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Baker to the Cleveland Browns?

Adam Schefter says it could happen. (via Get Up)

Get Up
Adam Schefter says Baker Mayfield is ‘definitely’ in running to be the No. 1 pick.
I don't understand the browns love affair with warm weather quarterbacks
They would be dumb enough to do this. Just like Manziel, Young, and Tebow, he was a great college QB, doesn’t make him a great NFL QB
Baker Mayfield is the best QB in this draft.. I highly doubt the browns take him
With the QB talent in this draft you could quite easily draft Barkley and then take another quality QB at 4, Darnold is good but he isn't a significant amount better than Rosen and Allen or even Mayfield for that matter, just take the one who is left for you
He has that it factor has better arm then I Johny... He has that fire like Brady I wish pats could get him and he could sit and learn from Brady then he would be really good
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Even though I’m a OSU fan been for a long time me and my friend hope baker goes to the browns but we want our man Rudolph to go in the 1st round
Air Bud could be drafted by the browns so yes anything is possible with that team
This is all games teams play in order to shake other teams draft boards. Fake news!
Jesus, just take Barkley #1 and then whatever the best QB is available on the next pick - it's not that hard.
Cleveland should be banned from drafting a QB for 10 years
Man if the browns don’t take Sam darnold and be happy
Baker can be a starter in this league but not for the Browns.
Lol I can’t even take the Browns serious. That team is cursed
Better get the rehab clinic number that Johnny Manziel went to.
Would take him in Cleveland over any of the other qbs coming out
they will suck for another 10 years the guy is gonna be a average pro at best!
Remember, Cleveland is the DEATH of QBs.
Yeah if they want the next Johnny Manziel.
Well anything can happen at this point. Lol
Shades of Johnny manziel all over again
And the Clowns continue their shenanigans. Who are they going to take #1 overall in 2019??
Sam Darnold is likely going to the Browns and then at #2 The New York Giants are probably taking the best prospect in the draft Saquon Barkley
Definition of insanity...Browns first round QB draft picks. #Since1999
Better stay in college 🤣🤣🤣
ESPNTuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 8:32am

Donovan Mitchell was at a loss for words after getting a standing ovation.

Simmons is carrying by Joel. Mitchell carry is own team
Besides scoring what does mitchell do better than ben simmons?
Mormons are the most supportive people you will ever come across. #joesmith
I'm a sixers and honestly wouldn't even be mad if this guy won roy over ben.
Badbig ED was für ein Ben Simons Donovan Mitchell ist der beste Rookie den ich seit Derrick Rose gesehen habe save Rookie of the year
I’m as unbiased as the come. And I think He should be ROY.
They’ll do this until he decides to leave when he’s a free agent in a few years. Then they’ll call him a snake, or a money grubbing thug.
I guess Blake Griffin wasn't a Rookie either when he won the award... Simmons is in his 1st year of actual play, therefore by NBA rule, he's a Rookie....
This guy have a brilliant future!!! Let me also forgot who is Hayward😙😙😙
He's been the MAN since summer league. Now he's getting the attention he deserves.
Man the jazz weren't even supposed to be a playoff team this year. This kid is doing so much for their franchise. #ROY
The future of the NBA looks bright.
Could've been a Piston, Thanks for being a 💩 SVG....😤
If John and Karl had him would they have beaten MJ?
Utah vs Philadelphia in the finals to settle the rookie of the year discussion 😎. Both are awesome. #SimmonsAndMitchell
If it’s that close then give ROY to Mitchell since he didn’t get that extra year on the bench
Dream coming true for him but he did get paid in college 🤔🤔
Im a fan of neither....Mitchell is ROY over Simmons
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Feel that Mormon love.....
You may not be the ROY but they love you in Utah !
He is a beast. Who cares if he wins roty. Hes a true rookie and gets buckets.
pq agente não consegue um calouro assim em Duda Guerra....
This is cool...Rockets in 4
This kid is legit!
ESPNTuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 8:00am

Donovan Mitchell is taking over.

I'm gonna be a man and admit that Simmons shouldn't be the ROTY as ive said all season
Mitchell > Westbrook
Mitchell is the real ROY doing more with less compared to Simmons. And i preached before the series started that the Jazz could upset the Thunder. You gotta remember the Jazz could've finished 3rd in the West this year had they beat Blazers on the last game. Jazz play defense and are good enough to upset motha fuckas
One man with the name Donovan is on the rise, while another with the name Donovan is about to be so fired.
OKC fans: “is this your MVP? He’s supposed to get you out of the first round right???” - Erik Killmonger
it might be too late for a line up change but Thunder need it bad
This is a very exciting Jazz team to watch!
Not a rookie got paid more at Louisville last year then Simmons at Philadelphia.
I'm gonna shut Mitchell down next game guarantee you that - Westbrook
Another blown draft by the Knicks...but hey at least we got Frank. 😐🔫
good for the jazz. loose hayward draft a kid late in the first and not miss a beat. pathetic if a team with george westbrook melo adams goes down in the first round like this
John Wall should have been ROY in 2011. Blake Griffin should send John his ROY.
Donovan Mitchell is probably my favorite player now. 😂😂
Russell Westbrook should realize the muscles used to defend are the opposite muscles to score. Whenever a superstar turns away from a coach's leadership, the entire team is sacrificed by an unnecessary agenda.
Brian Andrew Jeremy Ivan Cameron I hope Harris and Murray are watching game film of DM!
No doubt ROY...denovan Mitchell
He's the one and only Rookie of the Year.
Okc lettin a rookie eliminate them out the 1st round smh...
Melo is trash I always thought he was extremely overrated
Anthony Otto Kevin Swinney this is the kid I was telling y’all about
Rookie of the Year son
triple double 2 straight seasons... smh..
Young mike
Well Paul George is gone lol
ESPNTuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 1:05am

Thunder-Jazz had everything.

Even Mitt Romney taunting Russell Westbrook 😂

He was bragging about his Wives, not fouls.
This guy wore a dress shirt to a game with a jersey over it 🤦🏾‍♂️
That’s the same thing Obama said to him after he beat him in the presidential race.
Russell westbrook is by far the best PG in the league. And Rubio is no where near Westbrooks class lol
Westbrook was -14, Rubio was +22... Who shut who down???
One of the wealthiest guys in Utah and probably the country yet he can’t spend 50 bucks to replace his Rodney hood jersey 😂 get this man a Donny 45
I thought mitt Romney was from Boston?
Westbrook showing how great he is about to lose to another first round series in 5 games let Curry,Lillard or even Cp3 have Melo and PG13 against this jazz team they wouldn't be down 3-1 lol PG and Melo will leave "Mr.Triple Double" and go be more productive and better players on different teams like KD last year and Olidipo this year
I think he's just projected the amount of games that they'll last in the second round against The Snake and company
romney trying to be like, hey guys im from utah remember
He’s really proud that he can count that high. Good for you Mitt Romney!
I think Westbrook doesn’t know the difference between winning and whining...
I can’t deal with this jersey over the button down shirt.
mitt wishes he could get four years running 🇺🇸 in presidential office.
too bad Mitt was not this interested when he ran for President... He was low key and acted like he could say or do nothing against Obama..... maybe he should become a basketball coach.
Mitt Romney is 71 and a total babe. Top 5 GILFS of all time.
Haha take away 2 that's how many times he's been failed presidential candidate
Wow, Mitt the douchebag can count to four! Lol
So did ESPN only watch the 1st quarter? Someone should tell them that the Oklahoma City Thunder lost and #WestbrookSucks.
He's a Mormon. Nobody pays attention to him. Kinda like "Whose Line" where the points don't matter and everything's made up...
Donovan Mitchell > Russ Westbrook (2017 MVP) > Ben Simmons ....., so .....
Mitt Romney out here living his best life.
Mitt is campaigning for his seat lol.
Romney after Westbrook picked up his 4th personal in the 2nd quarter. Dhananjai Shekhawat Prateek
Jack Package you know everything is going wrong for you when you got Mitt Romney taunting you lol
ESPNTuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 12:46am

Welcome to the club, Donovan Mitchell.

Obviously Donovan Mitchell is The Rookie of the year period
Mitchell is the real ROY doing more with less compared to Simmons. And i preached before the series started that the Jazz could upset the Thunder. You gotta remember the Jazz could've finished 3rd in the West this year had they beat Blazers on the last game. Jazz play defense and are good enough to upset motha fuckas
All i know is Utah jerseys look like the pee chart, they must not get enough water
There’s a player in Cleveland right now thinking 🤔 “can I live that LDS lifestyle for a few years to chase another ring?”
He is the real ROY unlike the sophomore over in Philly.
Ben Simmons ROTY!!!
In a softer NBA, it doesn't even compare. Jordan is and always will be the GOAT.
Why only compare him to Jordan? Jordan is like 6 on this list and Mitchell is 7.Put all the players up not just Jordan. Wilt is first with like 140. It's really not a big deal anyways.
Can’t be a club if only two people are In it. Come on now. What’s next y’all gonna measure the amount of sweat generated in 5 games while wearing a size 11 shoe?
If he don't get roty sum Mfs need they as whooped the fact that he's no question there best player/number #1 option n has limited help 🤷🏽‍♂️where is Ben Simmons can ball but embid there best player n number #1 option with pieces around him
Lebron has the most points when it's after 3 pm, wind blowing West, on a Sunday
Donovan Mitchell is the greatest to ever play the game
Ben Simmons and the Sixers would’ve been swept by the pelicans lol
Simmons losing the ROY award just of the Sixers' curse "injury" ♿ Since it's a tight contest for ROY obviously he a sophomore
Tired of this argument over "Who the real GOAT is" Everyone knows it's Donovan Mitchell!!
“When I come back like Jordan wearing the 4-5”
2nd best rookie doing things. Ben still runaway ROY
Cant remember the last time (or ever) ESPN compared Ben Simmons to Michael Jordan - must not be relevant!!! #45 is #ROTY #takenote Go Jazz!
Donovan is more like Jordan and Ben is more like Magic......both future all starz.....ROTY should be a tie cz if Ben wins it wont be fair on Donovan but i like Ben Simmons more.
“I should’ve stayed at Florida.” -Billy Donovan
When blake griffin won roty over johhn wall and boogie no one was complaining now its a big deal? By nba rules he is a rookie get over it
All the ROTY talk imo bogus. Simmons isn’t a rookie, he shouldn’t get the ROY. You missed out on it by getting injured. Too bad. I hate when they do things like that, and they do it in other sports as well. If you get injured your rookie season and come back playing great your second year in the nba you shouldn’t be in consideration for ROY period...
But Ben Simmons can pass it to his teammates who are forced to make contested shots and Ben Simmons also can knock down 50% of his layups 😂😂😂😂
Donovan Mitchell played 2 years in college he is 21 and will be 22 next season. He had time to grow so yes he is a rookie but he is no 18/19 year old One and done
ESPNTuesday, April 24th, 2018 at 12:30am

Russell Westbrook vowed to shut down Ricky Rubio in Game 4.

His hustle didn't disappoint.

Rubio still had 13/6/8 and his team won by 15 lol Westbrook played horrible shooting wise atleast ... Rubio won again tonight lol
Haha yet he lost. The whole nation is was writing us off when we lost Gordon Hayward. Look at our team now. We got the ROY, DPOY, and coach of the year. Fear the jazz.
Rubio is a bust first year ive seen him in playoffs in 10 years! He was picked ahead of steph curry for crying out....dude is a BUSTTTTTTTT....gtfoh...13-8? Lol russ is averaging a 20 pt triple double on these clowns...utah jus has a better all around team...but rubio couldnt hold westbrooks jock in a million had 2 decent games in utah at HOME...his game doesnt travel...nor does ingles...prisoners of the moment smh.....he had 10 years to lead his teams somewhere..but he didn...scrub
He was so focused on not getting embarrassed again by Rubio that he didn't noticed his team was getting destroyed. Good job Westbrook gold star for you.
Westbrook is a special kind of stupid. Vow to shut down a pass first point guard who mainly wants to distribute and get his teammates involved. So obsessed with it he picks up four fouls in the first half 🤣😂
I’m a thunder fan, a huge one of it matters, but why the hell are we concerned with his effort if we lost by 17. Show some jazz highlights of their impeccable offensive and defensive schemes. Sure it’s not flashy but right now they’re beating a team significantly more talented.
He was so obsessed with rubio he forgot about everything else... lol congratulations ...take that L 😂☠️
Melos contribution, getting a player ejected lol. Dude needs to retire. Paul George got punked by an Australian, i guess he realizes he doesn’t have Roy Hibbert or David west to back him up. Westbrook is who you so called fans of the game call a superstar ? Lmao child please
I’m a fan of Russ but I swear OKc deserves everything coming to them. They’re nothing like Utah who play unselfish and try to get all 5 on the court involved. Jazz in 6 and PG bout to be a Laker next year.
This post is the definition of fake news. Rubio humiliated Westbrook and illustrated how much intelligence is more important than ability and athleticism.
That’s why in basketball you can’t overlook coaching and chemistry. Star power can only get you so far.
The Jazz go up 3-1 against an overrated team and the only thing that you can post is russ "highlights"? Good thing they cut the rest of the game out from this reel it would've made this post kind of ironic if it showed rubio making clutch shots for his team when it counted. #takenote
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view , but also by looking at this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and everyone's valid opinion, I honestly believe I completely forgot what I was going to say
Uh, Rubio almost got another triple double tho. Geez ESPN stop with the highlights and clickbaits, THEY LOST
Still got murked...too worried about shutting him down that Mitchell and Ingles went off. Goes to show you who the more complete team is. And Rubio still nearly had a triple double.
I enjoyed the crap out of his hustle. Left the true rookie of the year open to score 33. Personally I am enjoying how everyone keeps underestimating the Jazz. 12 vs 3. I'm liking the odds.
Why people all ganging up on westbrook? this TEAM cant guard the jazz at all. PG overhelps when rudy post up for some reason. Ingles burns him all day long and. Melo cant throw a rock in the ocean and out of shape. Big 3 need to step up
This was actually the whole plan of the Jazz, take out Westbrook, have him focus on Rubio too much and then handle the rest
At least Westbrook will not have to worry about getting a MVP ring confused with a NBA championship ring in his collection. All of those triple doubles and can't even get out of the first round. After watching tonight's game, Westbrook should be nominated for the Instigator award.
Seriously?! You’re reporting that “his hustle didn’t disappoint” that for real?!?! His team got beat by 20 points, who cares if he was the hardest working person on the floor. Face it, OKC is a team made up of a bunch of individual players. Utah is a team, straight up. Who cares what his hustle looked like.
Now if this isn’t biased by ESPN, I don’t know what is! Westbrook did nothing to hurt the jazz this game😂 Rubio still had a great game and OKC got blown out.. not to mention the ROY scoring 33 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists 🤔
This is the headline?! Your reporting is as good as westbrook's performance tonight! Look up that rookie that scored 30+ points and try again ESPN!
Isiah Thomas asked a great question.....Why wouldn't Westbrook take the challenge of shutting down Mitchell?
Westbrook will never ever get a ring if he’s only worried about triple doubles that’s all he is concerned about he couldn’t win with kd or harden and he’s having a hard time winning with Westbrook and mello
The jazz are intelligent, they toy with the weak mind of Westbrook. Have him lose direction in the game and let Mitchell dominate. Sucks to be a pawn doesn't it Westbrook? Hahahaha
ESPNMonday, April 23rd, 2018 at 10:45pm

Don't mess with Ronda Rousey.

Mickie James found out the hard way.

I thought ESPN only covered real sports...
Can't wait til ESPN starts covering the fights from the Rocky movies..wonder who wins those fights?
Mickie James also found out the outcome before the match even started. Stop promoting this theatre performance ESPN.
ESPN really? NHL and nba playoffs and you pick this drama session?
How tf did Russell Westbrook get 4 fouls in the first half?
Can't get mad at ESPN for covering rasslin. They cover video game contests too. They haven't been a real sports channel in a while
She should drop the tough look and mean mug. Cant take her seriously after her last few beltings in the UFC 😂
Yes, the stunts they perform are athletic. But, come on, this is basically theatre on steroids. At least eGames aren’t scripted.
That look when you realize "circus clown" is your new profession and it's what you'll be remembered for.
Almost looked like she turned the elbow to a 90 degree angle so it wouldnt hurt...but couldnt be cause this is real right.??
Wonders if those who whines when ESPN covers the wwe if y'all whine when every sport y'all dont like gets covered... Your sports u do like have their own page.. NBA,NHL,MLB,NASCAR,BOXING, POKER, BOWLING ... They all have their own page.. so why follow ESPN when you don't like every wide leader is sports..
NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup playoffs, NFL Draft on Thursday and you’re coving pro wrestling with mma castoffs?? Pro wrestling that hasn’t had a ratings draw since 2000. Disgraced sports page!
So sick of seeing her stupid face on tv!
I would complain ESPN is showing fake stuff but ESPN hasn’t covered sports in quite some time. It seems more like a political channel anymore. So at this point anything that doesn’t involve LeBron playing with scrubs (which he chose) Kaepernick and “social injustices” I’ll take any sports they want to to cover. Fake or not.
Dude this is wack wwe is getting worse and worse
A real athlete/competitor would step back in the octagon and try to get back to the top. This girl is weak! She can't handle losing so she runs to some fake crap so she can be on top! Even if it's staged.
Shes a great athlete! She is still young. She needs to keep train and take her loses in mma and learn from them. She needs to go back to fighting. Just cuz u lose doesnt mean u suck. It means you need to try harder and be smarter.
But it's did Mickie James find out the hard way if it was choreographed weeks in advance......lmao.
Where’s Holly Holm at? They should make her the Hulk Hogan of female wrestling if Ronda’s Roddy Pipper...
I'm sure ESPN getting paid for showing these so that makes Vince McMahon A marketing genus.🤗who else could get a non sports product on a sports only Platform. I salute that man.😂😂😂
Why do people care that it's fake others enjoy the entertainment I used to watch but not so much these days but folks like what they like. Dam how you feel about it.
ESPN stop putting 💩💩💩💩💩💩 as sports when everyone knows it is not. Now back to real sports. NFL draft this weekend and more importantly , the NBA playoff are on.
ESPN, please listen to me!!!! STOP with the fake wrestling and video games!!! Just stop!!! They are not sports!!! You are embarrassing yourself!!! Seriously, you are becoming a laughing stock to real sports fans!!! There are so many fringe sports you could be covering (like NBC Sports Network does), but you waste your time with politics and fake sports. What the hell is wrong with you?????
Haters will hate. Doing what she loves. Screw the haters they must hate their life & job to complain someones else success.
Oh no. The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is covering a sports-entertainment program. How will the world go on?
ESPNMonday, April 23rd, 2018 at 10:14pm

Doggo just wants a bite 💔

Why is he throwing it at him... what a douchebag
Wait??? Where the hell can I bring my good boy to a sports event????
In before people get mad over a light toss of food at a dog's mouth....oh crap nevermind it already happened.
Dogs names Dez
That dude lets his one dog eat but not the another.
My two would do the same!
Since the Sox can’t fill up seat with people they have to do it with animals how sad 😢 . 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Gsps always acting like they don’t get fed 😂
Is this maya or is this maya??! Jay Brewton
Jason Schmidt 1. How they get a dog into a game? 2. Why he throw that fry so hard at him...🙁
Mark Crim Anna Crim When did Chip get to a ball game and start eating stranger’s fries?
Just throw food at your girl why don't ya
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why some dogs turn on their owners.
I thought u was my bestfriend why you doing me like dat
Brett Bonetti no joke I just glanced at this for a quick sec and thought it was you and timber 😂
This is the most entertaining thing to happen in a baseball stadium in recent memory
Yeah right they look like they yell at him an are mean to him when their at home lol poor pooch
I'm sorry but my dog eats when I eat. If I had a dog
That guy eats his fries like they r fancy fries
I just seen ESPN putting the name Roundup out there to the public as if it's not a horrible cancer-causing poison
What kind of fries they eating, looks tough to chew lol.
Anna Austin bet he can’t catch 26 in a row
They at a Brown’s game???
Kristi Rodriguez Sunday home games at Chase field with the diamondbacks..
JoElle Griffin!!! This is what heaven looks like!
ESPN shared NBA on ESPN's photo.Monday, April 23rd, 2018 at 10:12pm


Everyone wanna be a fan now 🤔
rose > towns butler wiggins
Houston fan here! Rose is 🔥 so happy for him!
Young flashbacks. Hopefully he stays with Minnesota and progresses much further.
If rose plays in 1st to 4th quarter, he will score 20+ points. Im glad he's back in action
The TimberBulls main goal is just to win 1 game in its first playoffs appearance since '04. That's all then they'd relaxed all day in they own home. 😆🤣
He needs to start Teague isn’t playing good
Vintages rose is back...which means he’ll get hurt next game 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂
The vintage Rose is back💪
Some pips always says "he ain't no ballin' no more... time to retire... injury prone..." but they never saw what d'rose passion for the game of basketball is... he deserves to play and there's nothing u all can do to stop him from doing it... #PlayoffsModeON #AllEyesOnNorth #drose5playoffs #After3YearsOfPlayoffsDrought
Rose is their best player in Minnesota now 😂😂
Honestly Rose has been one of the best players for the wolves this entire series. Kudos to him
Everyone is playing better since they left the ballhog of a great player. Everyone looking likw their former self even dwade. And everyone the cavs took in look like the mfs that they shipped out of town. Lol. Lebron is a stopper of talent. No ball movement unless he pass the ball. He has the ball all the fucking time. Even with a new pg in George Hill they have made him into a spot up shooter. He cant even avg. 3 ast a game.
2k should at least make him a 80 overall.
Cleveland trippin for lettin him go
He was red hot.. But unfortunately thibs benched him at that time..he was going one toe to toe with the beard
just keep going don't have to be back on how you once was, just stay healthy and continue to put in solid numbers either as a starter or off the bench...
When Derrick Rose is the Timberwolf performing the most admirably... not that I'm complaining. I love D-Rose. I love seeing him dominate. But it says something. But hey... D-Rose is showing everyone that he can still play at an elite level.
Who the fuck cares we got killed...
good to see him getting his confidence back
He still has it he's just not as exclusive he's still trying to figure out how to play without a knee lol give the man a chance and Minnesota did hope he stays there
Too bad Towns tucked tail and ran out on him.....Despite his slight improvement, he's still playing shook.....
if he produced that much point in bench, hes doing good to be at the bench...hes aged, admit it, it might be the best he can be
Na in 2011, he would have had 35 lol.. start him or bring him in earlier and give him more mins! A former mvp never forgets how to score
It's kinda overstated to say he played like its 2011, coz if it was the rockets would have major problems lol
ESPNMonday, April 23rd, 2018 at 9:59pm


Strike out, strike out, strike out, strike out, Strike out, strike out, strike out, strike out,Strike out, strike out, strike out, strike out, Strike out, strike out, strike out, strike out,homerun espn has orgasm and ignores all other plays that are way better , Strike out, strike out, strike out, strike out, Strike out, strike out, strike out
He literally knicked that off the top of his bat you can hear it. That’s why yankee stadium is a joke
If u guys like 24 strikeouts a week then a 4/4 as a finale who am I to argue. I wish u had nine of him
Oh wow, so now he’s like 3 for 125?
The New York Yankees are winning the World Series this season
One of the most boring sport ever.
Yadi has more homeruns then stanton does right now without the benefit of Yankee stadium
That’s great get excited over him hitting home runs you still don’t have pitching... pitching wins the playoffs soxs going walk away with this
While on the subject of crushed, toss up the video of Trevor Story's 464 from tonight.
That baseball now knows how I felt in 8th grade when I asked Amber Eliot out and she said no.
,4th or 5th best team in Al..haha.. Houston, California, Boston all better
Nothing like the Trevor Story homer tonight...
As a twins fan( specially these next 4 games) I don't like the yankees but for all the whiners and haters who say they all do drugs just cuz they hit homers is dumb , and for the people that say it happened just because it's at yankee stadium I want to see u hit one especially that far
Mac Williamson smacked one out for 464 feet at AT&T Park, but I guess since he’s not overrated he doesn’t get any love. Lol
It’s not how you start the season it’s how you finish! #worldSeriesCaliberBaseball
I knew it would take time to get going best team in baseball red sox had the same record a few yrs ago and look what happened
Bobby Bonilla right there. That kid will get paid bank to strike out or hit home runs, nothing in between. What’s his BA?
Nothing like getting to face Twins pitching for 4 days. Should be back up to .270 by Thursday lol
Why aren't you showing any of the other players in the league always a Yankee player?.... anyone see what Mike Trout is doing?
Tape-measure HRs, PEDs, Juiced baseballs = hype for crowds and big paydays to teams, players MLBPA, and sponsors
Nice of my Twins to come into NY and throw some batting practice. My goodness we suck
Everyone get back on the bandwagon.... 😂
The Yankees are now on a roll, thanks to the Blue Jays losing the series against the Yankees before this one unfortunately :(
Story's was better and farther