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Kelis and The Neptunes certainly made a powerful statement with her debut "Kaleidoscope". Who loved this album? #Kelis #WeLoveRnB #RnB

Christina Howard I'll never forget I used to play this album everyday.I had never heard someone with her style before. I wanted a friend from school to hear it. She never gave it back. Lol I was so mad. I ended up buying another one. Kelis and The Neptunes definitely sparked a new new sound with this one. I am still a Kelis fan, but I always go back to her first album the most for a good listen.
Darius Thomas You couldn't tell me this album didn't release some kind of magical waves into the air upon playing🤣 Even as soon as the single hit our record store "Disc Jockey" I wasn't going to rest until I got it..when I tell you each track was a vibe out of this world! This album made me a Neptunes fan..I admired how far left she was❤️
Mi'Kael Henderson I still play this albun religiously. This album has some of my favorite Neptunes production!
Nick Smith Ghetto Children!
Kristen Bookman-Quetant 🤚
Yassah Griggs 💜💜💜
William Swing Sponsorised by THE NEPTUNES ✨🎶👌🏻😉
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Brandy has plenty of timeless albums, but many would consider "Never Say Never" her best. Who loved this album? #Brandy #WeLoveRnB #Rnb

Kirk Whalum Still one of my top 5 albums (including John Coltrane A Love Supreme)
Yassah Griggs The 1st CD I ever owned. Still my favorite.
Amber Myá Ricks That's still one of my favorites. But Full Moon album was icing on the cake though!!
Melissa Brunson Yes! Everything about the entire album was and still is stellar.
Eduardo Andrés This is her best. Lot of great singles.
X'tian Pinzon Ufff classic
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23:24: Review of Sammie’s new album “Coming Of Age”