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Does anyone else also feel this way??!!

I have a big issue with this era of so-called R&B; it really ISNT 🤷🏾‍♀️. Just like hip-hop, it's too techie & all I hear is AUTO TUNE on all these new singers & I'm not feeling it! It dosen't 'touch' the soul. This era is far from R&B's a joke with these billboards & fame.
Portrait came out with somthing good this year with the single please realese that album
Seriously I'm loosing hope fast
Thats because music isn't written/composed (music charts) anymore, technology fucked things up and now everything is push of a button hence no feeling or emotion. The greatest songs were written and composed from the heart not mind!
Nthemoment Live tv taping few weeks ago
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Cant wait til #QueenMJB drops her next album
Bring back that old school 90s ballads feeling again!
We bringing it back!!! #GetBusyLivin #DreLane #Casanova
Depends. I dont really listen to commercial R&B nowadays like I used too. The best soul music is coming out of the other branches of R&B;Neo Soul, Electro Soul or Euro Soul. Artists like Sabrina Claudio, Hablot Brown, Ari Lennox, Mac Ayres, Lucky Daye, Electric Wire Hustle, Evil Needle, Nick Hakim, Snoh Aalegra, Aaron Abernathy etc. Those artist you have to look for or come across by accident. So much great soul music if you looking.
I agree. The thing is, I have been seeing this coming for years now. Since 2005, & 2006, the state of Soul And R&B Music has been getting worse. I hardly see any Soul And R&B Groups anymore, like 702, & Next, much less hear from Artists, like Faith Evans, & Ginuwine. And why would they, with the bs mess that the Music Industry is pushing our for Artists to promote nowadays? My issue is with the Music Industry CEO's.
They’re too interested in creating a vibe and being cool as opposed to being sincere. No one wants to cry on these tracks anymore.
Yes i agree 100%
Loving this.
i actually like the beat. he is singing.