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"There's a snake in my boot!"
—Chris Paul, probably

Thought he was talking about KD
Taking repping Houston a little to seriously
He looks more like Rick Grimes
When the Village People are having open tryouts at 5 but you gotta hoop at 7.
When you from the suburbs and being country is in.
Dressing the part as a Houston Rocket
I wonder if he rode in on his horse? Smh
He clearly lost a bet 😂😂😂
There's a *Durant in my boot
Hilarious... Oh Houston
City man dressing country style
What is he doin lol
Kd is 7foot though? Wouldn’t the shoe be too small
Blazing Saddles.
But there’s still no ring on your finger
Why Chris!!!! Somebody ready for the rodeo(in the background)😂😂😂
Lmfao... that's exactly what I said 😂😂😂😂
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Well obviously the significantly younger guys with more potential...Beard and CP3 as great as they are, at pretty much at peak and will only decline
Personally I think the T-wolves, Kat is already a top 3 center in the league and is barely in his first year and Wiggins is still young plus butler only 28 I believe
Don't forget that tonight Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks will be facing Demar Derozen and the Raptors in what will surely be a thrilling game.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Magic went to the finals 9 times in 13 years (winning 5) and his losses were to Dr J, Bird, the Bad Boy Pistons and Jordan. But what people overlook is, he retired in his prime at the young age of 32. To put his age in perspective, both Chris Paul and LeBron are currently 33.
None have accomplished anything they both need HELP. So wouldn't want to build with any of THEM. Ask again after they've done something of worthiness.
I can tell you this Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio I’m betting he walks away next year and that’s from a spurs fan
Houston doesn’t really have a big three. Capella gets no respect. Harden doesn’t get the respect he deserves.
All I know is LBJ will go to the Rockets next year and bring guys along with him to form the quintet of LeBron James Harden and Chris Paul George Hill.
Rockets, none of the wolves players knows how to pass.
Russle wilson, Mr. Wilson, wilson the volly ball. Dont matter Rams win the NFC West
Oh CP3? No thanks everytime he leads a team they do not go far in the playoffs and he is always injured tbh.
3 triple doubles shy of 100...Russell Westbrook is the Michael Jordan of this era...
If it's the young CP3 and young in prime Harden with Capela at this age? No doubt the Rockets easily. Two guaranteed hall of famers. Nobody knows what they could have done together their whole career.
Timberwolves are going to be a dynasty soon
The Rockets no question at all. James Harden is the third best player in the world and CP3 is the third best PG in the Association
Well Rockets are more developed and the standings yeah not gonna be surprising Rockets
If you put Paul in Wiggins spot that would be a tough team. As it stands though the Rockets are better
clearly the wolves younger all stars
Houston's though Paul is getting up there in years. Towns and Butler are great, but as someone put it Wiggins is an average player in the body of a superstar.
Idk where you see a big 3🤔
Ingram, Kuzma, and Ball...
Don't make is state the obvious
Wiggins is getting sharper! Towns beast made! Butler is tough! Wolves! Hahaha I'll take them on the Suns!
Judge, Stanton and Kershaw.
Doesn’t matter... who ever wins I’m joining... - @NotKevinDurant
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"All the money they generate for the programs and stuff ... it's kind of an unfair system."

They are paid, it's called a free college education.
They could shut down the athletic facility, take away all of the team doctors, make the players pay for their own healthcare, travel expenses, and equipment...and then pay’s that sound?
You’re students first. You get a free education at an institution you couldn’t clean the floors at if you didn’t play basketball. The education alone is worth upwards of $250,000 you also eat for free , live for free and have the best and most access to doctors, Tudor’s and a pipeline 100 miles long of alumni willing to employ you etc. you also could simply do the right thing and wait the 1-2 years it takes to get to the league and become an instant millionaire at the super old age of 20
So I guess all the kids in medical school, going to school to actually make a difference in the world should get paid a doctor’s salary as well. You go to college to get a job after college. School is school.
I already don't watch the NBA.. Start paying NCAA players and I'll stop watching that. About the only way I'd agree with a paid to play in college would be they had to attend 4 years and graduate with their chosen degree, no domestic violence / drug /weapons / alcohol related charges. Wait, that wouldn't work. NBA talent pool would dry up
The problem with schools is that they try to act like they are not a business but in reality all of them exist for one reason and that is to produce dollars by providing some knowledge and research to the world that will be used for a productive means. This is not a question of whether or not athletes should be paid by a school but whether or not a business in the United States should have to pay its employees. As far as I know there is at least a minimum wage. Sure they receive education, but especially in the case of the top athletes, and also the ones that dedicate a tremendous amount of their personal time, that form of payment is not necessarily always viable to the athlete receiving it. In addition to that, education, as it is received, is not something you can turn around and buy food with, or buy books with, or buy supplies for the house. Education is a figment and is only valuable when it is applied in such a way that it produces income for the person who retains the knowledge. Thus schools are not paying students with something of appropriate value but are paying them with something that may or may not have appropriate value. And finally, given that education is not received in the exact same way by every student, it is not a valid statement to say that athletes are compensated appropriately in the current system in my opinion.
"They get free college education" Well yeah it must be easy to pay for their education when the players are making you millions, ever think about that?
Aren't most getting a free ride for college and the opportunity to turn it in to a pro career? Sorry, but college should spend on education not on people playing gradeschool games
Paying college athletes would ruin competition! Explain this ... Who is going to determine how much a women's volleyball player gets ?? How about being the coach at duke university a recruiting against a school like Memphis for a player , but since duke generates far less revenue, they have no chance because they can't pay the player the same ... or do you pay all athlete the same ?? A soccer players makes as much as a football player , or do you give all 301 d1 schools the same allowance even though oklahoma university generates 45 million a year and middle Tennessee State is trying to break even ... please explain how you would make it fair , so that the little players and little schools have a chance.. these players make / are worth far more than they started with ! .. Your argument shouldn't stop there ..why should the CEO of home depot make millions and millions a hear , while his employees are making minimum wage .....
How about allow the players to generate their own money earned privately off their own likeness like the Olympics (private autograph signings, endorsements, etc). That way the NCAA wouldn’t have to worry about paying players. If you’re a star, you will be paid by your fans out of their pockets. But NOOOOOOOOO THE NCAA TOO GREEDY FOR THAT!
I think the full scholarship is great, but allow the kids to get jobs and make their own, money, too. Kinda dumb that they're not allowed to make money on the side of a scholarship when many of their peers are allowed to.
Does this mean all athletes ( most Universities have about 20 or so sports) should be paid? Hell no, these football and basketball players could care less about the other athletes on campus. They want to get paid - turn professional.
Especially football programs. They basically generate 90% of the athletic departments revenue. They dont have to make them millionaires or anything but $1000/wk for starters wouldn't hurt
Great... so we can only have a couple dozen colleges who can actually compete for the championship for decades to come. Most schools lose money on athletics. This is ridiculous and the reason I don’t watch any power conference teams play.
There's really no argument against it, let the kids strike their own deals with schools and get as much or as little as they can
These kids are getting paid scholarships which is more than enough especially because not every college player makes the NBA so those players who won’t make it will have a full paid scholarship to get a great education
And how do smaller schools like central Michigan and Appalachian State afford to pay all of their athletes? They fold their athletic departments because free school, travel, equipment, etc isn’t enough for these selfish athletes?
He’s right though. Just think about. If all the money UCLA basketball has made over the years went back to the basketball program and only that program u might be talking borderline nba team. Like a jump off team. U go and play their because u know your nba caliber.
It’s called free education. You can come pay for my student loans!! Stop whining you are taking the love for the game away! Next we will be paying high school players to play. It’s sad.
What they are compensated by “free or reduced cost” education is a fraction of what they make for the schools. Don’t make them millionaires but some compensation on par or slightly better than minimum wage with benefits sounds fair. These aren’t kids, they are adults, they are taxed, registered for the draft and to vote like anyone else.
It’s true, but if you pay the basketball players... you gotta pay the football players... and then the baseball kids want some... and the hockey players too... not to mention the lacrosse, tennis and soccer teams too.... in both sexes, male and female. You’d have to pay every athlete. Equal pay. So the five star recruit gets the same as the bench walk on scholarship guy.
If they were paid, his brother wouldn't have had to to steal sunglasses. So...I guess it makes sense. 😆 College is for education. You get paid in the pros. That's not going to change. So sorry Lonzo. So go play some that you're getting paid.
For all the people bringing up med students and all and basketball athletes are bringing IN revenue....get it?.....those sports pay for all the rest, there are millions on the table, a coach can get 5 mill a year but don't throw a mother 400 bucks because that would be a crime right?.....think about what is happening.
I mean he's right, the NCAA and all of these universities have been making millions and millions off of their popular sports programs for decades now. You can scream that they get a free education all you want, but a free education in the scope of things is nothing compared to the money they have generated for these schools.
It’s true. They should get paid. Forget all that talk about they’re getting paid with an education; that’s the student side; they’re also athletes and they generate the NCAA millions and see none of it, but yet if they decide to make a dime on the side they get penalized. I call BS
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The image on the Instagram account showed a shotgun, ammunition and tagged four accounts, including those belonging to former Dolphins teammates.

We need someone to go incognito and find out the details on this guy.
Disgusting how law enforcement never locked up the Florida School Killer over his threatening posts 😠 Wonder why this was , hmm , could it be he wasn't White ??????????
Maybe Ritchie Incognito was a better judge of character than we thought?
.How does a pro lineman get bullied? Can someone please explain ?
Jemele hill is the most intelligent person on television. #jemelehill
Bullying needs to be taken more seriously, words that were said to him clearly still mess with him mentally...
Making implied threats in Florida in the aftermath of a school shooting there... If this isn't the benchmark for "arrested for stupidity" then I don't know what is...
Yet, we can have celebrities depicting the beheading or lynching of sitting presidents and nothing happens
This guy posts this and is detained. The FBI and local authorities are called and warned 39 times about the Florida School shooter and he was overlooked. WTF?
This dude always rubbed me the wrong way, even when everyone felt bad for him for getting his feelings hurt by teammates in Miami.
USA TODAY Sports NFL-appointed investigator Ted Wells released his report detailing the harassment of Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin on Friday. The report concluded that bullying from Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey and John Jerry did lead to Martin's decision to leave the team, as well contribute to his mental health and suicidal thoughts.
A kid posts wanting to be a professional shooter on YouTube, and arsenal on IG, the FBI is warned and nothing is done. Seems the LAPD is more competent (imagine that) than the FBI
This dude is 300+ and played football.... yet words hurt his feelings.
Who's the bully now.....
So the police and FBI can prevent crazy people from killing other via Instagram 🤔 it look like as long as these pricks do their jobs then everyone should be alright #nofirearmban
Maybe Martin was showing empathy for what the shooter is thinking BEFORE the actual shooting. (if he was bullied in school.....this may be what he's thinking his CHOICES are......and it won't stop until "he" does something. (he being the shooter).........I don't think this was a threat.......?
Wait, why is this guy familiar...? And yeah I know you played in the NFL, but I mean like newsworthy. I just can’t remember, was it something to do with incognito?
Was he finally retaliating against Richie Incognito?
This guy is still holding a grudge? Grown man still pissed that he let himself get bullied...pathetic. Dude needs to move on.
If you've ever seen him block then rest assured, everybody will run right past him anyways.
Just waiting for the race card (while eating a bowl of cereal).
Clearly anyone who thinks this man threatened a school or a team or a few people didn't get the point he was making. Bullying can sometimes end in one or two of the worst possible results. All these mass shootings are a result of group bullying. You have to hate everyone to go shoot up everyone.
Isn't that the poor little boy that Richie Incognito Bullied? OH gosh that poor baby!! I don't know why he didn't punch Ritchie in the nose and be done with it instead of sulking like a spoiled child???
I read on USA TODAY that there was someone else in a similar situation... who’s that?
Concussion protocol missed him apparently
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CC Sabathia is convinced he would strike out Babe Ruth.

So, there's that.

Let's be honest every major leaguer would strike him out today, nobody back then has faced the kind of stuff thrown today, stupid to compare eras.
Different ERA... Pointless conversation. How about we put the Babe on the roids these guys are pumping. And get him off the bus he would ride from City to city and in a nice private jet....oh and the physical therapy that these guys get... Let's get him a little of that..... Some cortisone will work some wonders on him I am sure.... Don't forget to account for all of the modern training ol CC has been able to beinfit from... So there you have it. Both guys living in the same Era, same everything..... And you still think the Babe wouldn't smash 60 in one year??? LMAO. Don't forget the Babe was also a 20 game winner before being converted from being a pitcher. But yeah.. just a lucky no good hack that would be nothing today. SMH.....
Considering Babe Ruth is dead, he might stand a chance
He probably would strike out Babe Ruth, but Babe Ruth could probably homer off him also. Depends on how many at bats are we talking about. Babe Ruth is one of the greats, but keep in mind he played in a segreated era. Look at the 100 best players in baseball, 70% are either black, latin, or some other minority. Babe never had to play against great players that where not white, if Babe played against a real compitiotn involving differenct races his numbers would still be great but not as great.
Some of y'all clowns are smoking crack or something thinking Babe Ruth couldn't play today you got to kidding me. he hit with like a 48 ounce bat ,do they even make those anymore and you can't tell me those guys didn't throw 90 95 mile an hour fastball, give me a break y'all must be on some freaking brainwash Manchurian Candidate kind of stuff or something . what is wrong with you people, you folks need to wake up and figure out that you're on the planet that spins around in a circle. Players have been taking steroids for the past 30 or 40 years.
Babe Ruth played during a time where anybody ole Joe Schmo off the street with enough athleticism could play. He was playing during the depression and world war 1. It's not like the majors were teaming with talent.
Any pitcher in the league today could strike out Babe. I'd be surprised if he actually got a homer off any of the pitchers today.
He probably could. Babe would also get more than a few homers off of him. Ruth hit .342 for his career, meaning pitchers got the better of him 65% of the time he was at the plate. Seeing as CCC is one of the better pitchers to ever play, Id say he have a pretty good chance.
They asked him a question and he answered nobody here has ever seen babe Ruth play so how would you know but i do know is that babe Ruth never ever played a pitcher who threw 100mph so who's to say he is wrong
Babe Ruth was known for how many times he struck out, so striking him out would not be that much of a distinction. Hitting home runs is what we remember him for, and I'm sure CC would see that side of him too.
Different eras. Babe Ruth 7 World Series. Played two positions outfield and pitcher. CC Sabathia 1 World Series and plays one position, pitcher.
Trick question , they’re both Yankees so it would have to be in a simulated game, and we all know there are no strikeouts in simulated games
I could strike out babe Ruth too just dig him up and I'll throw strikes I can't see a dead man being able to swing a bat
Striking out Babe Ruth isn’t that impressive. Big man was a great player, but he struck out often. Now go against Ted Williams and I would be impressed as far as lefty versus lefty matchups go.
Give Babe Ruth a year in this era and he would 1., hit homers off everyone and 2. Also strike people out. If you brought race up even equating this, like others I've read have, poor reason for even liking sports.
If it was just 1 at bat I'm guna say the bambino calls his shot and takes cc 476 ft to opposite field then as he crosses home plate he looks cc in his eyes and shoots him the x across the crotch suck it!!
Dude that Era had loads of pitchers with sub 2 Eras... Not just one or 2 like today. Mordecai Brown, Christy Matthewson, Cy Young, Walter Johnson.... These dudes were legit as hell
Babe Ruth lead the league in strikeouts five times, so this is not really going out on a limb. Lots of people struck Babe Ruth out.
😂😂Hahahaha.. So what.. For the longest time Babe Ruth held the all time record for striking out. Led the league 5 times..
The game has changed a lot since babe Ruth played they didn’t have all the training that MLB teams have now to get stronger so if Babe Ruth was to play today it’s a good chance CC Would strike him out
Babe Ruth is an all time great, deserves respect for what he did and means for baseball, as do all players that played with in the rules of the game of their eras. He would strike out, he would hit home runs.
Babe is the greatest of all time. He was a 20 game winner as a pitcher then greatest home run hitter of all time! If he played today, he would hit at least 40 homers--not bad for 122 years old!
To those saying Ruth never had to face 95 mph...Walter Johnson. Enough said. Also, Ruth had to hit against illegal pitches. Yes, Sabathia could get him on occasion, but I am sure Ruth would have his days too.
Ruth and CC would be chugging beers in between at bats against each other...Babe would've belted 75 hrs, CC fans 10 ko, and Babe & CC would've had 15 occasions where they were wobbling from trying to tag at 1st base. CC definitely would have struck Ruth out, tho.
I think every pitcher could strike out every batter considering (I had to Google this lol) Ed Delahanty had the best batting average in a season with .407 (which is only 40% for those of you who don't know). Lol, I think about it sometimes with basketball too, if you over 30% from 3 point you're one of the better shooters lol
ESPNFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 1:30pm

The FBI's investigation into college hoops corruption is hugely complicated.

Here's the most comprehensive breakdown of the key players, teams, and twists.

The FBI is more worried about investigating a $106 meal to Longhorn (Duke) and $100 in pizza (UNC) than investigating several tips that could have potential stop the Florida School shooting!!! Seriously what’s wrong with this picture!? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Just pay these kids and be done w it
tony bradley of UNC and agents of that company ate 100 dollars worth of pizza after he declared for the NBA. and north carolina is being investigated. over 100 dollars 😂😂 this is a joke. there was 17 kids murdered in a school and this is how the fbi spends its time.
I haven't checked, but I'm gonna guess John "The Vacater" Calipari is somehow connected to it.
My breakdown: every single school cheats. Some are just better at it than others. Investigation over.
They are all guilty, they are all going down, and a team like Old Dominion or Middle Tennessee State is going to win it all.
These coaches know what is going on. If they don't shame on them. They have been there forever and should know everything that is going on with their players. This has been going on for years and now they will all go down. Bad for sports!!!!
Hopefully the FBI will be focused on investigating other important aspects of society as well as what is going on with college hoops. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍
Agents paid players to go to their schools, according to FBI investigation. Now everyone is outraged, screaming corruption. I love the NCAA. I understand that there were rules broken. But sometimes they can be a bit self-serving. The NCAA makes large amounts of money due to athletics every year, and they scream corruption? Get for real. There was a school shooting in Florida days ago for crying out loud and the FBI is worried about players receiving cash, meals, etc.
Jesus, Like if you’re that naive to think players aren’t getting, you must be living under a rock. I don’t know why they needed the FBI to investigate this, I could’ve done it for much cheaper. And Breaking News: it’s going to continue to happen! 🙀🙀
The FBI needs to do their job and stop worrying about college basketball. There are school shootings happening and lots of terrorists out there running around free just planning where they are going to attack next and they are worried about sports! This should not be a concern for the federal government. Absolutely flipping ridiculous! Also this is not a shock to me and honestly I don’t believe this is a crime. These schools make a lot of money because of these kids and for some reason the kids do not see any of it. These kids need to be paid just like the pro athletes are.
It's all greed and power play-the NCAA is losing power and their flexing what muscle they have left-these athletes should be getting some help the make the colleges a lot of money
Derek Harberts cheating kansas at it agin. Paying players to come play for them. Hahah who could be a fan of this cowardice.
Interesting choice of pictures, seeing as Wendell Carter JR.’s Mom (might) have to repay upwards of $60 for a meal at Texas Roadhouse.
This article is 'meh. Agree FBI should be focused on other (far more important) things. And a picture of the NCAA logo would be more appropriate here instead of trying to smear a couple of schools that were mentioned (click bait much?). ESPN you continue to strive for new lows.
FBI is investigating NCAA teams, and the people will trust their evidence. FBI investigated Hillary and found nothing to prosecute with ... they found no evidence of treason... sending classified emails on a private server is an act of treason. Are we going to trust anything the FBI releases as “evidence”?
Ncaa is a JOKE they make billions of dollars a year it's time to pay these kids something or get rid of the one and dones let them go straight from high school
They need to be busted!!! They getting a free 4yr ride scholorship worth over a $150,000 !!! An the rule is once u sign the paperwork too go to college ur not allowed money or gifts cause its a violation of the free schooling they getting!!! They cant wait for money than get a job after highschool instead of going to college an breaking the laws an rules!!
The fbi investigation is late and most likely the result of others giving up information than the fbi actively investigating or they would have found this decades ago.
Let's be real. The kids if they took money and are not still in school will face no consequences. For every player who did ten don't. I can go to any major college go to the bookstore and see just a small percentage of how much the school profits off these kids. 100 dollar jerseys just to name one. How to fix it, no clue but the system is not fair
Who cares, pay these kids. Booster and Universities make a ton of money off these kids. Yes, the Athletes get a free education, but what about the millions that are made off of them
Watching espn commentators talking about ncaa players taking money and suggesting that it’s ok to be a criminal. ESPN wake the hell up. Just because their black doesn’t give them a free ride to act like it’s ok to break rules and laws! Going to lose your audience if you keep this up. Gettin tired
Shouldn't the FBI spend more time on following potential mass shooting leads and not investigating an "amateur" sport?
It doesn’t matter if you think these kids should be paid or not. These rules have been in place since the beginning of college sports. The rules were broken, the same rules everyone needed to play by. Time to pay the piper.
Is this why they didn't investigate the kid in Florida?? Too much scandal (who doesn't know this is giong on?) in college basketball to give up a few agents for serious matters??
ESPNFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 1:00pm

Carmelo Anthony is enjoying himself in Oklahoma City.

I'm from Oklahoma. You don't have a choice but to focus on the game dawg lol
Translation: I was in over my head in New York and couldn’t handle the pressure.
Can't handle the pressure of being home? He should've just stayed in Denver, he would have a ring right now
I could understand him having more fun if he was winning in OKC, but they're probably destined for 8th and a first round sweep from Golden State. Winning has never meant a whole lot to Melo.
Because they gave up their team to trade for you, and then gave you an overpaid contract. It's your fault the Knicks was/is in turmoil.
Carmelo is a team cancer , OKC can't win nothing of importance with him
Please he was lazy, unmotivated and selfish here. Glad he’s gone. Knicks are leaps and bounds better this year than with him on the team the past few years.!
You are paid millions. People don't care if you are having fun. This isn't Syracuse. They want wins and unfortunately since you left Denver, that just hasn't been in the cards.
being a ballhog doesn’t help ...
Or the fact u only went to NYC was to be closer to your kid and real had nothing to do with the game..
For the way he left the nuggets he doesnt doserve stability anywhere tbh
Who would wanna play in New York. When ya can play for a team in a smaller market and enjoy the game and feel like your playing back yard ball and get paid.
Melo is an over rated trash bag player. Will continue to fail until retirement
Why cuz if ya lose you can blame russ and not have to answer for your playoff hiccups
So much better when real stars are on your team to carry you? Is that what you mean?
"Denver is home to me, and to be recognized for my achievements in the sports community here is a great honor" - Denver Melo "This organization has supported me and in return, I want to stay and build here with this city and my team. At this pivotal juncture in my career, I owed it to myself and my family to explore all of the options available to me. Through it all, my heart never wavered.- New York Melo
I hope OKC wins the West!
Oh well as long as you’re having a great time. That’s really all that matters to the folks who spent $476.57 on Knicks tickets
Yeah cause OKC is not New York 🤔 now you really gotta love and focus on the game 🤔😳😂
Winning makes everything fun.
Wow is this the "sports analyst section" or the "i know about basketball even if im white section" ????
Poor Carmelo had to learn the hard way that the grass isn't always greener. Even if the $$$ is.
Very happy for him he was stuck on that awful team for a long time he gets a bad rap and he is a good guy
As a Knicks fan. This year if the first year I've had optimism about our future since we traded for him...
he better say the right words now, no one's gonna pay him that ridiculous money he used to!😁
ESPNFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 12:10pm

Mark Cuban's explanations for how the Mavericks developed a corrosive workplace culture shouldn't prevent the NBA from coming down very hard on the team, writes Jemele Hill.

I saw who wrote this and immediately decided the article is irrelevant
How about a no tolerance policy for jemele hill since she seems to repeatedly get away with doing the same thing curt schilling got fired for?
So many triggered people over Jemele long has she been living rent free in your minds 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ESPN needs to send you a no tolerance message
Oh Jemelle Hill wrote this? *closes article*
Who gives a phhhhuck what this disrespectful Biiish says. Jamal Hill only has her job with ESPN still because she is black. Not because she is interesting. If she were white and said the same nonsense about Obozo...she would have been fired before she even completed her sentence. #ResistDoubleStandards
How about a no Jemele Hill policy?
Does Jemele Hill write anything that isn't negative ?
My sports television has a “No Jemele Hill policy”!!! That is why I no longer watch ESPN!!! Bring back “as cool as the other side of the pillow” instead of the other side of the isle!!!
Fined? Absolutely. Cuban suspended? Ok. Draft picks stripped? Hang on. The problem is behind the scenes. At no point did this spill over onto the court. Why should the players & fans be punished for the sins of the front office?
Haha i have yet to see a comment about the actual article, its all about how horrible jemele hill is 😂😂😂 lord she is horrible
ESPN needs to clean house with some of these people. I have truly lost a ton of respect for the network over the last few years. It's not really even about sports anymore and that is truly sad.
I'm a Dallas fan. If they find Cuban was negligent in this case, and his lack on control contributed to this environment, then I agree. They should be fined, and Cuban should be suspended. I wouldn't like to see that happen because they're my team, but I'm not going to ignore their wrongdoings simply because I support them.
Hill had made it clear she has a Political agenda
Politics absolutely DO NOT belong in ANY sport! People go to sporting events and movies to escape and forget that nonsense. The NFL sucks, the NBA is getting just as bad... just sayin'
Donald Sterling lost his team for being offensive. If Mark Cuban doesn't get the same outcome for enabling a predator to sexually harrass and sexually assault his female employees for 18 years, I am done with the NBA.
Why is she not fired yet? I refuse to read or hear anything from that hateful of a woman
This being said by someone who was already suspended from ESPN (and should have been fired) for stupid moronic things she said. Who does this waste of ti.e still have a job? She is one of the worst anchors on ESPN and one of the reason i cant even watch ESPN anymore
Not the biggest fan Of Jemele Hill but I most say she is spot on with this as for Mark Cuban have you ever heard of people in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stone your house is falling down
The funny thing is no one is commenting about the article just the fact that they hate Jamele Hill. I understand.
If you have no chance of winning why can’t you lose on purpose and win in the coming years. You would think they are losing money doing this anyways. I have to believe Mark Cuban wants to win.
I came expecting it to be the players but after reading it I laughed because this same garbage is prolly happening in every front office not just the mavs.
I concur 100%. This guy is outspoken and critical of anyone, especially trump. Turns out, he’s practically cut from the same cloth, Adam needs to make an example out of Cuban!
I do not always agree with Jemele but in this case she is absolutely right!. Just the excuses Mark Cuban made is reason enough to drop the hammer.
What are the punishments given to teams in the past that have done what Dallas is accused of? I am not saying I am against fines, loss of draft picks or suspension of Cuban but wouldn't want to see any club punished significantly more than previous offenders. Is Dallas the first team to face these type of charges? Tough decisions for the league and commissioner up ahead.
ESPNFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 11:52am

On this date in 1985, Bobby Knight got upset and took it out on a chair.

I would've loved to play golf with that crazy guy! Can you imagine the clubs he snapped!
He throws a chair at work he's asked to leave for the rest of the game.. I throw a chair at work and it's "assault with intent to injure"... People i tell ya
If Bobby Knight would've thrown a chair in my child's direction, I would've never seen freedom again...
That's not a Coach, that's a poor example for all!
That's a great toss. SportsScience should do a segment on the chair. Velocisty, time of release, the wax on the floor to let it skid that far...
He's the a**hole that begat the boorish behavior of Parcells, Saban, Belichek, Popovich etc. He was the all time d**k tho. Still remember announcers gushing over his intensity and passion....GTFOH
He hates these CANS!!!!
Showing coaches how NOT to act for over 40 years!
Passionate but disrespectful! Throw him out! He could hurt someone!! Too bad he wasn’t fined 100k for that bit!!
Well, I’ve never been shy about my dislike of how officials take over games with over calling, bad calls, or no I’ve lost my temper as a coach...but always in defense of my kids. I have to sometimes be reminded Ima role model and I need to calm down, that’s where good assistant coaches come in! Lol
Lorenzo Siess Bobby Knight, l'allenatore che scelse MJ nella sua prima uscita ufficiale con maglia degli States alle olimpiadi nel 1984, prima ancora di entrare in NBA..
In an age when teachers could whip your child in elementary through high school. Bobby Knight coulda used a Latrell Sprewell on his team. Spre woulda laid that putting your hands on student to rest real quick.
Most alarming part of this might be those chairs they made players sit on back in the day
If this was to happen in these times. He would be put in jail. Attempted murder with a deadly with weapon.
A few years after that, he brought Indiana to El Paso to play Utep and Don Haskins through a him a chair before the game started. They were real good friends.
He molded men and had a near perfect graduation rate. Can pitino or Huggins or sainted valvano say the same thing
When your job tells you to stay late.
What a story to tell for that player at the foul line. “ I was the guy at the foul line when Bob Knight threw that chair.”
He was passionate and not mature but he did play by the rules, he didn’t cheat like Woodson, Pintero,
Get em Bob.. Greatest ever!!! He quit cause of what's going on today!!! He swore he wouldn't buy players!!!! They all do now.. Fact!!!!
If he would have don’t that in today’s world he would have been charged with 3 counts of assault and sexual contact with a chair!
Consider this, with all his antics the press was focused on him, letting his kids focus on playing the game, and I don't remember many of his players getting in trouble off the court.
Just think how soft America has gotten over the years. What do ya think would happen if this happend in today's game.
ESPNFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 11:14am

On this date a decade ago, a teenage Russell Westbrook did THIS.

Russell Westbrook is the best Point Guard in the Association. Plain and Simple
where is the "CHARGE" or at least some call? the official is right their and whiffs on the call b/c it is Russel Westbrook. Why do officials bend the high school and college rules when it involves a superstar?
Still can’t believe russel, Durant, and harden were on the same team and didn’t amount to much.
Heard the FBI is investigating this also.
Better version of what Derrick Rose was. no disrespect
And still hasn't won a title in his career.
that UCLA team was something nasty! did they win that year, i can’t remember? or was that during the Florida Gator times?
Knew this dude was gonna be a beast since he was at UCLA. Perhaps not the best PG in the league, but he's still a top 5 player.
Was Love on this UCLA team too?
Unfortunately the kid who was dunked on still suffers from hurt feelings
Bbvthe last time UCLA actually had a squad !! We can’t recruit to save our lives !!! Arizona gets all the top guys and then we have o settle for some 4 stars with USC Oregon and Washington Smh was
Russ and Harden two best ballers in the NBA right now. Followed by Giannis- just needs to get a little more refined
Bruins would have had at least 4 National Championships if everyone would have stayed in college last 20 years
I knew right after this dunk that I was going to hate watching him in the NBA for the next 15 years
Back when UCLA was worth something.
BEST PG IN THE LEAGUE TODAY. Best PG doesn't mean you gotta have rings. It means you got the most superior skills, athleticism and intelligence on court!
TraeSH young ain't done nothing like this. Js🤷🏼
Just 5 or 6 years ago everyone was mad that Westbrook was taking too many shots and not just feeding KD, now he’s one of the best players in the league.
Roberto Jesus my boy Russ with a good ‘old fashioned teabag 🥜
And not much has changed since. He attacks rims like I attack tacos. With intensity and unmatched aggression.
Not even the best guard to come from UCLA- Lavar Ball
Gary Smith why are they still doing your boy like this 10 years later haha
Westbrook was the third best player on that team. I remember watching UCLA all season as a Ducks fan and I never saw what scouts did, and I thought he’d just be some athletic defender. I was wrong
Always was very humble and it continues to this day......said no one ever 🤦‍♂️
Cool, he dunked... Till people start jumping from BEFORE the free throw line all dunks will be the same.