible stem cell/marrow donor. Its easy just text cure97 to 61474 register online and send your swab kit back. You could literally save a life.
Say what you will about pro wrestling. At the end of the day we are all people with familys
Is this what the WWE has to stoop to to make RR a fan fav ?
Unfortunately this IS scripted. They KNOW his character is hated by the majority of the fans, and will do what they have to do, to change our minds. If Vince can fake death, he can fake cancer too. And as for those saying they'll use Roman's real name as "proof"..... CM Punk and HHH have done "real life" scripting too. (Edit after waiting a while for reactions): Speaking of scripted... ^ ;)
To those who are saying this is fake, shame on you. Why would the WWE entertain about leukemia? Leukemia is no joke! He will beat this this! Speedy recover Roman!
I don’t think much is off limits for Vince and the WWE, however cancer is prob the one storyline that is. It’s breast cancer awareness month and they partner with Susan G Komen. Also one of their biggest charities is Connor’s Cure and fighting pediatric cancer. I don’t see them jeopardizing either of those relationships for a story line. Prayers to Roman! Time to step up and kick cancers A$$!!
I can't believe how many of you are questioning whether that's real or not. If you did even 10 seconds of research you'd know that Roman had cancer back in 2008. It was reported then while he was playing football. This is 100% real, the WWE wouldn't fake an illness just to get him over, the man is over. That doesn't make any sense, along with their work with companies like Susan G Komen and their own Connor's Cure charity I really doubt anyone is considering cancer as an angle. He'll be gone for all of this and likely be out at least a year depending on how bad this has come back. The man could die, it's not fake. Grow up and accept that he's a real person with a real issue and had to stop and put his career on hold like thousands of other cancer victims do. Cancer isn't fake.
Do you people honestly think they would take the chance on making this a storyline? It would be the end of the WWE.
I hope Joe can beat this. I just want to send him and his family all the love in the world. I'm just a fan of his, I have been inspired by the man Joe is. He is a good man, a legit good man and I admire that. You got this Joe Anoa'i. Roman Reigns made me feel like a little kid again watching wrestling I hope to see him again. Atua ia faatasi ma oe 🤙🏽
All of you saying this is a storyline to get Roman Reigns over, should be ashamed of yourself and be banned from commenting! #ThankYouRoman #FuckCancer #hdeu #noroomforcancerinromansyard
Receive your healing in Jesus Name.... Amen.... You're strong and I know you'll come out of this stronger than ever soon.....with you in prayers Roman
Not a WWE fan! Pay a little attention. I route for any man willing to stand up and tell the world what he just said on that video. His speech sent chills down my spine with that analogy!
I have cancer when he said that I got tears in my eye's man I know how it is from one day too the next some days are better then others just have to keep praying @ keep fighting god has us in his loving hands @ arms everyday we wake up to see another day try and stay strong lord knows I'm going to try @ do the same God is a blessing to us all. Amen
Right, but the clever choreography of WWE...sarcasm or not, I don't even know, decided to let Dean turn heel?! I hope God heal and deliver Roman just fast enough to crack Dean's head. If Seth don't do it at the next wrestling event or whatever, wherever, however. And although Seth did the same thing. Wow.!
This is not script. But Wwe and vince just taking advantage of oppurtunity to get reigns over when he return. Hope he also learn so mic skill and wrestling moves along his speedy recovery.
If this isn't fake then I will never respect wwe ever again. One of my family members has cancer and has been struggling with it on and off for 10 years. Better be true or else
I hope he gets well soon! Some of you people should be ashamed of yourself for thinking this is staged. I dont watch wrestling anymore but when he makes his comeback I tune in to see it.
Honestly I am not a fan. But man to deal with that is incredible. My thoughts and prayers are with him hope he comes back soon. As much as I don’t like him Wwe needs him.
Praying for Roman Reigns in recovering. Leukemia is extremely dangerous and deadly in some cases. I’d love to see him get back in that ring and beat out all the odds & barriers.
I thought espn covered sports. Not reality tv. I mean, Godspeed to this man in his fight against cancer. But still WWE isn’t a real sport. The wrestling isn’t even real. Come on, now, lol.
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 6:42pm

Quite the greeting for Randy Moss from Odell Beckham Jr 😂

He wanted Randy to put it in his butt lol
A lot of y’all don’t understand the humor behind this and it’s pissing me off lol
Chick-fil-A has the best chicken nuggets on planet Earth. Change my mind.
Hmmm , y’all still saying ,he ain’t suspect?
I bet a lot of people dont remember or know how this came about. Lol
That was actually quite funny and an homage to Randy...
OBJ aint fit to hold Moss jock strap. The only time Moss got to play with a QB of Elis caliber he broke the TD record.
Listening to women introduce the game simply because they are women and not because they are interesting or entertaining. Is painful... Just another reason why the leftist joke that ESPN is slowly rotting away.
OBJ has put up very similar numbers to Randy’s through the first 4 years of their careers (aside from last year), for those of you throwing mad shade at OBJ. You may not like him, but he’s very well on his way to being one of the greats. Not even a giants fan, just a realistic football fan.
What kind of CRAP is this so called "halftime show",, sounds like someone just pushing buttons on a computer. NOT EVEN music!!!! What happens to running over yesterdays highlights, talking football,,, no WONDER you all's ratings continue to fall.
Hey ESPN I just watched your 2 hour pregame show and I still don’t know who the Giants are going against...How about you talk about both teams for a change? #cmonman
He saying let's not forget how all my antics won't outshine my play on the field. Example randy moss mooning. They hated he did that but he's a hof'er and on tv
Get OBJ a good QB and he would ball out like Moss did cause Eli “Check down Charlie” Manning is killing OBJ’s numbers this year.
It's obviously a tribute to the TD celebration that Moss used to do, but you can't say Odb don't look like his normal suspect self doing it 🤔🤣🤣
Maybe he should help his team win a game first!
We live in a world of haters and shade. Most of em couldn't crack a smile if their life depended on it.
Of course he would pull down his pants and bend over for a man. Smh. This guy. Matt Maldonado Israel Rodriguez Jr.
McFarland is the only one that knows what he talking during the game.. so if he say sit down & pee. Well do it..
Austin Pleich, a sign of respect to a great player by doing a disrespectful gesture that the great player had made famous. Haha
The only man that matters.
that slo-mo made it look suss AF... smh I'd take Moss over OBJ any day. "Straight Cash Homie" - Randy Moss
Joe Buck is disgusted by this!!!!
To all the butthurt sensitive people out there this wasn’t a insult... they’re not beefing. It was a joke. Randy moss did this years ago when he played for the Vikings during a game with the packers.
Moss is still a better WR than OBJ!
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 6:03pm

In a new ESPN 30 for 30 film, Deion Sanders will set the record straight.

“Deion’s Double Play” will premiere January 31 at 9 pm ET.

They should have called it "Triple Play", and made it about the blown call in the '92 World Series when Kelly Gruber tagged him out after the epic catch against the center field wall by Devon White
Watching Monday nite football. Way too much detail!!!. Less is better!! Quit analyzing every play!! Overkill!
The GOAT, If he would have devoted full time to baseball his stats and career would have been off the charts
Prime time!! Greatest defensive player ever!!!
They need a 30 for 30 on the hair recovery Beeb Carlos
He was no Bo Jackson
Nathan Ounkham he looks like an older Chris Paul
Can't wait for this one
Deduct points for that horrendous rap album😂
Hope they show him dumping the water on Tim McCarver
Yes, even though what took so long
Great player...annoying to hear on tv
Is this gonna be on espn or espn+
Hold up we got to wait
What derek carr is thinking right now
Ca mon Slammin Samuel Fillion ça devrait etre interessant a ecouter l’an prochain
Andrew Love Will Hall Will when does yours come out? Are they done filming yet?
Stefanie. For Nichols
Corey Redwood this one will be a goodie!
Donny Miller this will be awesome
Randy Harris, this should be a good one!
I mean he was a decent outfielder, but no Ken Griffey Jr!!! Lol
Ronnie Lott has chunks of Prime Time in his stool.
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 11:59am

Two elite receivers take center stage on Monday Night Football.

Who are you taking?

Lol OBJ isn’t elite he isn’t even close, he lives off of one great catch and social media hype, he’s not a leader, not a game changer and never will be
To everyone claiming Julio's lack of TDs is the reason u should take O'Dell stop thinking of fantasy football and start paying attention to the real thing. This choice is so obviously Julio Jones it's not even funny. He is a physical freak, he is dedicated, and most importantly he is a team player and a leader. Yes he doesn't have alot of TDs but that's because he doesn't run his mouth like a child when he doesn't score. The falcons are #6 in redzone efficiency this season. The giants are #28 so yeah congrats O'Dell has more touchdowns, but julios offense is doing better because he is an unselfish player
Julio Jones isn’t elite. When’s the last time he got a TD reception. All you Falcons fans are idiets😭😂😭
Neither... I'll take the dark horse, Adam thielen
I’m a Saints fan (hate Atlanta) and an LSU fan (where OBJ played college ball) and I’d have to say Julio. OBJ is too much of a drama queen.
Is this even a question Julio he doesn't complain, He goes out & gets the job done. If he gets 5 catches for 50 Yards he doesn't say a word
All this talk about TDs shows how much knowledge about football is in this post. Would we like to see Julio get more TDs sure but Julio literally gets us down the field, look at his yardage. He opens up our other WRs. What makes Julio different than a lot of other WR is that he’s not pitching a fit for TDs he’s just out there doing work to put the team in a position to score. 2nd in yards this season so far. He’s elite.
The Falcons are 2-4 and the Giants are 1-5. Jones has 0 TD receptions. OBJ has 1 TD reception. Who the hell would build a team around either one of these guys? Neither is deserving of a “franchise player” label.
Jones all day , I'll take him over Brown also. Atleast he isn't out here running his mouth and starting controversy in his own locker room constantly.
odell is the better wr julio is super overrated, give obj matt ryan and he would dominate every game...btw not a fan of either team
Julio is a leader and can move the chains. Just better have someone to score for you once you're inside the 20. I wouldn't take OBJ. He has too many problems. He's a nutcase.
I'm a die hard Falcons fan, and Julio cant score a touchdown to save his life, but he gets yards! But if elite means you have to score touchdowns then I guess he isn't! But that one year that Calvin Johnson almost had 2000 yards receiving, he only had 5 touchdowns so go figure!!!
Julio. OBJ has the talent, and is a bit faster and shiftier, but is also more injury prone and more of a headache personality wise. Plus Julio has elite size.
Yikes how about neither. One might be the most overrated WR in the NFL and the other the biggest diva. Go home ESPN, you're drunk.
Julio easily. No drama on the sidelines and he gets chunk yardage consistently. He takes double teams all day and let’s his other receiver flourish and never hear him complain about it.
I’m taking Julio. With the extra millions you save, go get a QB with an average O Line, maybe a pound of coke, maybe a tiger, any choice is better than captain head and shoulders.
As a NYG fan, I still take Julio. I think their both about equal talentwise, but OBJ has too much baggage and needs to act at a level his talent is already at.
Julio does everything the right way . He don’t get the ball he don’t kick coolers ( brown ) he don’t fight kicking nets . He don’t throw his QB under the bus , he finds a way to get the ball . He can run any route on the tree. He is a great role model and a great person . Only down fall is he went to bama . don't ever build a team around a receiver, unless your team gets orange slices and a strawberry pop after getting your participation trophy at the end of the season.
I have them both on my fantasy team and I am in last place. Of course I got drunk and passed out the last four rounds of our draft but it would be nice to get a TD from Julio tonight and something from OBJ
People love to call Odell a diva but completely ignore the fact that Julio literally wasn't going to training camp unless they restructured his contract as if he was catching td after td. Odell hates losing. I'll take that mentality over anything else honestly. He's younger, he's a better router runner, and has better hands. (If you bring up those 2 drops from 2 years ago you're a hater and I'm not even going to discuss this with you). Julio gets yards but never scores and don't give me that he's doubled and tripled. AB and Odell get the same attention and they both have more tds
I wouldn't build around either but if I had to chose I'd pick Julio, obj's off the field antics are too much
Easiest football question I have ever had to answer. Julio Jones...OBJ is very talented but is the largest prima donna in the NFL.
Julio w/out a doubt. If Matt Ryan didn't have an allergic reaction to throwing him TDs he'd already be in the discussion for top 5 receivers ever. Hell, when all is said and done, he might still be in that convo regardless of the lack of TDs.
I know a lot of it has to do with the mouth breathing QB that's throwing at him... But I have OBJ in fantasy this year and he's given me all of 1 TD.... Not sure how I feel about that, even if it's not entirely his fault, that still feels awful. Not like it's Caillou throwing at him...
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 9:56am

Yasiel Puig's celebrations are must-see and Cody Bellinger is here for them 😂

So that’s going to be back to back World Series loses?
Can we please stop praising the Dodgers like they have a shot at winning this one? Boston beat Houston.That one team the Dodgers can't beat.
Ok to everyone one here. The world series is not over. It hasn't been played yet. Lol And I'm sorry but the dodgers have just as good of a chance as the Sox. If kersh ryu beuhler and hill can pitch there best stuff. Dodgers in 4 if they struggle then the sox in 6
Anyone who thinks this series will be a sweep either way is up for disappointment. This series is going to be a classic.
They are all men playing a child's game. Have fun and stop acting like a bunch of stiffs. Puig no care wha U think!!! & that was an intentional grammatical error for all the word Nazis
Keep on counting us out, I’m a laugh all the way to Chavez Ravine when we’re celebrating!!! #LADETERMINED
People overlooking LA or any team that has the ability to make it to the World Series makes me nervous as the opposing team's fan. I hope that doesn't trickle to the players as well. Team is good, and anything can happen in baseball. That being said let's go Boston time to bring another WS home. #Redsoxnation
I thought the same about Nick Young. I wanted the Warriors to lose but seeing his antics after they beat the Cavs made me laugh so hard it was worth it.
This just in, Brewers manager challenging game 7 loss
Well he better enjoy it. Because in 4-5 games they’ll be watching it on tv replays. They don’t have a chance in hell.
Yeah, Puig is goofy, but I guess you gotta find some tactic for the folks under 18 years of age to enjoy. XD
Lots of Ragsox fans smoking crack talking about a sweep. Better hope the umps help you in this one too.
That will be the last celebration Puig gets to enjoy this year. At least when it comes to baseball.
he walked his talk though!
When they stomp the Sox in 5 they'll be celebrating hard
He’s the Dodgers’ Ron Artest - just got to let him be himself. 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Dodgers already lost.. Calling each other idiots before the series starts, next they'll say it's all puigs fault they lost too.
Well atleast he won't have anymore, 😆
Get your celebrating out of the way because you are the Red Sox to deal with now.
That dude got a lot of juice before leaving the island.
The Boston red sox are a machine they will win it in 5
Darren Gordon this is basically how you would describe being my teammate over the years I’m sure
ESPNMonday, October 22nd, 2018 at 8:16am

On This Date in 2016: Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes put on a show when Oklahoma and Texas Tech scored a combined 125 points in a single game.

If Baker had an offensive line to protect him he would be right up there with Mahomes this season. Gotta remember Mahomes also sat a year behind Smith & learned that system like a champ. Baker is still learning with the rest of the Browns. #boomersooner
And on that day,the word defense did not exist.
Flash forward
I'd take Mahomes over Mayfield anyday. Mahomes would have won a national Championship with Oklahoma's offense talent.
At the end of the day, I feel confident in saying that Mahomes is def the more special player. Switch the teams and I think Mahomes would have a few more W's for the Browns and the Chiefs may have lost a cpl more.
put Pat on OU and Baker on TT. Pat wins by more than a TD
Didn't Mayfield transfer to OU because of Mahomes beating him out? Looks like it worked out for both though.
Y’all forgetting it’s Mahomes 2nd year and he sat behind Alex Smith and learned (what little knowledge Alex Smith has) from him and Reid. O and the fact that he has a 3 pro bowlers on his offense. Baker is on one of the worst teams in all of sports. They’ll both be special just wait on it
It like all defenses in the Big 12 play with only 10 men as a rule. That league has got the worst defense ever, but fun to watch high scoring games.
What if I told you on this date in 2016: both Oklahoma and Texas Tech defense decided not to play in a football game. Rather they had a very intense game of paper rock scissors in the locker room while eating jelly beans.
Actually if you go by yards lost per snap the Pac-12 has the worst D per conference by a wide margin.
Mahomes always had better stats than Mayfield, and he did that in college with a program that was still trying to get it’s act together. Mayfield wisely switched schools because he knew he couldn’t compete with the other QBs.
That’s nothing compared to my guy he throws for 2,200+ yards a game while running for 370+ yards in madden 19 so thats not really impressive to me
Savio Never forget. (Every time I see this box score, I naturally assume it's sample is like "Through 5 games this season", but nope, just one unbelievable game!)
Believe it or not, there were actually several 3 and outs for both teams. But only 1 interception the whole time, and it was a fantastic play by an OU safety.
And this is why everyone laughs when you say ANY team in the SEC doesn’t have a tougher schedule. They play defense, even the bad teams.
I was at that game #WRECKEM for people saying the big 12 doesn't play Defense have you seen the #s Mahomes is putting up in the NFL I guess they NFL dont play Defense either.
I was at this game. Mahomes proved how special he was this game. And yes their was literally no defense I thought both teams might as well start onside kicking it.
Early in my search for Fantasy football players I posted on FB looking for a gem for my team. Mahomes name came up. I looked at his profile and went for him. He has been brilliant. And so is Kareem also on my team. Hill and Kelce. I don't want a bye.
Mahomes but not to take anything away from Mayfield, but Mahomes and the chiefs are hitting on all cylinders
Only time will tell who is the best. We know the chiefs won’t beat the patriots on the road to the Super Bowl in fact they’ll be out in the first game. That’s a guarantee.
And yesterday
Mahomes has a definite advantage when it comes to talent around him.
Patrick Mahomes can make good throw than Tebow
Mayfield: Man it’s true what they say, NFL defenses are rough Mahomes: What?