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19 years ago #JillScott released this gem! What do you remember about this album?

I remember the day I picked it up. Amazing album. ❤️
Honey Molasses....Ebony magistry... chocolate brown sugar...sweet epiphany.....Looooove this album....I was 19 and my dude was 24...he made me fall in love with this album!
It's Love! Bringing Go-Go back into my household.
Words can’t express how cold blooded this Cd is .. press play
I was so hyped for this album to drop. I remember seeing the poster all over Philly - WHO IS JILL SCOTT? I fell in love with this album the first time hearing it and have it in heavy rotation to this day.
It really unleashed some unbelievable creativity that I have not had since that era...✌🏽♥️🖤💚
Of the best R&B albums during 2000's Lyzel In E Flat
I love this Album..
Dope record 🔥🔥🔥
Grits lol
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Who remembers this group and this song??? #Isyss

Yes. I miss them. The one in the red is Lamiya Good, Meagan Good sister
Featuring Jadakiss .... That's the only song I loved
I remember them very well..Leticia was my baby 😍, Ardena was the pretty one, LaMyia was the hood one and Quierra was the SANGER of the group 😍
Loved them. Their song single for the rest of my life was played heavily in rotation lol
I don’t... I was into Destiny’s Child and my side chicks were 3LW 😅
Met them at the airport, and they were surprised that I knew who they were.
I do.... I was almost a member of another group that was put together by the same ppl who put them together. They from LA.
What happened to them? One hit wonders
i got their first album ! It was good r&b album !
Single For The Rest Of My Life is still in my rotation
One hit wonder
Classic album
Yesss.. It's still a bop
Loved them!
Miss them
Quierra Davis Martin vocals
Quierra Davis Martin vocals
Yesssss.. 💖💖loved single for the rest of my life too..
I still listen to “single for the rest of my life” 😏