Darius Thomas This is jamming! A lot of great sounds coming out around this time
YouKnowIGotSoul.comWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 4:55pm

Is a B2K reunion really needed?

Denny Sutton Nah. Omarion was the only one that could sing anyway, the other 3 were basically his dancers and lip-synced the backing vocals, which were sung by other singers. Or when do you ever remember them singing acapella? 😉 Sorry guys, but that's the truth...
Cj Gillis Yes. We need 1. They left at a bad time, they should make an effot for the fans, yes time has passed, but I think it's never too late, look at all the men groups that are coming back. New edition, Dru hill, 112 Just. Came back and has a new album in the way, swv is back like they never left. So (i don't think they should give up. Do what Alduts do having a Real men sit down and talk it out!!! Like men. Let the egos go. You have young men that look up to you And me young people to still inspire. It will take time , but I know they can do it. So it for the culture of rnb boy bands
Amber Myá Ricks Honestly, I would love to see them to reunite again because there are no guy/girl groups anymore. If they do get back together they better not go back to Chris Stokes!
Sire Leo Lamar-Becker Absolutely the entire fuck not.
Mery Joe Oh no thanks! No reunion needed at all.
Geaux Michelle Guess no one is a fan of a possible Ray2K. 😂😂😂😂
Jon Betts Nope. They were pretty average at the best of times.
Roger Louison After reading about all that Ras B business, I can’t see how that would even be possible!
Phillip J. Woods They’d be crazy to try it on an indie budget, but we’re in the f*ckery era anyway, go for it
Marilyn J. Wiley Mainstream R&B and boy groups are dead. I'm with it
Gustav Akuoko Minta Is a B2K reunion really needed? My answer- “uh huh” 😂😂😂
Eric Boisseau No they are not Epic
S.g. Snow Nah.. too much time has passed
Chelsea Johnson Nah we good
Chelsea Johnson Nah we goos
Kristen Bookman-Quetant It’s a no from me....
Christina Howard No. No it's not.
Maria Bird Absolutely
Silent Lee nahhhh
Derrick Dunn Nah
Mickia Major No
Spencer Jones No
Jordan Matthew Lewis No
Midnightkoffe Radioshow Nooooooo
YouKnowIGotSoul.comMonday, October 16th, 2017 at 4:46pm

How did you discover YouKnowIGotSoul?

Denny Sutton I knew the site in its very early and humble stages and the great dude behind it (Thomas Leo) BEFORE it became the fantastic site it is today! :-) Thank you all for being such an entertaining and consistent team, the level of passion and amount of time and dedication you put into this (and the amount of mentions i get in damn near every podcast 😂) is truly amazing. Proud of you, fam!
CP SheWrites I was at a concert in San Francisco California a few years ago. It was a Jon B show and your logo was flashing as part of the lighting at the venue. I never heard of the website and checked it out. I was tweeting about the show and then you followed me that night and the rest is happy musical history. I'm so glad to know about YouKnowIGotSoul.com because I've been introduced to so many cool artists and it's been fun chatting about music. Keep doing what you do. I appreciate all that you do.
Justin Lovelace 🤔 honestly can't remember but glad I found out, it was like when you guys first started the page. That was during my rnb blog days lol
Dan Bamber Searching on Google for news about Musiq Soulchild and your website came up. After looking at the website, I noticed that you had a podcast so I gave it a go.
Mery Joe I can't remember honestly.... but so happy that I found you 😊😘😘😘
Christina Howard I can't remember (lowers head) I know I know, but I love you guys anyway!! Lol
Tyrone George I saw a link on a friend's profile. This is one of my favorite sites for RnB and soul news.
LaNga Samuel about a post that Donell Jones was tagged. ..
Dazario Bjorlie from my boy smoke e digglera/playa
Amber Myá Ricks Facebook looking for R&B like pages
Jiminee Cricket Searching soul related groups
Gustav Akuoko Minta Looking for free music blogs online . . .
Eulelia Pinky Johnson Good Ole Twitter
Bobby Edwards Jr. SoundCloud
Andrea Drea Wilkerson Twitter.
Shamekia King Twitter
Aurore Koum Mbah Twitter
Ro Melle Dials YouTube search